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The fight of old taxi companies against the likes of Uber and Lyft has been in the media at large these days. Both sides have their arguments, but let’s focus on what the old companies have not put up with, that companies like Uber have exploited well – technology!

Taxis around the world operate in the same old the same way, where you either kill your legs standing on the road and calling taxis to you or book one way before you need them – NOT real time!  Both these methods are tedious and, with the advent of technology, redundant at large. Mobile apps have disrupted the space by just taking all the friction away and giving customers instant real time feedback when they are waiting for their cab to arrive.

The irony is that it is a fairly simple technology because of the state of smartphone tech today. With every other person having an Android or iOS at their fingertips and the host of services and flexibility these devices offer, it not very tough to realize that the incorporation of this technology into every aspect of business and personal life is, frankly, common sense. Instead of actually trying to develop something similar, on a more decentralized platform (perhaps by using unions or Co-Operatives), the “original” taxi guys have taken to the less pragmatic way out – sue them! If you can’t beat them, sue them! This, clubbed with the fact that countries like France are introducing rules that make usage of Uber like taxi apps, is completely uncalled for.

We at Appscrip, have a software to help out. An Uber Clone, with all its functions, rebranded and customized for your very own Taxi service or Union. Of course, one company cannot “own” or manage all taxis and that’s where aggregation comes in. All different implementations can talk to any third party systems via APIs to offer same inventory on multiple platforms. Uber and Lyft will have to take inventory from these APIs rather than directly from drivers.

A Taxi App for your cab service company which also takes care of communication efficiency between passengers, drivers, and shift managers assigning rides, is what we are talking about. Simple, Fast and most importantly – SMART!

 All functions available on Uber/Lyft, namely :
1) Looking at nearby taxis available.
2) Send push notifications to drivers for bookings with GPS tracking and ETA.
3) Automatic distance and time calculator with cashless payments
4) Managers overlooking the whole process
5) Driver and Passenger ratings for great feedback and better experience

are available on our Taxi app!

If you are looking to reconsider the way your taxis work or thinking of building a brand new taxi business, you’ve come to the right place. You can get in touch with us with all your questions and queries regarding the same and wwe will leave no stone unturned in making sure than you have the perfect journey in digitizing your business and taking it to the next level!


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