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Attention all working parents: date nights are not going to be stressful anymore as now there are apps to help you find a professional and reliable babysitter. 

Parents face a major roadblock when it comes to enjoying a boozy night out. Leaving kids alone at night is not an option and the era of grabbing the nearest 16-year-old sitter from down the block is long gone. So what should parents do?

The answer is in the smartphone.

Like everything else, there are apps that provide a solution. The way you book an Uber late at night, you can book a babysitter for date night too.

Date Night Sitter App | Is It Safe?

A babysitter is a parental necessity and so are babysitter apps. Without a babysitter, parents can’t imagine having a social life or ‘me’ time, never mind a romance.

But how safe and reliable are the date night sitter apps? Is it OK to entrust a stranger with your kids?

babysitter app

Well, worrying about leaving kids with a stranger is normal. But it would be a relief if you could somehow know how responsible your babysitter is.

There are some great date night sitter apps that do all the heavy lifting for you. These apps verify sitters and do a background check for added security. 

You can simply register in the app, check sitters’ background, experience, reviews, and ratings from other parents, and viola you have found your perfect babysitter.

5 Parent-Trusted Date Night Sitter Apps

Whether you’re in search of a weekly nanny or a pinch-hitter babysitter for date night, these apps will be super helpful.

  • Date Night App: Uber for babysitting

Date Night connects parents with experienced and local babysitters. The Date Night App by, the largest online provider of caregivers, provides on-demand babysitters for busy parents.

  • The app offer time-starved parents the ability to plan a complete date night with ease from finding, interviewing, booking, and paying available sitters, to securing restaurant reservations.
  • It also allows parents to have live video interviews with potential sitters.

According to a recent Date Night Survey, 85% of parents would like to have more date nights.

  • Datenight Babysitting App: 60 hours of free babysitting

Toronto-based Elize Shirdel, a mother of two, created the Datenight Babysitting app in 2014 so she could go on dates with her husband.

  • The app allows users to browse profiles of experienced babysitters and schedule interviews with potential candidates.
  • Once they’ve met and approved a match, they can book and pay for childcare appointments on their smartphones.

And, yes working moms can apply for up to 60 hours of free babysitting.

  • UrbanSitter: Hear from your friends 

If you don’t have the luxury of hiring a babysitter you know personally, you can at least find a sitter who a friend in your circle can vouch for. Its average response time is 3 minutes or less. Free basic membership is available. 

Urbansitter searches your area to find the top-rated babysitters and shows recommendations from your neighbors.

  • Sittercity: Offers freedom and flexibility

Sittercity is one of the best babysitting apps. Whether you need an overnight sitter, an after-school cover or a regular weekend nanny, it offers everything.

You can even find a babysitter with specialized skills, like someone who will also clean the house or someone who will tutor your kids.

You can alert sitters you’ve already pre-screened so they can respond to your emergency posts ASAP.

  • Bambino: Find a babysitter nearby

Bambino lets parents find a babysitter who lives nearby and who has already sat for people they know. There’s no monthly fee, but there is a small booking fee added to each payment.

 The caregivers are organized based on who you know, who your friends know and then by distance

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Babysitter is an integral part of a child’s life. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly, what type of care provider you’re looking for.

Date night sitter job description

  • Write a brief and concise description that allows the sitters to determine whether they are a potential fit.
  • Mention your kid’s age and the time at which the sitter will be needed.
  • If your kids are having any kind of allergy mention that.
  • If you need the person to prepare dinner include it in the description.


Looking for an experienced babysitter for tomorrow night from 7- 11 pm. Applicant needs to take care of two children of 5 and 6 years old. The 5-year-old is allergic to pets. The applicant will be required to prepare dinner for both the children and put them to bed by 8.

For babysitters too, technology has made it easy to find jobs. With the help of apps, sitters can find bookings more often and for good pay. 

Brianna Rocha, a babysitter in Dallas, Texas said, before the apps, she was booking one babysitting job every few months. Now, she books jobs three to five days a week.

Babysitter Profile Tips

Your profile description is the key to more babysitting jobs. Without delay start spending more time tinkering your profile.

babysitter job description

Write a great profile

  • Keep it brief and relevant. Don’t copy your entire resume
  • If you have any experience mention that.
  • Feel free to add a comment that shows your personality or special skills.
  • Why you enjoy working with children? Answer this.
  • And finally, tell me why are you into babysitting jobs…why you want to provide childcare?

Eg: Responsible babysitter with 3 years of experience. Skilled in creating fun, engaging, and educational activities. Give priority to children’s safety and well-being. Trusted by parents, with mutual loving affection by all cared children. Available during weekends, evenings, nights and summer and winter breaks.

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With the increase of dual-income households worldwide, parents require more personal time and flexibility.

Date night sitter apps have made it easy for parents to find the right babysitter and enjoy their special date night stress-free.

babysitter app

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