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The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise for most delivery apps such as grocery, food, meat, flower, and alcohol delivery.

These apps were slowly but surely making a foray into people’s lives even before the lockdown shut everyone in their homes.

This situation has given rise to a plethora of grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar as people are sticking to this convenience. Hence many businesses have been launched delivery services in various domains. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic made delivery services a necessity, post-Covid, consumers prefer to continuing with this convenience. 

Grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar are beneficial as it has reduced the number of items that are purchased by consumers while ordering online or what is consumed at homes. Health experts have also noticed that access to high-fat food options have gone down as people order responsibly online.

Grocery Delivery apps in Gibraltar

During a shopping spree customers would pass aisles of tempting foods and end up buying them. But, consumers reported that delivery service led to them making healthier choices.

Introduction: Grocery Delivery Apps In Gibraltar

While participants during a study in Gibraltar reported that when there is an option of home grocery delivery service, it decreased that impulsive buying.

Therefore the good news is when you have grocery delivery you plan and purchase only that which you need, but in a shopping spree you spend a load of time and buy goods that aren’t healthy and you over-shoot your budget.

Thanks to grocery delivery, you can now fill your fridge with fresh, healthy food within an hour. Consumers can get delivery of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, cheese and usual pantry staples.

Benefits Of Grocery Delivery Apps For Store Owners & Customers

  1.   Flexible payment options for customers
  2.  Businesses can understand the consumers’ psychology
  3.  Inventory management options allow greater profits
  4.  Pay less to wholesalers and earn more from consumers
  5.  Stay ahead in the competition
  6.   Businesses can now offer more discounts thereby attract more customers while increase retention of clients.
  7.   Saves time for consumers and is cost-effective
  8.   Easy-to-navigate applications
  9.   Businesses are able to predict what customers can purchase
  10. Using photos and voice for smart search
  11. Businesses can also now suggest customers what to purchase.

A recent study construed that grocery delivery apps are likely to grow more than two-fold as people love the convenience it offers. This is because the customers save time, effort and money while ordering items online.

The number of US adults who say they order groceries online for delivery on a monthly basis has almost doubled. It has increased from 11% in 2019 to 23% today. Worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5.5 trillion this year.

Rapid delivery - Grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar

5 Popular Grocery Delivery Apps In Gibraltar

The market size of the Online Grocery Sales industry is $32.7 billion. This indicates a bright future for Grocery delivery apps around the world. Therefore, people who are interested in a similar kind of business should take a page out of other businesses on how to improve their services.

Find below 7 popular grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar.

1.  NomNoms

Revenue: <$5 Million

NomNoms is Gibraltar’s fastest and friendliest grocery and food delivery service. They ensure to make express delivery within the reach of everyone in Gibraltar. NomNoms is the fastest grocery delivery app in Gibraltar as well as the most favored by the general populace.

NomNoms was founded in the year 2014 by Lisa Sohanpal. It closed its last funding round on Dec 18, 2019, from a Pre-Seed round. NomNoms has been operating in Gibraltar for some time now even though they are headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom.

Offers & Promotions

  1.  NomNoms Loyalty Program – You get free delivery on your 6th order with loyalty stamps are offered when you spend more than $20 on an order.
  2.  NomNoms Early Bird Offer – This requires you to spend $20 and avail free delivery on all orders made before 11 am.

NomNoms has 2 investors Lombardstreet Ventures and SFC Capital

 Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

Through delivery charges (which is usually a flat charge) and convenience charges.

2.    Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey is among the best grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar and has been operating for around 7 years now. Hungry Monkey is among the top grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar. They also offer takeaway and online ordering.

Ordering is made easy on their app which has a unique UI. Mat Caldwell founded Hungry Monkey during November 2015 in Gibraltar. It is a leading takeaway and food ordering app that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

          Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

Hungry Monkey earns revenue via delivery fees and convenience charges.

3.   Morrisons

Morrisons is also rated among the top grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar. It offers a host of products including fresh fruits and vegetables of high quality that are available at reasonable prices. It is the fourth-largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.

The company was founded in 1899, in Bradford, United Kingdom. The founder is William Morrison. The company has 497 supermarkets across England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as few in Gibraltar.

On 23rd March 2011 Morrisons invested in another grocery delivery entity  FreshDirect. Now with this investment – Venture Round – FreshDirect – has been valued at $50 Million.

Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

They earn money through delivery fees and convenience charges.

4.      EROSKI

Eroski was initially founded in 1969 in the regions of Biscay and Gipuzkoa in Spain. They were founded as a co-operative between ten supermarkets operating in that region. Eroski is now made up of 440 new generation shops, 24 hypermarkets and 418 supermarkets. They are growing at an average rate of 7% in sales.

The Basque supermarket chain houses the Eroski Center in the capital of Gibraltar – Westside and there are totally 3 Eroski Centers in Gibraltar.

Eroski offers customers the comfort of shopping from the comfort of their home and avail cheaper options using the Eroski Online Supermarket. EROSKI offers a variety of food, beverages, and household products. It also stocks thousands of Waitrose products.

What began off as a brick and mortar outlet with these 4 stores, have now expanded into an online offering via their website. They have two websites – the Eroski website and the Hungry Monkey website (which is a part of the same group). Eroski offers quality goods at reasonable prices.

Their wide range of offering include products from Spain and the U.K that are sourced locally or imported from Waitrose and Partners on an exclusive basis.

 Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

EROSKI’s latest funding round was from Acq–Fin on 29th March 2021. Turnover of Eroski is stable at 2,965 million Euros. It operates on an employee-consumer ownership model.

5.   Supermercados Dia

This company was founded in 1979 by Carlos Osoro. It has its headquarters in Las Rozas, Spain. Dia is a Spanish multinational supermarket and the largest franchise company in Spain. It is also the fourth-largest grocery delivery entity in Europe. It is one of the top grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar.

Supermercados El Arbol’s latest funding round was acquired on July 1, 2014

 Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

It makes money from the stock market without investment.

6.   Bonfood Ltd

It is a food and beverage company offering food, fruits, veggies, and beverages fresh and daily. It has its headquarters in Gibraltar and was incorporated on 26th September 2022.

 Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

They earn money through delivery fees and convenience charges.

7.    Mr. Moo- The Premium Butcher

It offers premium dry-aged meats, lamb, pork & poultry which are of the highest quality. It was founded in November 1853. It is a reliable delivery service in Gibraltar. It is considered to be the number one choice for meat lovers who are looking for premium quality meats.

 Business Model, Monetization & Revenue Generation

They earn money through delivery and convenience charges.

Conclusion: Grocery Delivery Apps In Gibraltar

Rapid delivery app valuations

A typical grocery app imitates the functioning of a regular brick and mortar store. A grocer lists all the groceries he has on the app which attracts buyers. The customer checks out the app, orders all the items, makes payment and provides the delivery location.

After the company sources all the products that the customer has ordered, they deliver it to the location the customer has requested.

With few clicks on one’s phone, you can order almost anything without much effort. This has affected the buying patterns of customers. During a survey it was noticed that grocery delivery reduced the urge of unwanted purchase. Moreover, the Gen X is more inclined to inculcate technology in their way of life.

Therefore, they want to experience new technological developments rather than stick to the same monotonous way of living.

Are grocery delivery apps like Big Basket, Amazon Pantry & Nature’s Basket motivating you to showcase the best of your entrepreneur skills? Entrepreneurs have an able product from Appscrip – called Grocer.

Grocery Software Solution
Grocer – Grocery Software Solution

So get in touch with us and use the white labelled grocery software solution, brand it as per your requirement and include any features you feel is important and launch it in quick time.

Grocery delivery apps in Gibraltar

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