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As per the reports, Switzerland has over 1.3 million singles, most of them are looking out for partners.

Statistics foresee this number will rise to 1.6 million by 2030. Hence, best dating sites in Switzerland have a fair chance to take advantage of this situation and earn a quick buck while bring lonely souls together.

Besides, 41% of Swiss are already indebted to the internet for having provided them suitable partners.

Reasons for people staying single in Switzerland are:
  • 40% – Looking for a right partner
  • 25% – Gives top priority to their independence
  • 18% –  High standards and expectations from a partner
  • Emphasis on individualism than on collectivism.
  • Other reasons are lack of time and trust issues due to which they avoid intimacy.
Best dating sites in Switzerland
Penetration Of Dating Apps
How do people prefer to meet each other in the Switzerland?
  • 65% –  With the help of friends, relatives or acquaintances
  • 56% – going out (joining a sports club, social events, party, or any regular activity)
  • 41% – online
  • At their workplace

Online dating has been gaining momentum since the pandemic days. With just a few clicks, one can being a date to fruition. Furthermore, these apps are easy to navigate making them an attractive option. The best part is that you can search for a soulmate from the convenience of your favorite surrounding. Thus it saves them time and money as well.

You can be sure about the person by getting to know them on the app before meeting them in person.

Swiss people look for sincerity, humor, maturity, and intelligence in their prospective partners. They prefer to keep their dates casual and meet over a lunch or dinner. Moreover, Swiss people avoid intimacy until they are sure they want build a lasting relationship.

Best Dating Sites In Switzerland

Some of the best dating sites in Switzerland:

1.   Tinder

Tinder - best dating sites in Switzerland

Annual Revenue- $403 million

This is a free dating app that began with the ritual of right/left swipe to either take a match forward or skip it. It matches users with singles in their own backyard. Tinder launched a location-based dating app that became a craze back in 2012, and is still the most popular dating app in the US.

This app was founded by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Whitney Wolfe, and Jonathan Badeen in 2012. The company has its headquarters in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. Tinder has raised $50M in funding over 3 rounds. The last funding was on Oct 10, 2017, from an Undisclosed round.

The app has more than 75 million monthly active users. It is the best dating site in Switzerland. Users decide on the basis of photos, age, and description.

 Business Model & Revenue Generation

Tinder their business on a Software as a service (SaaS) model. Transaction-based models of revenue are based on in-app purchases made by users on the platform. It makes money by selling access to its API which enables third-party developers to build additional features through the app.

And if you are looking to unlock additional features, users opt to purchase Tinder plus. The cost of this membership depends on the age of the user.


File:Logo Parship.svg - best dating sites in Switzerland

Revenue: $ 55 million (2010)

This dating site attracts those who are keen on building a serious relationship. This relationship site works on a unique compatibility test which is used to assess how someone could behave in a relationship. The app initially assesses personality, aspirations, interests and lifestyle of every user so that they can help them find a perfect match.

This online dating app is based in Hamburg, Germany. The app was founded in 2001 by Hugo Schmale. It is among the best dating sites in Switzerland. The company’s last funding round was on Sep 15, 2000, from a Seed round.

You can see your compatibility with the person based on the scoring system the app adopts.

 Business Model & Revenue Generation

Subscription costs range from 30 to 60 euros per month.  As per the Parship website, 38% of their users are Premium members. One requires a Premium membership to receive contact offers, and for exchanging photos.

It is based on an arithmetic compatibility algorithm which is its main USP (Unique selling proposition).

3.    Bumble

Best dating sites in Switzerland

Revenue- $765 million (2021)

Bumble is a dating app that works in a fashion that is pretty much similar to Tinder. On this dating app you have to “swipe left” to reject a person or “swipe right” to show interest. To take an interest in another user forward, both of you have to swipe right.

The unique difference in this app is that in heterosexual pairings (between a man and a woman), women have the prerogative to take the relationship forward. Hence they would have to send the first message to keep the interest alive.

Another feature that is unique and noteworthy on Bumble is, you can not only end up with a date, but you can also search for friends and business connections. The founder of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe Herd. It has headquarters in Austin, Texas, United States. Bumble was founded in December 2014.

It closed its last funding on Sep 7, 2021, from a Post-IPO Equity round.

 Business Model & Revenue Generation

The app generates revenue from special premium features (one-time purchases or through a subscription).

4. (Targeted age 35+)

File:Logo eDarling.png - best dating sites in Switzerland

Annual Revenue: < $1.0M.

Bumble is that dating app that differs from similar apps by putting women in the driver’s seat. This is to reduce the amount of malicious and unsolicited messages that come their way from men on several dating apps. But then Bumble also supports a diverse orientations.

Bumble is among the best dating sites in Switzerland that is dedicated to heterosexual or non-hetero relationships. While creating a relationship, you have the option to get to specify your gender — man, woman, non-binary, or many other identifications as well as the gender you are interested in. Bumble was founded in November 2008 by Lukas Brosseder and David Khalil.

The company is based in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. Its latest funding round was on May 9, 2013, by a Management buyout. is among the best dating websites in Switzerland that is liked by many due to diverse possibilities it offers. Users have to comply with a personality-test to come up with possible dates. It takes ideally 30 to 40 minutes to take the personality test. The site has two million users.

The personality test that Bumble conducts comprises 200 questions based on your passions, interests, basic information, feelings, and values. There section enables users to select the traits that they are looking for in their partner.

 Business Model & Revenue Generation


It makes money through its membership plans.

5.    Hinge

Revenue- $197 million (2021)

Hinge is among the best dating sites in Switzerland that emphasizes on long-term connections between users. The app is aimed towards the younger demographic in comparison to or eHarmony or even such as the populace using Tinder. The app is now fully owned by Match Group as of February 2019.

Justin McLeod is the founder of this app. It was founded on 1 February 2011 with headquarters in New York, United States. The company’s last funding round was on Dec 11, 2014, from a Series A round. Hinge has raised $20.6M .

Hinge has unique application features like Voice prompts, videos, Most compatible, Roses, Boosts/Super Boosts, and Match quality input.

Each Membership Level includes:-

  • Unlimited daily likes
  • Advanced filters
  • Access to Hinge experts

 Business Model & Revenue Generation

The app makes money by selling premium subscriptions. Also, through fees, it collects from boosts and roses. It uses a freemium model.

Benefits Of Launching A Similar Business

  • Revenue in the Online Dating segment is expected to reach $14.76 million in 2022.
  • The number of users is expected to reach 0.7m users by 2027 in the Online Dating segment.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to reach $22.22
  • User penetration will be 7.6% in 2022 and is expected to rise to 7.9% by 2027

Conclusion: Best Dating Sites In Switzerland

online dating software Online Dating Software Datum
Datum – Online Dating Software Solution

Online dating appears is a preferred route to land a successful date. According to a study, around 56% users have enjoyed positive experiences with dating sites. Many people have triumphed finding romantic partners online. Folks have been successful in landing a casual or long term relationship too.

Dating apps work on a simple premise – you are offered a range of profiles and basic information to process your interest. And then you can swipe right on those whom you think is a match or then swipe left to skip them. To gain a match, both must swipe right, which indicates mutual interest.

This ensures there are no awkward moments and the difficult phases are taken care by the app.

Entrepreneurs looking to foray into the dating industry have – Datum that is inspired by the best dating sites in Switzerland. The entire matching process is simplified to the ‘Swipe & Match’ functionality. Some apps have unique features like questionnaires to improve user experience. Kickstart your online dating business with our customizable online dating script – Datum.

Best dating sites in Switzerland

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