Cost Of Making A Dating App In 2023: Insights, and Tech Stack

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Developing a successful dating app requires a clear understanding of the cost, timeline, and tech stack involved. With insights derived from extensive global research and industry engagement, here is a concise guide to dating app development cost in 2023.

Attached here is the document outlining the features and functionalities of the dating app. This document was shared to obtain a quote for the pricing and timeline required for building the app from scratch.

Pricing & Timeline

When considering the development and cost of making a dating app, the geographical location of your development team is crucial. Below are the development cost and timeline estimates based on our research. 

Custom App Development:

Newyork, USA90-350K USD4-8 Months
Kyiv, Ukraine70-150K USD4-5 Months
Croatia330-500K USD6-9 Months
Philadelphia, USA100-500K USD4-8 Months
Hanoi, Vietnam57-60K USD5-18 Months
India20-50K USD5-9 Months

Clone Apps:

Clone app development services are available at various price points, typically ranging from $2000 to $15000 USD, depending on the specific features and technology stack chosen. The timeline for launching a clone app can vary between 1 to 2 months, taking into account the stability of the product being developed.

Price RangeLaunch Timeline
$2000-$150001-2 months

Clone App vs. Custom App Development

FeatureClone AppCustom App 
CostRelatively lower cost Higher cost 
Time To MarketQuick deployment due to the existing frameworkLonger development time 
Tech StackClone apps may lack support for modern technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, etc.Custom apps can incorporate modern tech seamlessly, including support for Kubernetes, Docker, and more
Maintenance & SupportClone apps typically focus on selling the product, with limited post-sales supportCustom apps often provide comprehensive post-sales support and assistance
Code QualityCode in clone apps might exhibit lower quality, with limited readability and documentation Custom apps are built with a focus on code quality, readability, and extensive documentation
ScalabilityClone apps may have limitations in terms of scalability due to their design choicesCustom apps are designed to be scalable and can handle growing demands efficiently

Essential Tech Stack for a Dating App

Remember to evaluate the specific needs of your project and consider factors like scalability, security, and compatibility when selecting your tech stack.

BackendNode.js or Go or Python
DevOpsDeployment via Docker + K8 
ArchitectureMicroservices work well when application functionality is divided into logical divisions, such as notifications (SMS, Email, Push), chat, webRTC calls, search, and streaming.
AppBuilt on Flutter- Works great for iOS and Android
WebsiteFlutter- A Flutter web app is ideal for building a PWA for dating platforms that require a login, serving both web and mobile web users efficiently.
DatabaseMySQL or PostgreSQL or MongoDB
Real-time ChatComet Chat or Sendbird Or Isometrik (new)
Calling WebRTC powered via Agora, Sendbird, Twilior or Isometrik 
Push NotificationsFirebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) 
SMSPowered via Twilio
EmailTo streamline email, push, and SMS functionalities, utilizing services like SendGrid or Novu can be an effective choice.
Payment GatewayStripe, PayPal
GeolocationGoogle Maps API
Analytics and Crash ReportingFirebase, Clevertap, and App Analytics via Looker or custom analytics dashboard
Social Media IntegrationFacebook, Google, Instagram

Please note that the options mentioned in each category are examples of what we feel is a good tech stack, there are other alternatives available as well. 


Developing a successful dating app requires careful consideration of factors such as cost, timeline, and technology stack. Whether choosing a clone app or custom app development, it’s important to evaluate the trade-offs and select an approach that aligns with the specific project requirements.

Clone apps can provide a cost-effective and quicker solution, while custom app development offers greater flexibility and scalability. The choice of tech stack should be based on factors like backend options, microservices architecture, and integration of essential features. Partnering with a reliable tech provider is crucial for a successful app launch. By making informed decisions and prioritizing user needs, you can create a high-quality dating app that stands out in the market.

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