Benefits Of Integrating In-App Chat Module In Classified Apps!

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Ease of purchase and ease of communication are the most important purchase decision making features of buy & sell apps.

Your B2C or C2C classified apps may be offering a wide variety of products, but it won’t work unless buyers and sellers can connect to each other easily.

in-app chat module

In-app chat modules are very significant to keep your e-commerce platform going.

Here are the major reasons to believe that integrating chat module would actually be beneficial

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The comfort of using chats as a medium for communication

Chat integration is appreciated by the customers because of its non-intrusive, privacy protecting, asynchronous & familiar way of communicating.

In-app chat module also protects user’s Privacy. For customers that are not very comfortable disclosing their phone numbers to anyone, an integrated chat module is an option they can switch to.

A recent study by OLX states that after the integration of the chat module, chat has become more popular than calling.

in-app chat module
No. of transactions via chat overtaking no. of transaction via calls.
Read more about the study by OLX here.

Make and accept offers easily via in-app chat integration

Integration of chat platform on your classified apps gives you the ease of concluding on the final price of the product. Customers can propose a counter price for the product they are interested in and sellers can either accept the offer or propose another counter price to the buyer.

When both parties arrive at a mutually accepted price, they proceed with the transaction.

Benefits of chat integration for C2C barter exchange

Customers can buy the product at the cost of another product instead of money. This process works more like a barter system, where goods are exchanged for goods.

Chat integration supports this kind of transaction. It helps the customers who need to get rid of a particular product get in contact with people selling product of their liking.

in-app chat module

You can get your items exchanged without actually talking to anyone or going anywhere. You can strike a fair deal using the barter concept because of the easily accessible(via the messaging platform) potential buyers around you.

Benefits of chat integration for C2C exchange for money

C2C exchange for money is a system where you exchange the product for the money.

Users can post the products they want to sell at the cost they feel is okay. Other users interested in the product can directly send the counter price to the seller.

The seller can reply with a new counter price. This continues until they reach the amount that is agreed by both.

in-app chat module

This gives them both the chance to participate in the transaction.

Others benefits of in-app chat module integration

Including in-app chat module has a lot of benefits for classifieds, listing down other benefits:

  • Effortlessly start the chat with quick default messages.
  • Important updates regarding the product.
  • Offer it to various buyers with minimum chaos (you have separate chat window for each buyer)
  • Establishing communication with members in remote places.
  • An efficient and hassle-free communication network
  • Faster response leading to faster closing of deals.
  • Integration with Chatbots to faster sales response and smoothen sales process.

Case studies of e-commerce businesses that have successfully leveraged in-app chat modules

The concept of integrating chat module in e-commerce apps is proving its worth for approximately 2 years now, here are few of the examples that can convey you its significance:

  1. in-app chat moduleH&M is one of several retailers experimenting with and leveraging chat integration as a  mobile marketing opportunity, it clearly is working out for them, as they recorded increased sales since the chatbot integration.
  2. in-app chat moduleExpensify software helps streamline and automate expense reports and travel arrangements for companies. Concierge is a chat assistant provided by Expensify. The concierge has helped reduce banking problems by 75%, and that the website has quintupled the number of its free trials.
  3. in-app chat moduleIntelli-Chat by OLX reported a sudden change in the medium of communication between buyers and sellers, from call to chats. They also recorded a higher rate of deals closing.

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