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Instagram had taken the world of apps by storm with its release in 2010, and today is one of the top-grossing apps in the world. The intuitive menus of Instagram, along with its filters and effects helped its popularity and acquisition by Facebook in 2012 for almost a billion dollars. The original founders of Instagram are obviously enjoying the good life now!

This leads us to imagine the sort of power and money involved in an Instagram-Like app today. Entrepreneurs and Start up’s today just need an idea to build on and the world’s your oyster! The number of Instagram Inspired apps in the market is huge and includes:

1. Hipstamatic: Adds on Superior Vintage Effects to a basic Instagram to make the app a success!

2. Flipagram: Uses the same concept of Instagram, just enabling users to make short photo-video stories instead of just photos and that tweak has made it rise to the top 100 apps in the Apple Store today!

3. Snapseed: This Instagram Alike adds rich and complex photo editing features thus giving the user a plethora of final touches to choose from.

4. Pixlr-o-Matic: What Pixlr-O-Matic stands out with is the fact that the end picture may have over 2 million effect permutations! Spend your life on this and you may still be left with more effects!

5. Fancred: The ultimate photo-sharing app for the Sports fan, this adds the sports angle to the usual Instagram. A must-have for every sports fanatic!

This list is certainly non-exhaustive and it thus shows us the power of an Instagram like app today! Small and interesting tweaks done to the basic Instagram framework can result in a radically new app which can be path-breaking in today’s app boom.
Appscrip is one such Start-Up which is enabling entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them, Appreneurs, to make it big in the world of apps without any prior technical experience. We provide you with the complete working framework of Instagram and then with our Custom Mobile App Development, you can easily make your app stand out in the crowd and stand out as, perhaps, the next tech millionaire!

Check out this video of Pic-O-Gram, our exclusive Instagram clone!

Drop us a message at Appscrip if you think you may have the next groundbreaking Social Photo Sharing Idea and we will make it our priority to give your entrepreneur journey a headstart!

We build Appreneurs!


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