5 Best Dating Sites In Denmark

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Tinder broke into the world in 2013 revolutionizing the online dating industry with a modest system.

Swipe right if you’re interested otherwise swipe left. This eliminated the matchmaker who would otherwise have to scour through thousands of profiles to find someone unique for you.

Best dating sites in Denmark help users decide if you wanna establish a relationship with someone based on factors you consider important.

Going on a date with a stranger you met online was once considered unsafe and even frowned upon. But now millennials have led the change in reshaping the dating rules making online dating an acceptable norm.

Tinder made dating simple, in comparison to the services that were launched earlier. But as every double edged sword, it also created less lasting connections or truthful relationships and brought in casual hook-ups and cheesy one-liners.

Dating stats

Badoo has the reputation for being the most downloaded dating app in the world. There are more than 400 million registered users on it, but sadly it has not been able to recreate the same magic in the US. There are literally close to 1,400 dating apps or websites all over the world vying to woo single men and women to match them with one another.

5 Best Dating Sites In Denmark

It can be difficult to find a partner when you move to a new location like Denmark for example. But, don’t fret. There are plenty of apps and best dating sites in Denmark that will help you locate a partner of your choice. And to make you task easier, we list out the best dating sites in Denmark.

Online dating has developed rapidly in Denmark during the past few years accentuated by the pandemic. Finding a dating website as per your requirements can eat away precious time as there are plenty of them in the market. Hence we bring you the best dating sites in Denmark in this blog. Most dating sites in Denmark do not cost you a buck to sign-up.

As an entrepreneur the dating industry is lucrative as the number of people keen to find partners are humungous. There are several ways to monetize as well. These apps have been raking in profits in the recent years. Find below the best dating sites in Denmark.

  1. Dating.dk
  2. Partnermedniveau
  3. Single.dk
  4. Match.com Denmark
  5. Nextlove.dk

Business & Revenue Model Of Dating Sites In Denmark



Dating.dk - Best dating sites in Denmark

Founded in 1998 Dating.dk is Denmark’s largest online dating site in 2020 with 16% of the dating crowd present here. It is simple to install and takes no more than 2 minutes to create a profile. Then you can go on ahead and search for matches that suit your liking and tastes.

Because of its simple design and user-friendly features, this platform has attracted over 500,000 members.

The business model of this app is very much like most dating sites in the world. Through the various services and products offered by Dating.dk, they earn considerable revenue. It makes money through ad revenue through their app as well as the website. They also promote socialization events and screening services through which they earn direct revenue.


Best Dating sites in Denmark. Netdating for single forældre, NextLove

Founded in 2014, Nextlove.dk is an excellent website if you are looking to build a new relationship. Nextlove has especially spelled success with single parents or folks who are on the verge of a divorce. This website is safe as it is encrypted and all profiles are manually checked. Folks can use this website to build a new relationship or if they are looking for a single parent.

Their website was recently launched and has gained success. Members have access to all profiles and can flirt with single parents from around the world. Even though most profiles are of Danes, you can find English speaking single parents. Nextlove is a trustworthy player in the Danish dating scene. A large proportion of subscribers are academicians.

Even though it isn’t binding to have a University degree to use this platform.

This app is owned by the same company which owns dating.dk. Their main revenue is generated from membership subscription. The subscription plan consist of ‘Premium Membership’ which is non-recurring in nature. Apart from the subscription model this app also uses sponsored third party advertisement to generate its revenue.

The membership for 3 months costs $180, for 6 months $220 and for a year $290. (Charges could vary)


Partner med Niveau anmeldelse: best dating sites in Denmark

Partnermedniveau has found liking among educated singles to meet and chat with one another. Partnermedniveau differentiates itself from other dating websites in Denmark by the kind of tech they utilize. Their intelligent matchmaking algorithm has proven to be successful to date. Their method of matchmaking is to present you with 3 to 7 singles on a daily basis.

The matchmaking method begins with a personality test to be completed after enrolment. This helps the system fathom your personal search criteria.

Safety and privacy are given primal importance in this website and your personal data will never be publicly available. All profiles are manually checked which ensures there are no fake profiles. Partnermedniveau is for those who are selective regarding an educated partner and seek a new adventure.

Dating sites in Denmark

EliteSingles caters to those who are looking for a serious relationship. More than 85% of members aged above 30 and at least 85% have a university degree. ElitesSingles uses AI technology for matchmaking. This is the go-to platform for educated and well-read singles 30 years or older. It has become popular with the upper-class Danish singles as it is an excellent way to weed out fake profiles.

EliteSingles creates roughly 2000 new couples every month in around 20 countries. It has earned the trust of 13 million singles who are part of this site.


Single.dk incepted in the year 1999, has close to 50,000 active profiles, and adds around 2,500 new members every week. This site is among the best dating sites in Denmark and has an innovative and modern design that encourages you to sign up for a membership just to check out its features.

Their algorithms help you locate the perfect match for you. Even though Single doesn’t have too many features it works to their advantage. As the UI is simple and users are not confused due to too many possibilities, the uncluttered feel to the entire website, and straightforward features makes dating easy.

💖single.dk Review 2022 | Best Dating Sites In Denmark

Single website requires a mobile verification with a Danish phone number to continue. This is a feature that ensures there are no fake or foreign profiles. Single is a great website when in Denmark. Single does not encourage endless series of dates or random hook-ups. The website is conducive to those looking for serious relationships.

After you have found a suitable profile, a notification will be generated for your match to accept or reject your proposal. Single has been around for many years and have a huge satisfied list of clients.

If you want to explore every feature, you need to sign up for their membership program and consider the Gold membership to initiate chats.


The amazingly popular dating site Match.com has a Danish equivalent that is christened as Match Denmark (dk.match.com). This Danish dating site is among the best dating sites in Denmark and it has an enviable reputation of being the second best among dating sites in Denmark.

Clip Art Ahadgroup Matchcompng - Best dating sites in denmark

Match Denmark incepted in 2002 and has 300,000 members looking for potential matches. Match has a total of 20 million members around the world. Hence Match Denmark members have access to this pool and can search for a partner after they register on the Danish site.

Match Denmark has a straightforward, organized and basic website design but reliable features. But what they lack is inclusivity, unless you reside in Denmark, you cannot sign up. But this makes sense because long distance relationships are besot with issues. Even if you make it through initially, the system takes time and discovers your location and you are signed out.

Google translator also finds it difficult to work without any issues on Match Denmark. So the bottom-line is, if you reside in Denmark, can converse in Danish and want a partner, then Match Denmark is for the likes of you.

Conclusion: Best Dating Sites In Denmark

According to Statista, the revenue in the online dating segment is projected to reach US$4.45m by the end of 2022. Hence, people who have indulged in making money out of the dating business have seen great success. Investors are also seen to invest in this niche of business.

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Datum is your one-stop solution for a customizable online dating script. You can get your brand new dating app like match.com, Dating.dk, Nextlove, etc.

As mentioned above, these online dating apps have a bright future in the days to come, and Datum is your first step to a huge and successful business.

Best dating sites in Denmark

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