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Lewis: What’s for dinner?

Amanda: Well, I thought a lot about it, and made…  some soup with veggies! 


Hectic office and life routines don’t let you get innovative in cooking. Does that mean you have to cope with the same five-set meals day in and out? Well, not anymore! 

Since there are apps available for everything, it should not come as a surprise if there is a mention of Chef Apps or let’s say Digital cookbooks.

It provides a variety of great features for people, and aspiring chefs of all skill levels. These apps include thousands of new recipes, instructional videos, home delivery services, measuring tools, food photos, and more. 

Looks like it is time to step up your game in the kitchen!

chef app

Digital Cookbooks Are Stealing The Show

In simple words, these apps are super useful, practical, and easy to use. They inspire people to try out a wide range of delicious and healthy meals. They also help with tutorials on how to improvise with ingredients on hand. Chef apps eventually make you whip gourmet-style meals before you even know it!

These advanced features make chef apps so popular and loved among people.

  • Thousands Of Choices

These apps have a huge database or collection of different dishes from all over the world. They are categorized as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more. Users can select from this range and prepare. 

  • Instructions

Chef app gives step-by-step instructions to prepare the dishes. So anyone can make a recipe without any difficulty. It also comes with a timer, which the user can set as per their convenience. 

  • Ratio Of The Ingredients

The app gives a detailed description of the number of ingredients and spices required for preparing a particular dish.  

chef app

  • Multi-task

You can prepare more than one recipe with chef apps. It provides the details of two or more recipes in a snap view. Users can switch to and fro in their devices.  

  • Easy Search

The app allows users to search the dishes through advanced options. It can be either via location, taste, health, season, and other options. 

  • Tutorials & Instructional Videos

Chef apps come with several tutorials that help to learn cooking dishes easily. Users can download these videos on their devices.

  • Sharing Photos Or Videos Of Food

This feature allows the user to share the results or pictures of their cooked meals on their social accounts. 

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Chef Apps: A Trending Business Idea

We all turn toward our phones while searching for food recipes, don’t we?

Approximately 23 million people in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and India have asked Google for food recipes and cooking apps. This means there is a great opportunity for aspiring chefs, and people related to the food industry.

The time is right if they are aiming to build their empire!

chef app3 Globally Recognized Chef Apps

All Recipes Dinner Spinner

This app is perfect for helping home-cooks. aspiring chefs and foodies share new ideas and meal inspiration. You can find recipes just by shaking your phone!

chef app

This app provides videos with step-by-step instructions for cooking. “Custom collections” help you curate, and organize recipes by themes or occasions.


This chef app makes cooking accessible for people and chefs of all skill levels. There are photos, videos, and voice commands for over 3500 different recipes. Intermediate and advanced chefs teach new, interesting meal ideas and food techniques.

chef app

People can also upload and share their creations.


This is a new and slightly different kind of chef app. It has recently collaborated with publishers like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Harper Collins, and more. It allows users to explore over 35,000 tested recipes.

chef app

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Inspired & Ready To Build Your App?

Now that you are inspired to make the best decision of your life, let’s get into a little more detail.

Who Can Earn From These Apps? 

  • Chefs
  • Nutritionist
  • Health coaches
  • Foodies
  • Startups

What Type Of App Do You Want To Build?

8 different types of chef/cooking apps cater to different people. Each works for a different purpose.

  • Recipe Collection App
  • Meal Planner App
  • Recipe App For Healthy Cooking
  • Recipe Sharing App
  • Recipe Database App
  • Recipe Cost Calculator App
  • Pantry App
  • Grocery Shopping App

Who Will Be Your Target Group? 

  • Travelers: Because they are always roaming around, and have little or no time to cook. They would appreciate apps that help them to prepare easy meals with whatever ingredients they have.
  • Amateurs: Since they are new to the cooking world, they would love such apps. Tutorials and instructional videos will help them prepare easy and healthy meals.
  • Heath Fanatics: Chef apps come with detailed descriptions about ingredients and calorie values. This will allow fitness rats to track down calorie intakes.
  • People Who Love Exploring New Recipes: Blogs and vlogs of famous chefs will attract people who love trying out recipes and search for the culinary experience.

chef app

What Are Some Of The Main Features Of Chef Apps?

Whether you are developing the app yourself or taking the help of an app development company, these features are must-haves:

  • Video-Tutorials
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Meal Planning

Admin Features

  • Community Management
  • Managing Recipe And Subscription Package
  • Payment Management
  • View Earning

How Will You Earn From Your App? 

Let us see how you can monetize from the app.

  • In-App Purchases: Subscriptions for users will open a new feature or content for a certain period. Once the subscription time ends, users can re-subscribe for the functions they liked.
  • In-App Ads: Digital ads are the driving force for the global market. If users interact with the in-app ads, that will fetch you money.
  • Premium version: Always consider having a second, paid version of your app with extra features. If users like the free version, they will probably download the paid app to get the extra features.
  • Sponsorship: Approach sponsor and allow them to design your app to match their brand. This way you can get a monthly sponsorship fee. You can even split revenues with your sponsors.

How Much Will The App Cost If You Hire A Firm To Build It? 

This usually depends on the country, and the features you want to have or add. However, the cost of making a chef app is somewhere between $5000 and $10,000.

The market for such apps is highly lucrative and the concept is currently trending. Developing your app can prove to be a great startup idea. More and more people are embracing new and different ways of cooking. Your app can not only become a sensation among food lovers but also help them learn the art of cooking.

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