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Is Cannabis Illegal In Cyprus? Well, in Cyprus, there are three distinct classifications for drugs. drugs assigned a classification of A, B, or C. Hemp seed oil and cannabis flower are also considered class B substances. In 1977, cannabis was designated as a Class B substance under the Controlled Substances Act and the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. In terms of potential harm, class A pharmaceuticals are the worst and class C drugs are the safest. However, the repercussions of drug use and possession are universal.

Is Cannabis Illegal In Cyprus?

An individual who is convicted of possession on a personal level in Cyprus must also face complicating circumstances.

Class A Drugs: Up to 12 years jail term

Class B drugs: Up to 8 years jail term

Class C drugs: Up to 4 years jail term

Typically, narcotics enforcement will take a suspect to the local police station to collect evidence such a statement, fingerprints, and/or a confession. The suspect is detained for the night, subjected to minimal interrogation, and then released before being summoned to court the following day, where a judge will likely impose a fine of between 400 and 1000 Euro for a first offense (depending on the amount of cannabis illegal in Cyprus found and severity of the case). A lower fine can be obtained by being cooperative with law enforcement, making a complete confession, completing a government-funded “detox” program in six months, and apologizing to the judge.

Rehab for Substance Abuse

The criminal is required to make an appearance at a detox center and finish a drug rehabilitation program lasting six months, after which a relevant officer will write a letter updating the judge on the offender’s progress. When they finish the course, they’ll also get an honorary diploma. Potential repercussions, such as a larger fine upon sentencing, exist for those who do not finish the 6-month program.

Laws regarding the distribution of illegal drugs

Definitely Cannabis illegal in Cyprus means that Class C drug sales and distribution are punishable by up to eight years in prison, whereas sales and distribution of Class A and B drugs carry mandatory life sentences. A life sentence has not been handed down as of yet, though.

Medical use of Cannabis

In January 2017, Cyprus passed a law authorizing the medical use of cannabis oil for people with terminal cancer. An expanded law was passed in February 2019 that broadened the range of medical problems that qualify for coverage.

Cultivation of Cannabis

Compared to other seasoned cannabis-producing jurisdictions like the Netherlands or Portugal, the island state has a significant edge. Plants thrive in the region’s excellent climate and abundant sunshine. Due to its membership in the EU single market, businesses can set up shop on the island and then freely provide their services to other member states. It is estimated that annually Cyprus can generate medicinal cannabis worth over €236 million (£204 million).

What the Law Says About CBD Products

In Cyprus, CBD products are banned if they contain more than 0.2% of THC. Edibles, cannabis-infused meals, lotions, cremes, cannabis oil, and so on are all marketed in this category. In any case, it is against the law for a vendor to promote the health advantages of their products.

Proposals for legalization

In 2015, Lefkoşa, the capital of de facto independent Northern Cyprus, had the first-ever 420 celebrations. In a public declaration made on April 20, 2017, a small group of demonstrators gathered near the parliament building to call for the state-sanctioned legalization of cannabis retail, consumption, and manufacturing.

It is possible to acquire medicinal cannabis through a secure and confidential app. These apps handle everything, from payment to delivery, once a doctor’s prescription has been submitted.

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cannabis illegal in cyprus

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