9 Essential Ecommerce Features For Success

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Ecommerce sites got people to take up shopping as a need. The social media platforms went one step ahead and awakened the love for buying in folks. Years ago we shopped at department stores or malls. But from the past few years with the influx of digitization, sitting in the confines of your home/office irrespective of time; to shop is a reality and a luxury. Ecommerce features enable us to complete any buying process in a jiffy.

Amazon is by far the biggest player in the Ecommerce realm followed by Alibaba, Myntra, Snapdeal, Flipkart and others. These are fundamental parts of one’s lives while malls and supermarkets are more like weekend getaways, hangouts for youngsters and selfie zones. You don’t have to spend hours on shopping now, you have a smartphone and it’s as good as done in minutes.

Ecommerce Features
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Having an Ecommerce mobile app can assist you target consumers all over the globe. Plethora of marketing activities are also taken care online. For business owners it has become imperative to have an Application to take care of sales online. And there are diverse options on how to go about building it. The future of ecommerce features are AI and VR.

Get your App ready with the latest features and enjoy the benefits of digitization. Firstly define the ecommerce features you need in your mobile application. Features would reflect your USP which will make commendable difference to your target audience. This would decide the growth of your brand value and revenue.

Here’s a list of ecommerce features that has got to be a part of any mobile app and you certainly cannot afford to miss these:

Simplified Registration Process

Customers don’t want to be put off by a lengthy and laborious process of registration. Some of them may just uninstall the App which goes on to have pages to complete the process. Remember folks are here to save time. Most people have Social Media accounts, this can be utilized to enable the sign up process and the login too can be executed within a couple of clicks. This would also help you to gain valuable information and preferences through their social media accounts.

Ecommerce Features
Top Reasons To Shop Online

Diverse Payment Options

It is imperative to have enough and more options to complete your online purchase with popular payment methods. E-Wallets, debit card, credit card, paypal and net-banking are few popular options to include. But it is all the more vital to try and cajole your customers to opt and utilize your in-built wallet.

Remember not to lose the race on the home stretch after doing everything else right. Ensure to have a smooth payment process and several options for payment available.

Push Notifications

Folks always need something or the other. There are needs and requirements for people all the time. It’s up to you to tap into this need of theirs. But how do you reach them, push notifications is the way.

Push notification is the most tried and tested method to keep in touch with your customers as well as to map your success. In fact the success of an ecommerce mobile app largely depends on the notifications that engage. Push notifications assist in imparting information on discounts, sales, promotions, new products, referrals, and special occasions. This would then go on to assist you to cross-sell and have order-bumps to garner higher margins/sales.

Ecommerce Features
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Social Media Integration

It is imperative to know where your target audience linger and then it’s vital to reach out to them right there. You are right, social media. Social media integration will not only ensure a one tap login, but it will also ensure that you are right there when your customer needs you. That is whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Pinterest. And having discounts or some special day sale will ensure it is shared immediately and extensively.

Can you think of a better fashion of marketing other than word of mouth and user-generated? An ecommerce app that can enable social media integration for an effective sale is known as Social Commerce.

Complete Synchronization

When you come up with an exciting discount or a sale or a special product, you want to be sure that it reflects to all your customers wherever they are. Therefore you have to ensure better time to market with all the necessary edits handled and readily available at both portals. This is where synchronization is the key. Ensure that your ecommerce website and application are synchronized.

Ecommerce Features
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Google Analytics

After the launch of your ecommerce business you need to keep a check on the proceedings and gauge your progress. An effective manner to get all necessary information is but of course through Google Analytics. You will have all the required answers and all the necessary metrics you are searching for from Google Analytics. Optimize the use of Google Analytics to get information on how your consumers find your website, where they come from, age group, the demography, and all this in real time.

Review & Rating

Always remember without accepting honest reviews making imminent progress is challenging. So do not fret or evade bad reviews or ratings. Always make it possible for clients to provide you with valuable feedback and reviews on your App.

You can never generalize the population, hence it’s imperative that your buyers come up with their version of wish-list and give true reviews and feedbacks of ecommerce features so that you have a holistic view of the situation. Have a positive approach to feedbacks and reviews- consider possible changes or improvements and get back to your consumers with thank you notes and the changes incorporated. This will make them realize your commitment to quality. And they will stick with your brand and promote it.

Wishlist Button

Wish-lists are great options to assist you to build a proper inventory. This is an imperative part of any ecommerce feature. Customers seek out certain products that may not be in your menu-list. But they need it. Hence consider it as an order placed.  Another important aspect of this feature is you also get to know the preference of your demographic / audience.

Ecommerce Features
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Easy Checkout

Always remember that all ecommerce features included is for this last act. Now you have to ensure he finds it easy to pay and complete the sale. After all the marketing activities, advertisements, offers, discounts and special sale days- you have to ensure that the client can walk through the final episode of completing the sale.

Do not end up with an abandoned cart. Construct the checkout process so that there is no ambiguity in the process. Make provisions to save card details and entail e-wallets effective with faster payment gateways. Clients do not want to have a prolonged billing process.

Conclusion Ecommerce Features

There are myriads of Ecommerce apps in the market. There is a need to create an USP to stand out of the crowd. The above said ecommerce features would assist your customers to manoeuvre through your site as a virtuoso.

The difficult part would be to get them to your site/app. Once that battle is won, then the ball is in your court to keep them engaged with what you have and what he needs. Have a customer-centric approach and make them seek you time and again. The ease with which they can complete a sale will work in your favour.

Value their time, money and verve they spend on your application. This is the crucial element to win over customers and keep them with you for good.

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