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Hungry and tired are tough combinations that seek some kind of resolution. In such a situation, food delivery apps in Finland comes to the rescue.

Their availability means unlocking convenience with regard to choice, price, and delivery. It’s fair to say that a majority of metros enjoy this convenience compared to folks in rural areas. However, innovative businesses are actively working to close this gap.

Advancement in technology has transformed the perception and working of many businesses around the globe. Its integration into any endeavor becomes the principal factor for any anticipated success. Unequivocally the food delivery industry tops key sectors for adoption in technology.

Food delivery revenue by country

In Finland, the food delivery industry witnessed unprecedented growth that was revolutionized by delivery services through virtual order management and exemplary delivery. Smartphone applications lowered costs and ushered in cozy meals at home with minimal physical contact.

This was brought about by innovative online ordering apps that birthed ghost kitchen business and get them running successfully.

5 Food Delivery Apps in Finland

In this modestly-sized country, many people prefer home delivery over other services even before being confined to their homes due to the pandemic. In 2019, 63% of the Finnish population chose to get deliveries home. User growth is rapidly increasing in the online food delivery segment.

By 2027, the user count is projected to reach 2.6 million. As of 2022, online food delivery platforms are set to earn a revenue of $253.20 million.

1.   Huuva

Huuva – Food delivery apps in Finland

Huuva is a Helsinki-based business. The platform makes it easy for users to explore cuisines and for their favorite food joints. It was founded in 2021 by Ville Lehto and Ville Leppälä. One can use Huuva to mix and match many types of cuisines from numerous restaurants and order them in one go via its seamless application which helps them to scale within new markets.

The virtual food court model adopted by the business has improved the quality of food delivery. As a business, Huuva aims to mix, match and deliver unique food items in one delivery. They also ensures that they are freshly prepared under the same roof by 3 to 6 restaurateurs. This has given consumers residing out of cities the luxury of choices.

The company has had 2 funding rounds. After its seed round in mid-2022, Huuva has been able to raise $6 million.

2.    Hesburger

 Hesburger on Wall of Fast Food Restaurant

Heikki Salmela started the story of Hesburger back in 1966 along with his wife, Kirsti. The entrepreneurs’ delicious menu of burgers, shakes, and more, found popularity in Turku among locals. Since the 1980s, the chain spread to 7 countries and 480 locations in total. Now, there are around 279 Hesburger restaurants in Finland alone.

This fast-growing business depends on customer service for its success. It has trained and employed around 5,400 Finnish employees. Hesburgers’ steady progress is evident due to its vast reach. In the Nordic country, it has become popular enough to give tough competition to universal giants like McDonalds’. In 2021, the thriving chain company made sales of $237.5 million in Finland.

3.   Wolt

Wolt logo + process on Behance

Few food delivery apps in Finland have made it to the top and remained there for a long time like Wolt has done. The quick and easy-to-use platform, Wolt was created in 2014. The Helsinki-based technology company was founded by Slush Miki Kuusi. Its valuable services like pre-ordering, contactless delivery, or restaurant support package are responsible for serving 100 million dishes to date.

The business has only been nearing its goal to build better delivery infrastructure. It caters to around 7 million users on a monthly basis.

Traffic & Engagement For Wolt
Traffic & Engagement For Wolt

Wolt has created a single space for customers, restaurant owners, and delivery agents and is strengthening the Finnish food delivery industry. The business’s total funding as of now is $822.5 million after raising millions from 9 funding rounds. In 2022, Wolt joined forces with DoorDash Inc. to further its operations.

4.   Foodora

Foodora png images | PNGEgg

One of the leading food delivery apps in Nordic countries, Foodora provides quick services. Founded in 2014 by Emanuel Pallua, Julian Dames, Konstantin Mehl, Manuel Thurner, Sergei Krauze and Stefan Rothlehner, Foodora operates in 3 countries and in more than 65 cities. The on-demand business is revamping the food delivery experience for foodies with at least 4000 riders and 9000 restaurants in tow.

Foodora is among those food delivery apps in Finland that offer food and grocery delivery. It makes convenience possible in major cities of Finland like Oulu, Turku, or Espoo. The company with the tagline ‘We deliver in minutes’ quick commerce business is a top choice among the Finnish population.

In 2015, Foodora was merged with Delivery Hero. Later in 2018, Delivery Hero was purchased by Takeaway. Today, Foodora operates as an arm of the Takeaway company.

5.   Munchi

Munchi - Food delivery apps in Finland

Munchi is a newly launched ecommerce system founded by Mario Henningson in 2022. This platform is built for restaurants by people from the tech industry and hence is different from its competitors. Made in the heart of Finland, Helsinki, it uses a combination of data, marketing, and new-age technology to maximize the ordering potential of restaurants.

Simply said, it systemizes and simplifies the process of serving delicious meals for restaurants and couriers in the Finnish food industry. With Munchi, diners can savor meals from the best restaurants in their local area and choose to either, dine in or get deliveries home.

The key difference between Munchi and many other platforms is the commission rate. While other delivery partners slam commissions as high as 35%, Munchi sticks to charging fairly. This way, both, the diners and restaurateurs experience a win-win situation. Recently, in 2022, the business had its pre-seed round and raised $101,000.

Food delivery forecast - Food delivery apps in Finland

Conclusion: Food Delivery Apps In Finland

As with every industry today, technology has become the backbone of the food delivery sector. With a few taps, customers and restaurants can communicate without physically exchanging a word. Delivery robots, recycling, and research-based systems are advancing this sector.

Along with innovation, business owners are adopting strategies like Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery and Platform-to-Consumer models to gain revenue.

In Finland, people utilize food delivery apps on a regular basis, and many of these apps have been around for years now. The pandemic caused these food delivery apps to be adopted by most people. Now takeout food services are increasingly in-demand after many folks and offices have imbibed work-from-home culture.

The development of restaurant tech systems causes a paradigm shift from dine-in to receiving deliveries in the comfort and safety homes. Food delivery services provide food and beverage delivery that satisfy any clients foodie needs at any location. Apps facilitate appropriate order management using real-time analytics and insights.

These help streamline ghost kitchen delivery systems and enhances profitability.

iDeliver Food delivery software

With an expected annual growth rate of 10.71%, the market volume may amount to $421.20 million by 2027. Entrepreneurs can introduce their food delivery apps in Finland and thrive with advantages like government support, business environment, and high levels of stability.

To say ‘Hei’ to a solid customer base, revenue stream, and a successful business, make your food delivery apps in Finland with Appscrip.

Food delivery apps in Finland

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