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Getting the best haircut is not that pretty simple. It requires time and patience both.

First of all, you have to arrange a time slot for it, then visit the barber salon, wait in a queue still not ensured whether you will get the haircut you desire from your favorite professional or not.

Here is where Barber on-demand service app comes into action.

In the UK ‘Barber on demand apps’ are a lot in demand these days, thanks to the door to door barbering services they provide. These apps not only save people from the hassle of lengthy wait times but also traveling to and from the barbershop.

“There are plenty of barbers but they’re not necessarily all good barbers.”: Daniel Davies, general manager of Pall Mall Barbers

Barber on demand apps that changed barbering experience in the UK

  • Get Groomed: ‘Your Style. Your Place. Your Time’

Get Groomed connects you with professional mobile barbers in your area so that you can have the finest grooming services that cater to your style, at a place and time that suits you. Their team of mobile barbers are professional, well trained and vetted.

Barber on demand in London

They are currently serving in all areas in London.

  • Trim-it: Barbershop on Wheels

TRIM-IT is the UK’s first app-powered mobile barbershop. Its service is like Deliveroo or Uber Eats, but instead of delivering food, they deliver haircuts. It was designed to slash barbershop wait times. Once you book your barber through their app they’ll send an amazing barbershop on wheels straight to your location.


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Barber on demand a growing trend | Fashion conscious men

  • Because today’s generation values convenience above all else.

The days have long passed when men use to sit in a barbershop for hours and watch football with their boys. For the new generation, this slow tempo service is no more fun but a frustrating experience.

  • The other reason that led to the explosion in this sector is the burgeoning trend of male grooming.

Modern men focus on looks and take grooming more seriously than ever.

The obsession with social media is also playing its part, as men today are more image-conscious and need barbers as often as twice a week to ensure they are Instagram ready.

But ‘lack of time’ intervenes in between. And the only solution is barber on demand apps.

  • Also, it is really hard to source a quality barber that provides outstanding service. With the help of the app, you can check the reviews and ratings before selecting your barber.

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Future of barber on demand in the UK | Promising!

Barbering is a business that will never lose its importance as getting a haircut and trimming the beard is a basic need. The only thing that will change and in fact has started changing is the way barbering service is offered.

Presently, people visit the barber, but as the trends change, it will happen vice versa.

barber on-demand apps in London

According to a report in the Telegraph, barbershops were the fastest-growing retail category on the British high street in 2018. But it is hard to guess whether these shops will be able to retain their profitable business for long.

Since the launch of barber on demand apps in the UK, people are swiftly shifting to these apps and even convincing their mates to try it.

Must-have features for a barber on-demand apps | Get more hair to style

  • Latest hairstyle pics in the app: Helps customer choose their styles beforehand. It will also convince them that the barber is well aware of the latest trends.
  • Offer to listen: There is a saying that ‘barbers are great listeners‘. Along with the haircut, offer ‘listening’ service too. Things that men say in the barbershop they won’t even say in their own living room. 
  • Offers and Discounts: This is the easiest way to bring customers. Initially offer as many discounts as you can.
  • Apart from haircut and shaving, offer other grooming services as well such as facial, face clean-up, manicure, etc.

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There are many on demand and delivery apps that make our life easy going. Barber on demand is one such app. It is a great idea if you’re a modern entrepreneur that keeps an eye on the latest trends.

Mobile barber



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