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Even though Spain is filled with amazing restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops, sometimes it’s just better to stay home and order in. Getting restaurant-style quality food delivered right to your door is an amazing luxury that everyone enjoys every once in a while.

Food Scene in Spain

Over the past two years placing food delivery orders has seen a rise in the urban areas such as Barcelona, Madrid, etc., than the rest of Spain.

As the consumption data is analaysed new patterns emerge showing the increase in demand for different cuisines such as Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian, African, Arabic. and affinity for sweet foods such as crepes. Italian seems to remain the most popular cuisine among the consumers. People are also increasingly ordering breakfast at home.

Day wise high demand for food orders is experienced on Sundays and holidays and also on days of important sporting events, among others.

There is an increasing demand for vegan food and sustainable products. All these are likely to shape the future food delivery apps in Spain market.

This article outlines the top food delivery platforms in Spain so you can start enjoying all the delicacies from this great country.

Let’s look at the top food delivery companies in Spain and gain an insight into how to order food in Spain.

food delivery apps in spain

Just Eat | Top Of The Food Delivery Apps in Spain

food delivery apps in spain

The name of this delivery company really says all you need to know. This is known as the best food delivery app in Spain. Spread across all of Spain it offers everything from Italian food to Indian food at very friendly prices as well. This is a great platform to support as they recently launched an aid package of over 600,000€ to support their partner restaurants during these times. The delivery service usually costs 2.5€.

Just Eat has one simple mission in mind, to simply let you eat! There’s no extra mumbo jumbo, no other features that might further confuse you while using the app.

Just type in your order and wait for it to come to you. Seems simple right? Albeit, too simple? Well, as the world of technology becomes too complex, it pays to be simple at times. With the Just Eat app, you can check out many places in Barcelona where you can order from, be it a paella place or one that specializes in tapas!


food delivery apps in spain Deliveroo

Launching their contact-less delivery, Deliveroo has not only a wide variety of eats and a great service, but they do it all while helping the environment. Delivery tends to be on bicycles, which is why the service costs a tad more. But hey, think of how much you’re helping the environment! Perhaps even saving a Kangeroo or two.

Develop a food delivery app in Spain

Uber Eats

food delivery apps in spain ubereats

Combining the idea of uber with delivery food was an ingenious idea. With an increasing amount of partnerships with restaurants, Uber Eats is becoming a go-to delivery service in Madrid. Considering the current situation in the city, Uber Eats has expanded beyond just food delivery in Madrid and has started offering to pick up important things for people from Pharmacies and supermarkets as well.

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Glovo | Motto: Be the fastest-growing food delivery company in every market

food delivery apps in spain GLovo

The best of the online food delivery in Spain is Glovo which is a unique delivery system that will not only bring food to your door but other items you’ve online as well. This augurs well for the current times we live in. The platform works with independent couriers/freelance drivers to guarantee that your orders come to you as soon as possible.

For full transparency, they’ve also publicized all the health and safety information they have their staff follow to ensure everyone feels safe and secure using their services.

Around the time Deliveroo launched in Spain, Glovo dramatically shifted focus to win in food delivery. Today, 85% of Glovo’s orders in Europe are for food.

Getting the timing right is crucial — Glovo won’t enter a country where there are already two dominant players  If they went to the UK it would be super tough or impossible to become one of the main food delivery companies. It’s a snowball effect; as they don’t have the volume, and they won’t be able to reach the top chains or restaurants which doesn’t give much growth.

La Pájara | An Upcoming Alternative to Deliveroo, Glovo and Uber Eats

CoopCycle is the European collection of co-ops offering food delivery by bike. The Madrid division goes by the name of La Pájara from which you can directly order food. This is a Spanish food delivery app that you can install on the iPhone or Android app on your phone.

Their list of restaurants is small—just 14 establishments—and likely to grow with your support. Even still, they offer a wide diversity of cuisine: Italian pizza, French bistro bowls, Mediterranean fusion, and many vegan and gluten-free options.

For a delivery price of just €3.50 within Madrid’s center, there’s no excuse to not choose these guys. La Pájara has now stabilised at around 300 users, with 150 orders per month from 13 partner restaurants.

Spain has great potential for the food delivery business. To tap into the immense potential of this market we can help you build a food delivery app that will be tailored to the food-loving people of Spain.

Appscrip has developed several apps for the European continent and we have the necessary expertise to deliver the best food delivery app for Spain.

Just 15 minutes of your time to consult with our CEO will set you on track.

Food Delivery app development in spain

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