Impact Of Programming Languages On Social Media Platforms

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Programming is a set of instructions that software follow.

Technology has helped in the evolution of social media due to the availability of various software, programming languages, telecom networks, and social networks. Social media can play an dynamic role in making any business successful due to the expansive reach it can muster.

The impact of programming languages on social media choices or its performance and scalability of social media platforms are understandable. Social media platforms are powerful tools that can enhance your company’s social presence in the market and to the target audience.

Therefore it is obvious that programming languages play an important role in the development of social media platforms.

Are you trying to fathom the potential impact of programming language choices on the performance and scalability of social media platforms? Then this blog is for you. The world of code is expanding with newer technologies.

New methods are gaining ground to solve old and persistent problems. The time has come to explore new opportunities that programming languages provide.

What Is A Programming Language?

A programming language instructs computers what has to be done. Also, it can be used to control the behaviour of a machine, specifically a computer. Most programming languages are text-based formal languages, but they can be graphical too.

Programming languages allow users to interpret human-executed commands into a format that computers can understand and perform. Programming language has a set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer to execute specific tasks.

Some well-known programming languages are Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, and C#.

Programming Languages Performance & Social Media Scalability

Both C and C++ are considered high-performance languages. Java-built applications are easy to scale. Java language has got speed and is fast executing like C/C++. Performance can be improved by buying faster servers or adding more servers.

Both C and C++ are widely used in programming. C and C++ developers use compilers for a wide variety of platforms and developing applications in these languages make them largely transportable.

Scalability measures a system’s ability to increase or decrease performance and cost in response to changes in application and system processing demands.

Impact Of Programming Languages On Social Media

The enormous amount of content and resulting network traffic gives rise to scalability issues for social networks, such as handling thousands of users, infrastructure management, internal traffic, content dissemination, and data storage.

Scalability is the ability to handle large amounts of work under heavy load. This is done by providing more resources to solve a problem. A scalable programming language can manage complex programs easily.

Social Media Platform Performance & Programming Languages

Programming languages play a critical role in the development of social media platforms. To execute the front-end part of the social media app, it’s better to use either JavaScript or TypeScript programming language.

The backend components of social media networks can be built in any programming language, be it Java, JS, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js. Although, Java is universal due to its: JVM, high popularity, high scalability, and cross-platform usage.

Programming languages are the foundation of an app. They work as backend development tools. Coding ability is a skill mandatory for app development as programming languages rely on it.

Everything depends on how well the language of an app functions. Hence, it is imperative to select a programming language that fits the goal and purpose of the app.

Programming Language Considerations For Social Media Platform Scalability

Learning to code can enhances problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. You now approach tasks logically and systematically. Coding is also a great tool for creativity, enabling you to build and design your own projects or websites.


1.    Java

Java - Impact of Programming languages on Social media

The main reason behind choosing this language is it ensures speed to websites. Being platform-independent due to Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it does not require a compiler to become readable on any platform.

Moreover, these languages are chosen by the companies whose objective is to indulge high-traffic websites that aim to grow.

Another reason that makes java beneficial for social site developers is its comprehensive development ecosystem. There is a big community of developers resulting in excellent documentation.

2.    PHP

PHP: Impact of programming languages on social media platforms

It is a powerful and immensely popular programming language tool among websites designed to build dynamic and interactive web pages.  PHP is an exceptional social networking software. Major social media like FB, and Pinterest use PHP.

Facebook kick-started as a PHP website. At present, Facebook is using Hack which is a customized dialect of PHP. Another social media platform, Vkontakte designed their own PHP version -KPHP in order to enhance the performance of their website. It is much more productive than HACK.

3.     Python

The Python Logo | Python Software Foundation

This programming language is very responsive, easy, and potentially a general-purpose language that is ideal for web development. The Python language is used by several reputed online properties such as Pinterest, Reddit, Tumbler, and YouTube.

The language, however handles only the backend of the social network. Frontend part has to be handled separately.

4.     Ruby On Rails

Ruby on rails - Impact of programming languages on social media development

It is a scripting language built for frontend and backend web development. This language is unique as it covers both the frontend and backend. Therefore if you are a Ruby on Rails developer you can count yourself as full stack professional.

Ruby on rails a robust, dynamically typed, object-oriented language. This is used for building high-performance web platforms.

Ruby on Rails uses a concise amount of code, which makes it simpler to find and rectify any errors. It is the most convenient option for programming a wide variety of tasks for a web application.

5.    Ruby

Ruby-logo - Ruby On Rails Png - Free Transparent PNG Clipart ...

It is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms. It was built with the objective of programming productivity and simplicity.

In the present situation, AI-powered applications are making their presence felt. Therefore it becomes significant for a programming language or framework to be ML-friendly.

This could be a probable reason why some developers claim Ruby as outdated, as Ruby is not designed for Machine learning

6.    JavaScript

Javascript - Impact of programming languages on social media development

It is extensively used as a programming language to create dynamic and interactive web content like applications and browsers. It is used as a client-side programming language by 97% websites.

JavaScript is a lightweight, flexible, versatile, interpreted compiled programming language built for creating network-centric applications. Moreover, it empowers users to load content into a document without reloading the entire page.

7.    .NET

Developers have used this programming language to create some amazing social media platforms. It is a framework designed by Microsoft. .NET was developed to build applications that could run on the Windows platform.

This programming language could be used to develop Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Web services. This includes libraries, language, and tools that support modern, scalable, and high-performance software development.

8.    Perl

perl logo png 10 free Cliparts | Download images on ...

It is well known for being faster than most new languages and producing stable code. It is excellent at creating dynamic web pages. It is used for system administration, networking, and other applications that involve user interfaces.

Perl is one of the oldest programming languages and it is also among the top-paying technologies. You may feel Perl is defunct, but if you have Perl experience, there will be people who seek you.

Perl is not going to lose its prominence soon. This is even though it may not be trendy as other programming languages of the modern era. One reason being it is used in production codebases by many reputed firms.

It is also used for diverse tasks such as web crawling, web development, databases access, or log analysis. The core component of most unix-like systems falls on Perl.

9.   Node JS

File:Node.js logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Speed is the biggest advantage of Node JS programming language. Node JS is fast while reading and writing data to and from the disk. It can manage all the requests one after the other without influencing the UI.

Node. js is a popular programming language to build high-scale applications that support multiple concurrent requests. Single-threaded non-blocking I/O makes it the perfect choice for real-time and data streaming applications.

In traditional server-side languages, like PHP, Java, and Python, the server will hold back until the read/write operation is complete.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Programming Language For  Social Media Development

The correct selection of a programming language will provide apt results. The right programming language ensures easy debugging, easy to extend, easy to document, and easy to fix.

Best practices for choosing the right PL for a SM platform project in order to ensure optimal performance and scalability, including factors such as performance, scalability, and compatibility with other technologies.

Programming languages used to vary in the performance and scalability of social media platforms. Developers need to choose the right language to meet their specific performance and scalability goals.

Selecting the right programming language could be a difficult task. Hence, it is suggested to take into consideration your objectives before selecting a programming language. Are you looking to build a mobile app? Or interested in web apps?

Programming Language Performance & Social Media Scalability

Programming language selection should be based on factors like performance, scalability, security in enterprise applications, and compatibility with other technologies. No single language is the best option.

Factors to be considered while choosing a programming language:

1.   Targeted platform

The platform on which the program runs is important. For instance, when a program is written in C, it would be effective if it runs on Windows or Linux platforms.

As it would need platform compilers and two different executables. On the contrary with Java, the program can run on any machine provided a Java Virtual Machine is installed.

2.    Elasticity of a Language

Involves the addition of a new set of features or the use of an existing library to add new functions.

3.    Time to Production

The time taken to make a program go live after the code production is completed is the time to production. It largely depends on the size of the code. The smaller the code, the lesser the time taken to go live.

4.    Performance

Language performance matters when the target environment doesn’t offer scope for scaling. The best example of such an environment is handheld devices.

5.    Purpose

One should consider the objective of the programming language. A business-oriented programming language like COBOL is the best if one wants to build commercial applications. For scientific application development, it is best to use a scientific-oriented language like FORTRAN.

Object-oriented language is best for web-based application development. For system program development, a middle-level language like C should be selected.

6.    Experience of the programmer

A programmer should select the language he is more comfortable and conversant with when there is more than one programming language available. Choose the one in which you are more experienced.

7.    Easy Maintenance

Develop programs using the language you are most comfortable with. Although there is a choice for object-oriented languages over procedural-oriented languages. The idea is that code developed in object-oriented languages can be reused and maintained easily.

8.    Efficiency

Efficiency is an imperative when choosing a programming language for social media platform development. Choose the language in which the programs can be developed and implemented rapidly.

Furthermore, the language which needs less amount of memory for the storage of programs should be chosen.

9.    IDE Availability

A strong Integrated Development Environment plays an imperative role in enhancing the productivity of a programmer. A language with an IDE of well-supported development, debugging and compilation tools should be opted.

10.   Checking Errors

This includes finding errors in a program and the reasons behind them. Choose a programming language that contains efficient error-handling features. They are imperative in the development of error-free programs.

Then the task of code development and testing becomes easier. This is happens when undertaken with a programming language with efficient and robust error detection. Java is the best example of it. The language provides an efficient error-handling mechanism.

This feature in Java programs is used to handle the unexpected errors that occur during the implementation of a program.

Potential Impact Of Using Multiple Programming Languages In A Single Social Media Platform  

Pros are: –

  1. Improved loading speed of websites
  2. More alternatives for database connectivity
  3. Huge collection of open-source add-ons
  4. Economical website hosting
  5. Good flexibility and combinability
  6. Various advantages provided by cloud solutions.
  7. Great partnership with HTML
  8. Additional tools to get the work done
  9. Strong ecosystem.
  10. Friendly and easy 

Cons are: –

  1. Difficult to locate mistakes in a program written in Machine Language.
  2. Writing a program in a machine language is time consuming and prolonged.
  3. Database Access Layers of programming are underdeveloped like Python programming language
  4. Design restrictions in some languages like Python
  5. Programming languages like Python are weak in Mobile Computing and Browsers
  6. Speed limitations
  7. Some languages like JavaScript have broken semantics.
  8. Some programming languages like C++ & C# are very complex

The reason for using multiple programming languages is that different problems need different tools to solve them. Each programming language has certain features that make it appropriate for completing specific tasks.

Importance Of Programming Language Optimisation

Language optimisation makes the coding easier and shorter than with a general-purpose programming language. The process of changing a software system to make some aspect of it work more efficiently or use little resources.

The computer program is optimized so that it implements more rapidly. Also, to make it more capable of operating with little memory storage or drawing less power.

Programming Language Trade-Offs In Social Media Platform Development

We have gone through the features of a few programming languages like C++, Java, C, and Pascal. It was observed that there are usually a few trade-offs. It is between the features offered by these languages.  Some of them are below: –

  • Programming knowledge Vs. desired language
  • Codebase and Availability of libraries Vs. A specific language
  • Simplicity of the language Vs. Power of the language
  • Low Run-time Costs Vs. Ease of debugging
  • Execution Speed Vs. Ease of use

Programming Languages Used In Popular Sites


Website Monthly Unique Visitors (Millions) Front-end (Client side) Back-end (Server side)
Google 2,500 Javascript, typescript C, C++, Java
Facebook 1120 Javascript HACK, PHP
You Tube 1,100 Javascript, typescript C, C++, Java
Yahoo 750 Javascript PHP
Twitter 290 Javascript C++, Java
LinkedIn 260 Javascript Java, Javascript
Pinterest 250 Javascript Python (Django)
Amazon 2,400 Javascript Java, C++, Perl 

Conclusion: Impact Of Programming Languages In Social Media

Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions to transmit data to computers. Software such as operating systems, applications, and games, are run by programming languages.

There are many programming languages, and each language allows users to write instructions in a different ways. Low-level languages are quite similar to machine code. High-level languages contain words like “run” and “object” which are similar to traditional language.

Developers may write code in an IDE or text editor and then compile it into machine language.

Programming is the future and will continue to be the way forward. In this fast-evolving business world, appscrip has been a ray of hope for startups and top brands. Empower your business with our digital expertize by customising features as per your requirements.

Impact of programming languages On Social Media

Disclaimer: The Blog has been created with consideration and care. We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date.

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