Top 5 Finland Tech Startups: Taking On The World

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Startups are innovative hubs.

They are small companies that play a crucial role in boosting the economic growth of a country. These companies use revolutionary technology and ensure to generate employment in the region where they burgeon.

Startups are money-minting engines not only for the entrepreneurs who set them up, but also for shareholders and employees. The entire start-up conversation will be meaningless if we do not mention Finland. A country with a growing startup ecosystem followed by a range of Finland Tech startups that are bent upon gaining notable funding.

Finland is a country distinguished for its great natural beauty and is home to magical tales. But it is also reputed for the many new and growing businesses that have sprung up there. With a plethora of Finnish tech startups gaining significant funding, the country is turning into a growing startup ecosystem.

Finland tech startups

During a survey to rank the happiest nations in the world, Finland stood at number one. Finland is also known for the quality education they impart in their schools and colleges. Enviable education system, cleanest air and a push to help startups flourish provides a verdant environment for the nation to progress as a whole.

Top 5 Finland Tech Startups In Finland

Finland’s capital is Helsinki is regarded as a Nordic hub for innovation. Finland tech startups gave the world Nokia, Angry Birds and Wolt. The Finnish enthusiasm for progress and promotion for collaboration is a persuasive combination. This creates innovative ways of thinking and renewed ideas.

The European Union voted this Nordic wonderland in the year 2019 as the most digitally advanced nation.

Finland host events such as Slush that brings together Europe’s top and brightest in the startup ecosystem together. This helps in the sharing of ideas and inspires the present generation. This vibrant country is developing tech that will influence the future.

1.   CrediNord

Logo Credinord: Finland tech startups

CrediNord is a Finland tech startups working within the fintech industry supporting small and medium enterprises by lending them loans for business with the sole objective of growth.

Jan Forsbom, Jim Forsbom, Matias Peltoniemi and Roope Lindroos founded CrediNord on 1st April, 2019.

CrediNord is headquartered in Helsinki, Southern Finland.

There have been five funding rounds between July 2019 and December 2021 and €48.4M has been raised so far.

          Business model & Revenue Generation

Their business model allows them to offer flexible business loans to micro enterprises. This helps entrepreneurs solve their cash flow challenges.

  • Business loans from €1,000 to €100,000
  • Decision in an hour
  • No hidden cost only monthly installments
  • Flexible repayment alternatives
  • Money credited into your bank account on the same day
  • Repayment period 6-18 months

 2. | Finland tech startups

A technology company specializing in making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for fintech industries and to aid market research.

An online platform that enables its users to personalize their searches and helps them to find out who works in a specific industry. One can also get valuable insights about potential buyers, customers, suppliers, distributors accurately and quickly.

It can be used to analyze unfamiliar industries and enables businesses to understand the field they work in. Also, who they are up against, the leading businesses, and gives the total count of companies operating in the same sector.

Markus Vesala, Martin Kangasniemi, Muhammad Ammad-ud-din and Niko Nalli founded it in March 2021 with its headquarters in Helsinki.

With one funding round in January 2022, the company has earned $700K.

     Business model & Revenue Generation

An analysis platform that uses AI and machine learning for corporate valuations, benchmarking, market analysis, M&A screening.

It generates revenue by helping make decisions in real-time and by improving its forecasting capabilities.

3.    Color The Minds OY

Color The Minds Oy - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

A Finland tech startup company working closely with virtual reality in the education technology sector.

The company aims to make learning fun and easy to understand by using immersive technology. This enables students to participate fully in their education by learning through games to create stories and memories.

Color The Minds, inspire pedagogic content for the best experience and for improving academic performance.

The company was established in Finland in 2020 by Make Nguyen, Olli Kamunen and Thanh Bui with its headquarters in Espoo, Southern Finland.

The startup completed its first funding round in November 2020 and the second funding took place in March 2021. The company has raised €135K total in funding from both rounds.

          Business model & Revenue Generation

The company uses gamification as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to develop products that are fun. They also develop innovative apps, serious games, and educational games for customers, start-ups and international corporations.

4.     EVA Global

EVA Global | Verdane Portfolio Company Finland

The company was founded on Nov 16, 2017 with its headquarters in Tampere, Western Finland. The company was founded by Donald Hopper, Niina Hopper.

A technology start-up located in Finland it operates within the automotive, information technology, telecommunications and electric vehicles industries. They are also known as EVASolutionsGroup and EVAssist.

The company empowers people to travel in a more eco-conscious manner.  EVA Global closed its last funding round on Feb 17, 2022, from a Private Equity round.

Business model & Revenue Generation

The aims to power Availability, Accessibility, and Reliability

Their easy-to-integrate technology platform provides end-to-end services including asset management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance solutions to service desks.

The company helps its customers in managing their electric vehicle charger infrastructure and provides enhanced customer service to EV drivers.

5.    BroadBit Batteries

BroadBit Batteries - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

The company was founded in the year 2016 by Andras Kovacs and David Brown. BroadBit is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

The Finland tech startups company design and manufacture revolutionary new batteries using sodium-based chemistry to empower the future green economy. BroadBit is developing a high-power and low-cost battery capable of getting recharged in just 15 minutes.

The company has raised an amount of €3.3M by completing two funding rounds since 2015. The latest funding was on Dec 20, 2021, from a Grant round.

          Business model & Revenue Generation 

Broadbit batteries help in: –

  • Enhanced use time
  • Extended lifetime
  • Lesser cost
  • Better environmental friendliness
  • Expandable to any production volume

The company operates within areas such as hardware, manufacturing, battery, electronics, and renewable energy. It believes that technology can be used for electric vehicles, grid energy storage as well as portable electronics.

Finland tech startups

Conclusion: Finland Tech Startups

Finland is legendarily a happy nation. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in. The reasons that make Finland attractive are the amazing quality of life and a commitment to the environment. Being an eco-friendly nation gives them exceptionally clean air, and of course, there’s magical landscapes like fresh water lakes, astounding mountains and the Aurora Borealis.

We scoured this high-flying hub to find early-stage startups that we think are going to take off and spread wings this year. We narrowed down this list to 5 (not an easy task!) startups that were all founded after 2015.

Hence, the above mentioned are the Top 5 Finland tech startups contributing favorably and adding value to the country’s economy.

So, if you are dreaming to launch your own startup in the near future, then stop procrastinating and get a 15 minute free consultation from our experts and gain valuable knowledge and insight on how to go about it. We have the necessary expertise and experience to give wings to your dreams.

Finland Tech Startups

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