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Confused about what features to add to your hotel booking app. Looking for out-of-the-box advanced hotel booking app features like VR and in-app navigation. What are your hotel booking competitors’ USPs? 

Remember those days when we used to call some 20 hotels before going on a vacation. We had to enquire amongst our friends about the hotel, its facilities and then finally check it when we arrived.Hotel booking booking app features

Just thinking about it gives anxiety about how we handled all this fuss. Thanks to the internet, smartphones, and mobile apps, life is much simpler now. 

Gone are those days when travelers have to book vacation home rentals after reaching destinations. The travel and hospitality industry is booming because of the increase in online hotel booking

Hotel booking app features

Customers have hotel booking app features like,

  • Checking details of the hotels
  • Pictures of rooms
  • Various services being offered
  • Make comparisons to get the best deal within their budget.

We even have sites to compare hotels on all popular sites on a single platform. 

The drastic change in how we book hotels and the convenience of mobile apps, in turn, has helped the tourism industry grow too.

Why Invest On Better Hotel Booking App Features?

We cannot make assumptions and conclude about the popularity of hotel booking app features adding to the growth of the hospitality and travel industry.

The stats suggest a positive growth in online hotel booking sales since 2014.

“It is expected that the industry would contribute around $817.54 billion by the year 2020”

That’s almost doubling the sales of 2014, which accounted for $470 billion. 

hotel booking online statistics


Another research by Criteo showed us which devices hotels must be focusing on online hotel booking. 

  • 80% of the hotel bookings are done via mobiles. 
  • 45% of bookings for online travel agencies are through mobiles.
  • The conversion rate on mobiles is around 5 times higher than on the web. 

These statistics clearly indicate that hotel booking apps are going to be the primary source for customers to book and stay.

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Hotel Booking App Features | The Must-haves

advanced searchSearch 

Customers choose hotels on various parameters such as, 

  • Destinations – City or address
  • Date – check-in and check-out dates 
  • Number of people- adult or kids
  • Information on carrying pets
  • Number rooms availability

hotel booking app features

Booking and Cancellation

The booking process post choosing the accommodation can be simplified through easy and safe payment options like credit/debit, Paypal, Braintree, etc. 

Cancellations can be complicated when done in-person with hotel owners. Through easy cancellation policies set on the hotel booking app, it’s convenient for customers to cancel their bookings. 

View Accomodation 

Customers always need previews of their accommodation before placing their bookings. This hotel booking app feature can provide an overview of images like a pool view, room status, photo gallery, suggestions, maps, and social media buttons.

User Account 

Here is where the user’s personal information is stored. Users can check their booking history, wish list, chosen language, and currency. 

Hotel Account 

Hotels can fill detailed information through this account. Options to add basic information, available rooms, offers, deals, and discounts can make it easier for the hotel owners. 

push notoficationsPush Notifications

An important feature for marketing teams to promote hotel bookings. They can send alerts to the app users, inform about discounts, and plenty more. 

hotel booking app features

instant messengerInstant Messenger

To get more clarity and surety on their bookings customers and hotel owners can interact via in-app messengers. Customers can enquire about their booking status, exclusive deals, personalized tips, and additional requirements during the stay. This gives a personalized experience to customers.

crm integratedCRM Integration

As hospitality is all about customer experience, having CRM technology within the hotel booking app features can ensure your customer feels at home. 

ratingRating and Feedback 

The management of hotels and rooms can be assessed through ratings from customers. A feedback form embedded within the app can also help customers evaluate reviews on the hotel before booking.

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Third-party Integrations To Hotel Booking App Features 

taxi appTaxi App

Users can book taxis and cabs within the app itself. 

in-app navigation hotel booking app feature


in-app navigationIn-app Navigation

Google maps and Apple maps can be integrated into the app for customers to easily find locations during a trip. 

weather forecastWeather Forecast

A third-party app like Google weather can be integrated to get live updates of the weather forecast and plan their trips accordingly. 

guideCity Guide

A personalized virtual guide to impart quality experience while traveling across new and unknown places. 

reviewsRating-Review API

App owners can collaborate with top hotel rating sites like Trip Advisor and integrate their API so that users can read ratings from reviews within the app itself. 

Additional Advanced Hotel Booking App Features

Personalized Planner 

This feature helps users not only in booking their hotels but also in planning their entire trip by providing relevant places depending on their choices. 

Recommendation Search Engine

A special “recommended for you” search engine acquires all information from the user’s search history and suggests hotels. This helps in personalizing requests of customers and increases in-app engagement

virtual reality for hotel booking


Virtual Reality For Viewing Rooms 

Users can view hotels and rooms through 360-degree photos, immersive videos, and virtual 3D tours. 

Analytics Dashboard

Hotel owners can make informed decisions by evaluating the customer dashboard and hotel dashboard. This facilitates real-time decision making

analytics dashboard as hotel booking app feature


Loyalty Programs

Rewards and referrals can be great incentives for customers and it motivates them to promote your hotel booking app. You can even provide reward points that can be redeemed later and personalized discount offers. 

Hotel booking apps constantly need innovation in this ever-changing industry. Your mobile development partner should provide these above hotel booking app features and analyze from time to time to improve the online hotel booking experience. 

hotel booking app features

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