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Cleanliness will always be a necessity that will never go out of style!

Having a clean living and working environment is not only important for practical reasons, but research and statistics show that it has a positive impact on mental health too. The cleaning service industry is amplifying with each passing day, majorly because of this reason! 

Within the cleaning industry, there are businesses and opportunities aplenty across diverse markets, such as home cleaning services/ residential cleaning, speciality cleaning services for windows and floors, and commercial cleaning.

Cleaning Industry: Statistics & Trends

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An earlier forecast predicted that the industry will earn over $46 billion dollars in 2020, and grow 10% by 2026. Currently, more than 1.7 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. It is still forecasted to spur a 6% year-on-year growth in new jobs – thanks to the high demand. This industry is very popular, especially amongst the single-person households that make up 27% of the US population.

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The Future Of The Cleaning Industry

From new technology to the economy, several factors play a role in shaping the future of the cleaning industry. Here are the latest trends/ factors that have the greatest impact.

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Home Cleaning Services Is Growing Bigger & Better

  • Residential Or Home Cleaning Services has been predicted to hit $40.38 billion by the year 2025.
  • Commercial Cleaning  Services is the second most promising and profitable segment of the industry both in terms of market share and growth. It captured a whopping 27% of the market share in 2019.
  • Speciality Cleaning Services is known to be a recession-proof business.
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services is definitely that business where customers come back most frequently, especially when it becomes a part of their lifestyle. 

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Cleaning Service Industry | An Overview Of The Business Models

Sole Trader | Pros

  • Complete Privacy- no requirement to make any information public.
  • Profit Retention-  can retain all profits after taxes.

Cleaning Business | Pros

  • Sale Value- a limited company is more likely to be valued higher and be easier to sell on.
  • Tax Rates- with the help of a good accountant, a limited business can be far more efficient at organizing and managing its taxes and liabilities.

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Franchise | Pros

  • Brand- a franchise will have a known name and reputation. As a start up franchise there will be a wealth of marketing, sales and business advice to refer to, learn from and use to promote the business.
  • Buying Power- a franchise will have more bargaining power and persuasion than a private business, when buying cleaning supplies, office supplies etc., due to its volumes and potential volumes of business.

Cleaning Agency | Pros

  • Easy Self Employment- the process to join a cleaning agent is very quick.
  • Insurance- the maid will be insured by the cleaning agent whilst working on assignment.

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5 Must Have App-Features Your Cleaning Service Business

Apps automate what used to be time-consuming and tedious administrative tasks surrounding the home cleaning services. Digital mobile systems can:

  • Facilitate appointments
  • Monitor the location of the support team
  • Identify equipment and products needed for the mission at hand

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The Specialized Apps & Software Makes Everything Easy & Lightning-Fast

Mobile app development has become extremely important for the business owners of every genre. More than 85 percent of users of the world wide web are mobile users. And 70 percent of them prefer to follow mobile trends and use apps. 

The cleaning business is growing at a rapid pace these days. A thorough knowledge on the importance of mobile apps can help entrepreneurs to grow and prosper in this niche. 

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A Few Other Application Functionalities That Are A Must!

  • Two accounts, for users & employees
  • The option of displaying active workers on the map & hiding inactive workers
  • Income reports option (for employees)

home cleaning services

For your cleaning service business, consider dedicating the task of development and deployment of an app to the experts. 

home cleaning services

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