8 Clean Code Techniques For Developers

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In real-world scenarios, it is likely that you will be working with a team of programmers to build any specific application. Therefore, it is important to follow clean code techniques for understandability, because you are not the only one working on them.

Further, the clean coding adds value to the project, as it ensures that developer, as well as the non-programmers, are able to understand the flow, structure & functionality of the program.

8 Clean Code Techniques For Developers

1. Keep It Simple & Stupid(KISS) 8 Clean Code Techniques Keep it simple

The first & the most basic tip is to keep your code as simple and readable as possible. Neither get fancy nor over-complicate problems. By keeping it simple you can produce higher quality code, solve problems faster, gain better co-workers & have a more flexible code base.

2. Make Your Code Understandable 8 Clean Code Techniques Understandability

As a beginner, to write a code having an ‘if else’ statement, start by realizing the code on a piece of paper. The algorithm and the whole compiler process will look more meaningful once you understand the idea behind the code.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand Martin Fowler

3. Comments Are Your Best Friends 8 Clean Code Techniques Comments

Adding comments to your code is a tip that spans every programming language. It makes updating, debugging, analysis and other post-programming activities easier and more efficient. In a co-working environment, comments improve the code understandability for others. Examples – legal comments, comments to explain a complex regex, etc.

4. Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) 8 Clean Code Techniques Don't repeat

The DRY principle, formulated by Any Hunt and Dave Thomas in The Pragmatic Programmer, is the use of functions, classes, and instances facilitate you to avoid code recurrence. This principle removes code duplication & helps to produce much cleaner code.

5. Follow Logic For Easy Code Flow 8 Clean Code Techniques logic & code flow

Indentation in the code is much like the arrangement that you need in the real world. When your code is indented, it becomes more readable and easier to find what you’re looking for. The code quality depends on how rationally you justify the logic for your coding & its flow.

6. Naming Convention 8 Clean Code Techniques Naming convention

Having a proper naming convention is extremely important during coding, as the doors for future edits & updating is always wide open. To avoid future trouble you should use one word per concept, problem Domain Names & solution Domain Names such as – algorithms.

7. Easy Test Runs  8 Clean Code Techniques Easy test run

While building clean code, automated testing of that code is encouraged. Automated testing means Test-Driven Development – which is the most effective way to improve the quality of the code, improve the long-term velocity of a team, and reduce the number of software defects. All of these factors contribute heavily to the overall ROI of the software.

8. Maintenance 8 Clean Code Techniques Maintainance

Building a clean code doesn’t happen in a single day, it consumes quite a long time of the developer but maintaining that chunk of code for reuse is furthermore challenging. Studies reveal that the –

Coders spend 90% of the time while reading a code, & only 10% writing it

which brings about the necessity for the proper maintenance of the codes. This can be implemented by building a code pipeline linked with source versioning products like :

8 Clean Code Techniques github GitHub

8 Clean Code Techniques BitBucket BitBucket

8 Clean Code Techniques sourceforge SourceForge

8 Clean Code Techniques GitKraken GitKraken

Version control acts as a template for new developers & removes the possibility of poor coding. This approach is feasible, as it accounts for the reduction in – time spent for the tech bottom up, the cost involved & the time to market for your deployable application.


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