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Customer Satisfaction is what makes a business or breaks it. But with great power comes great responsibility. While a vendor is responsible for delivering a great product, a customer is responsible for being honest about the engagement with the vendor and appreciate the vendor’s work. Going through the internet, we came across a couple of reviews and ratings, which certainly don’t talk about what we really do here at Appscrip, and how happy our customers are. Here’s a message from our CEO & Founder, Rahul Sharma, followed by Appscrip reviews by our customers.

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A message to our Patrons

We get a lot of our patrons coming to us worried about some of the reports they read online. While most of them have gone on to become our clients and valuable partners, it is still a deterrent to some people.

We never shy away from these reports. So we will put all those here for your reference again.

With regards to these two, you can see on the thread that Rahul himself has personally replied and that there is no proof to substantiate the claims made there.
Anybody can easily edit the mail and can take a screenshot of it to ruin the image. Basically, we work on a milestone payment system and never make any commitment before giving demo to our clients. If the client accepts our proposal then we move ahead with the deal.
You can read the loopholes here. And we are yet to hear back from these so-called “customers’ of ours.

Now we have this report which we do acknowledge was a client of ours. Eduardo, who claimed to receive a code which apparently was not working and we did not provide support.

Even though this was not true, we gave him a refund of his payment. You can see the proof of that in the rebuttal of the same post.

And what’s more, we then realize that Mr. Eduardo’s product zendeliver looks exactly like the product we sold him- iDeliver, the code he claimed never worked.
We filed complained against him and did not got any reply from his side. After some time, he removed his website as every detail are shown in the given below link –


Why are we telling you all this?

One to show that we never cheat anyone and we sell our products after giving demos and signing contracts. We have systems in place which protect your payments. Systems like the contract, Systems like paypal payments where you can file for a chargeback if you are not satisfied.

Second, we don’t shy away from reports. It is a highly competitive market we are part of, and there have been numerous attempts to malign our reputation.

Third, when we do have disgruntled customers, we do right by them and either offer extended support to push their apps live or offer a refund like in the case of Mr.Eduardo. But it is obvious to anyone that once you transfer the code and then refund the customer there is no use of getting the code back.

But most importantly, the proof is in the pudding, here is just a sample of businesses running on our apps. We cannot have a bigger testament to our work and better feedback than a successful client.

Baxitaxi, Mober, Rapido, PriveMD, HailYes, Shiply, Jaiecom (Aljazirah Corp), W99L, ASAP, Foretees, inmobi, Warner Brothers music, Xavax, Havi Logistics, DayRunner, PQ, Bell Cafe Express, RideIn, GoGo Cargo, Insiders, SalesPaddock etc

Our CEO Rahul Sharma has put his personal details on the website because of the authenticity in our customer service. Most of our clients inevitably end up in some correspondence with him as taking care of their needs is important to us and more important to him.

Here are a couple of customers talking about their experience with us

Appscrip Reviews 1
Review by Andrew

Appscrip Reviews 2
Review by Marvin Walker

Appscrip Reviews 3
Review by Thomas Gassoul

Appscrip Reviews 4
Review by Mark Schlake

Appscrip Reviews 5
Review by Jamie Claydon

Appscrip Reviews 6

Review by Daniele Vacalli

Appscrip Reviews 7

Review by Alison

We strive hard to build our products and our products are at different stages in our development cycles. But these are the facts. We are a full stack team of 90+ designers, iOS/Android/Backend/Frontend developers, QA and we work hard to build the best platforms for you to launch your apps on.

If you have a problem with our apps, or our prices or wish to discuss your concerns. Talk to us. Mail us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with all your clarifications.

A quick look at how our team works throughout the day to deliver the best applications out there in the market.

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