Current Trends In Artificial Intelligence 2019

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AI- artificial intelligence- in its simplest sense is the science of training machines to accomplish human tasks.

Artificial intelligence is when a machine has the competence to be cognitive. A machine that has the ability to perform cognitive functions as humans do such as to perceive, to learn, to reason and solve problems is reckoned as artificial intelligence.

Neural networks, machine-learning systems, predictive analytics, speech recognition, natural-language understanding and other components are subsets of ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI).

Current Trends In Artificial Intelligence 2019

Speech recognition is by far the most-widely adopted AI technology world-over, 35% of the industry pundits agree. Current trends in artificial intelligence enhances belief  to inculcate AI – beginning with Alexa, Siri, and Watson. Technology is advancing at a feverish pace as more firms are investing resources in AI and its subsets, indicating a robust push for AI products and Apps in the near future.

  • In 2018, 6 billion connected devices proactively asked for support.
  • Last year “client digital-assistants” recognized consumers by face and voice across several channels and partners.
  • Current trends in Artificial intelligence deem 15% of American jobs will be taken over by AI within a year.
  • 23% of iPhone users utilize Siri’s voice recognition capabilities regularly.

Unlike a general perception, artificial intelligence is not limited to IT or technology but it is also being comprehensively imbibed in diverse verticals such as medical, law, business, education, and production.

Current trends in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be bifurcated into: narrow AI and general AI.

Applications of narrow AI: systematizing personal/business calendars, deciphering video feeds from drones that perform visual inspection- as on oil pipelines, replying to various customer service requests/queries, assisting the medical industry with diagnosis such as spotting potential tumor in X-rays, marking inappropriate online content, identifying wear and tear of elevator cables- info garnered from IoT devices, coordinating with other systems to cater to tasks such as reservations at hotels at a convenient time and location as demanded.

While Artificial general intelligence is vastly advanced with capabilities, intellect and flexibility considered human. This is an adaptable form of intelligence which is capable of learning to perform tasks such as reason, use strategy, solve puzzles, or detect and respond to hazards.

Currently machine learning which is on the path of resurgence wherein a system is served with enormous amount of data with which it learns how to carry out varied tasks such as speech recognition or classifying pictures or self-driving a car.

1. Netflix 

Netflix is an integral part of this generation and is overtly admired with viewers for quality on on-demand content service. This is ingrained with predictive know-how so as to offer timely endorsements as per customer reaction, choices, interests and response. The technology scrutinizes the past behaviour/pattern of the viewer so as to populate movies based on their past preferences.

The system is turning out to intensify its human-like responsiveness. The only shortcoming is that it can be construed that the bigger films received propagation and continue to garner views while the smaller ones go into oblivion. But rest assured the system is still learning and improvements are bound to be.

2. Boxever

Boxever is a firm that has imbibed machine learning so as to augment customer experience in the tourist niche. The system brings to the fore interesting tit-bits and other endearing experiences that will hook consumers to their portal.

With machine learning and Artificial Intelligence as its ammunitions to enhance customer engagement Boxover has garnered customer commitment considerably to rule the roost. They have been assisting customers find undiscovered, pristine trails and create unforgettable experiences.

Current trends in Artificial Intelligence

3. Tesla

It’s not only smartphones that are smitten by the techno bug but automobiles are also getting on to the band-wagon of those inculcating Artificial Intelligence in their systems. Tesla has incorporated AI in their cars that has helped improve their performance by leaps and bounds. The more the data being gathered the better the cars perform.

The brand is becoming the cynosure of eyes that has kept abreast of technology proven by its amazing performance. They have unique features such as self-drive, various drive modes, supercharging ability, adaptable suspension, predictive capability and over the air updates.

4. Siri

This personal assistant offered by Apple in iPads and iPhones is by far one of the most iconic applications of artificial intelligence. Siri uses machine-learning technology to get smarter and to fathom natural language questions and requests.

This pleasant and responsive female voice-stimulated assistant interacts with customers on errands/requests. You are assisted on receiving information, making calls, setting timer or alarms, information on weather, directions, send messages, make voice calls, open apps, set reminders and fix appointments on calendar.

For a long time now Apple has been applying the many benefits of machine learning to create better products. Apple has been exploring options not just with Siri, but also with products such as Apple Watch.

5. Nest

Nest was by far a successful, reputed and famous start-up firm operating in the artificial intelligence domain that was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat adapts to your heating and cooling routine within a week of its installation using behavioural algorithms to automatically create schedules thereby saving energy based on your behaviour, habits and schedule.

It utilizes an intelligent machine learning process that studies the temperature range you prefer and programs itself. Furthermore, when nobody is at home it will switch-off the system on its own to save energy.

In fact, the system is a combination of artificial intelligence and Bluetooth low-energy. This is because some of the components use BLE services and solutions. These are transmitted over the air so that a peripheral can inform a central what solution to provide.

Current trends in artificial intelligence

6. Echo

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker, personal assistant that responds to voice commands, using Artificial Intelligence. This helps you to play music, set alarms or timers, answer any questions, can control smart-home devices.

You can control the music through voice commands, stream songs through Apple Music, Amazon Music, Sirius XM or Spotify. You also ask any questions, get the new read, enquire regarding weather updates.

Smart homes can be voice controlled by turning on lights, adjusting thermostat, lock doors and other compatible devices can be connected.

7. Cogito

Cogito originally co-founded by Dr.Sandy and Joshua is a pretty good example of an interactive version to improve exchanges of customer support representatives, in a market environment. The company is a fusion of machine learning and behavioural science (psychographics) to enhance customer collaboration for sales/voice professionals.

Cogito is relevant on millions of voice calls that take place on a daily basis. The AI solution analyses the human query and provides real-time guidance to enhance behaviour.

Current trends in artificial intelligence

8. Pandora

Pandora is a widespread, admired and highly solicited tech solution that exists in the realm of music. It uses an ingenious algorithm to fashion tailor-made stations which adapt to your interests. This largely depends on 450 musical characteristics (such as qualities of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, composition and lyrics) and a team of expert musicians who individually analyse each song for their characteristics. The system is good at endorsing track records for possible recommendation of songs that would otherwise never get noticed, despite an ardent fan’s fondness.

Its manner of working is it selects one or more songs as a marker for a new station, and the algorithm then spontaneously picks other songs that it considers as similar to your tastes.

9. Flying Drones

Using an efficient Wi-Fi system, drones can be controlled and utilized for specific purposes such as delivery of goods, video-shooting, or for the purpose of reporting news.

On a test mode basis drones have been delivering goods to clients. Drones possess a compelling machine learning ability that can transform the environment into a 3D model through sensors and cameras.

These sensors and cameras can identify the position of the drone in a room when attached to the ceiling. Trajectory generation algorithm then guides the drone on movement as to how and where to move safely.

Conclusion Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence 2019

Applications of AI show extensive utilization in many tech-based industries, such as insurance and finance, health, and client servicing firms. AI is also driving robots capable of performing geological surveys, enhance sales in ecommerce, calculate risks, respond to humans, record information, and collate data from exchanges.

In the coming years, technology experts will implement different types of machine learning to improve a vast variety of business functions. These key business technologies comprise of natural language generation (NLG), natural language processing  (NLP), and computer vision, among many others. Implementing these AI solutions will enable firms to automate tasks that will inhibit human intervention and further append other tasks that will assist workforces with their routine assignments.


Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence 2019

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