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EdTech startups have revolutionized the entire education industry through their innovative techniques.

EdTech is a combination of ‘education’ and ‘technology’, it is the process of analyzing, designing, developing, executing, and assessing the instructional environment, learning materials, students, and the learning process to enhance teaching and learning.

Edtech has made learning fun, easier, affordable, and accessible to all those who wish to learn. Finland edtech startups elevated learning habit among students to keep them abreast with their lessons via technology.

The pandemic pulled a rabbit out of the hat for EdTech startups. They gained popularity due forced locked-down in most nations and through their extraordinary technical features like virtual classrooms and more. They gave a new ray of hope when the world had come to a standstill.

These kinds of startups are passionate about technology and imbibe it to the advantage of all. They are creatively loaded with their out-of-box thinking. In addition to theoretical knowledge, they believe in enhancing students’ practical skills also.

Top Cities For Edtech Startups - Finland Edtech Startups

Top 5 Finland Edtech startups

The EdTech industry fills the void between the professional world and the education system. Finland Edtech startups, although not many years since their inception, are hungry to prosper in the coming future.

1.     HEI Schools

Welcome to HEI Schools

This Finland Edtech startups was founded on 13th December 2015, by Pilvi Torsti and Milla Kokko. It is headquartered in Helsinki, Southern Finland. HEI Schools provides cutting-edge educational solutions for kindergarten students and teachers based on Finland’s famous quality education system.

Their mission is to provide superlative early education to as many children and families around the globe.

       HEI business model

  • Focus on children imbibing early concepts of education in alignment with their developmental needs
  • Motivated by Finland’s national early education curriculum
  • Developing essential skills through real-life experiences and play
  • Built on research-based model in association with the University of Helsinki

      Monetization strategy

HEI Schools has 2 investors Practica Capital and Tesi. It has raised €3.1M. Its last funding round happened on 11th April 2021, from a Series A round.

2.     Kide Science

Kide Science - Home | Facebook

This Finland Edtech startups company was founded on 18th December 2017, by Aino Kuronen, Jenni Vartiainen, Sari Hurme-Mehtala. It’s located in Helsinki, Southern Finland. Kide Science curriculum is based on years of academic research that was carried out by the University of Helsinki.

The Kide Science platform offers an engaging education model to break the age old habits and give teachers the confidence to impart inquiry-based lessons that is a combination of play and stories to children in the age group of 3-8.

This year Kide Science has been recognized as the winner in the first Education Finland Awards. It has been awarded as the best Finnish education solution not only in Finland but also for international markets.

STEAM Science Lesson | Kide Science - Finland Edtech Startups

      Kide Science Business Model

  • A captivating story to set the stage
  • Illustrations to enchant little learners
  • Scientific clarifications for all the phenomena
  • Video directions for teachers
  • Lots of printouts

     Monetization strategy

It has 9 investors including and Tesi. Kide Science has raised  €3.7M. Its last funding round happened on 4th August 2022 from a Convertible Note round.

3.     Mightifier

Home | Mightifier | Finland edtech startups

Mightifier is a social-emotional learning process (SEL) and also provides in character development program. This is based on research that was carried out for more than a decade. It empowers teachers so that they can associate easily with students.

It was founded in 2015 by Mervi Pankalainen. It’s located in Espoo, Southern Finland. Mightifier provides a safe environment so that positive feedback can be practiced. This inspires students and workplaces to recognize the strengths in all to further develop it.

This multilingual strong application is easy to use and it gives teachers necessary insights about class well-being and social relationships.

Mightifier Business Model

  • SEL curriculum for K12 schools – in-class and distance learning.
  • Climate Resiliency Program
  • Professional Training
  • Includes training modules for teachers, step by step lesson plans for 12 weeks
  • Motivation and directing to deliver an impactful final project
  • Incorporating practical ways to manage emotions and start developing hope for tomorrow.

Online training programs are available on a collaborative platform enabling a motivating self-paced learning experience. Program-specific content is also available along with tailored training for your school/workplace.

Global Edtech Funding - Finland edtech startups

Monetization strategy

Mightifier has 2 investors Courage Ventures Management and xEdu. It has raised $250K.The last funding was done on 29th November 2016 from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

4.      Claned group

Claned Group - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

This is one of the most awarded Finland Edtech startups. It was founded by Antti Pasila, Vesa Perala in 2016. It is located in Helsinki, Southern Finland.

Claned is not the average online learning platform, but rather includes built-in learning design elements, which help to create better online courses. The course is developed in such a manner that it doesn’t matter if the learning happens entirely online or is hybrid type of education.

Claned also gathers learning data during every interaction on the platform which helps to understand and improve the effectiveness of your courses in real-time.

Their online learning platform supports all forms of digital learning such as corporate training, university courses, mult-inationals, or single course creators.

Claned Group Business Model

  • A digital learning platform with built-in learning design elements that intuitively suggests how to create better courses.
  • Gathers data automatically that occurs on the platform to enhance the effectiveness of the courses.
  • This platform supports all types of digital learning (corporate training, university courses, for large companies to single expert course creators)

Monetization strategy

Claned Group has 2 investors Ali Omar and SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator. It has raised $7.2M. It closed its last funding on 15th July 2017 from an Angel round.

5.     New Nordic school

Our Locations — New Nordic Schools - Finland Edtech Startups

This is reputed among Finland EdTech startup and is equipped with best practices from Finnish learning methods, curriculum. It was founded by Janne Jormalainen, Pia Jormalainen, Suzanne Perkowsky in January 2018 This Finland edtech startup provides inclusive, equitable education and promotes lifelong learning occasions.

New Nordic Schools professes purposeful learning to empower students so that they become active participants in the learning process.

By introducing a purpose to every stage of learning, students are encouraged put in all efforts. Their partner schools affiliated around the world take motivation from Finnish learning methods, pedagogy, notable curriculum, learning environs, and professional development so as to empower both students and teachers.

The New Nordic School provides necessary training, all tools, and support to set up an educational institution to ensure continuous improvement. Their schools around the world illustrate elements of Finnish educational practices such as future skills, school safety culture, modern edtech tools, and continuous development.

New Nordic School is located in Espoo, Southern Finland.

Edtech VC Investments World Over

New Nordic School Business model

  • New Nordic schools believe in purposeful learning that enables students to participate actively in the learning.
  • They provide assistance in starting future-proof schools around the world.
  • They provide Tools, training and support for setting up new school.
  • They ensure Quality education and facilitate learning opportunities for all.

A future-proof school bridges the gap between the school and the real world.

Elements of Future -proof school

  • Best practices from Finnish education
  • Empowering all by enhancing future skills and competencies
  • Promoting the culture of happiness and well being
  • Sustainability
  • Modern tools and edtech

Monetization strategy

New Nordic School has 2 investors Ali Omar and Ali Ömer Horzum. It closed its last funding round on Jan 4, 2020 from a Seed round. New Nordic School has raised $2.5M

Benefits Of Launching A Similar Business

  • Event though the world is grappling with new Covid variants EdTech industry is booming because education is imperative.
  • The newly released Finnish EdTech Report 2022 analyses the growing ecosystem of Finland EdTech companies.

Edtech is one of the key industries building the future that is recognized in Helsinki. If reports are to be believed, the global edtech market share crossed $17.7 billion in revenue in the year 2017 at tan annual growth rate of 18.3%.

Online School Software Online School Software - Finland Edtech Startups

 Conclusion: Finland Edtech Startups 

Things are changing at a rapid speed with digitalization in place. EdTech startups are the future. So we should embrace the change and give wings to our dream of having our own online classroom software with appscrip.

Appscrip online school software is fully customizable and can be tailor-made as per your requirements.

Finland Edtech Startups

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