Is Cannabis Illegal In Finland

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In Finland, opinions on are cannabis illegal in Finland are divided. Finnish farmers grew hemp extensively throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, but the country joined the ranks of others that banned the crop in the 20th century.

Possession or use of cannabis for recreational purposes is now banned in Finland, and anyone convicted will have their names added to a police database, which could affect their future employment prospects.

Cannabis use and its safety largely depend on several factors, including the individual’s health status, age, and frequency of use. While cannabis can produce some short-term side effects, including impaired memory and coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety, it is generally considered to be a safe substance for most people, particularly when used in moderation.

The number of people who signed a petition in Finland in 2019 to decriminalise cannabis was close to 60,000, well exceeding the 50,000 signatures needed to get the issue debated in parliament. The current parliament has till 2023 to pass the legislation.

cannabis illegal in finland

Although the use of marijuana for medical purposes is permitted in Finland, there is currently only one approved cannabis product for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, and it is typically only provided as a last resort. Just over 250 people in the country are using it right now.

Is Cannabis Illegal in Finland?

The decision to make cannabis illegal in Finland for personal use sparked strong debate in Finland from the very beginning. In 1971, the eduskunta (Finland’s parliament) voted to outlaw cannabis use, although the government was strongly opposed to the measure. Notwithstanding, the decision became law the next year, and the Narcotics Act in Finland now explicitly prohibits the use of any and all narcotics.

Finnish law, in contrast to several others, does not differentiate between use for one’s own consumption and use with the intent to sell. To put it another way, the legal system has the final say on whether or not a person caught with marijuana would face different punishments based on the amount found on their person.

Finland’s courts were clogged with cases involving marijuana for personal use, so the country made a decision to modify its marijuana policy 20 years ago. The truth is that law enforcement frequently ignores minor violations committed by private citizens.

Police have the option of issuing summary penalties. Fines for possessing less than 10 grams of hash or 15 grams of weed range between €60 and €80, depending on the individual’s income.

Medicinal Properties Of Cannabis

If the amount of cannabis is considered to be negligible, or if the defendant agrees to participate in a rehab program, the court may elect to dismiss the case and give a fine instead of a jail sentence of up to six months. A conviction, however, will appear on a person’s criminal record, making it harder to continue one’s education or find gainful employment.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a ten-year prison sentence is possible for people convicted of serious drug offenses. Large quantities of drugs, desire to sell them or membership in a drug trafficking organization are all aggravating factors.

Marijuana is illegal in Finland, thus visitors cannot buy or carry any into the nation. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is readily available at Finnish drugstores and meets all legal requirements there.

Is Medical use of Cannabis illegal in Finland?

Over ten years have passed since medical cannabis was made legal in Finland, but only about 250 people have actually used it. For the most part, this is because there is now just one MS treatment available by prescription: Sativex, an oromucosal spray. However, many medical professionals are hesitant to recommend it because they consider it a treatment of the last choice for patients who haven’t reacted to anything else.

In recent years, several countries, including some in Europe, have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. Medical cannabis can be used to treat a range of conditions, including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

For patients with various illnesses, a specialist consultation is required before any prescriptions can be made. The Bedrocan, Bediol, and Bedica varieties can be purchased from a handful of specialized drug stores.

In Finland, the government-run health care system does not cover the cost of medical marijuana. As an example, the price of Sativex, which can reach €650 for three 10ml bottles, is high enough to make it unaffordable for many people. As a result, despite the risk of legal repercussions, some Finns have begun cultivating cannabis in their homes for medicinal purposes.

Is the cultivation of medical marijuana in Finland possible?

As no law has ever been established to outlaw hemp farming, some farmers still plant it today. The European Union (EU) has recognized the potential of Finola, a resilient hemp strain created in Finland, and has included it on its list of subsidized crops since the early 2000s.

Some Finnish farmers are considering breaking the law and expanding into the lucrative medicinal marijuana industry, which is expanding rapidly around the world. According to the Finnish Market Garden Association, several of its members are considering lobbying for medicinal marijuana production to be authorized in Finland in 2019 so that they can cash in on the industry’s anticipated growth.

The movement to legalize cannabis in Finland

Citizens’ initiative to decriminalise marijuana in Finland received the requisite 50,000 signatures in November 2019 and was submitted to lawmakers. Acceptance would not make cannabis legal, but it would remove criminal penalties for its use, possession, and limited home cultivation. 

Cannabis contains several compounds, including THC and CBD, which are known to have medicinal properties. THC is known for its psychoactive effects and pain-relieving properties, while CBD is non-psychoactive and has been found to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The prospects of cannabis in Europe are mixed, with some countries moving towards legalization, while others remain opposed to the idea. Several European countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal, have decriminalized cannabis for personal use, while others, such as Germany and Italy, have legalized medical cannabis. However, there is still a lack of consensus among European Union countries regarding the regulation of cannabis.

One of the ruling coalition parties, the Green League, took it a step further at its conference last year by backing a proposal to pursue full legalisation. It’s a policy that the party’s platform endorses as well. The party has claimed that the poor and the disadvantaged are disproportionately affected by the current “prohibition.”

It is possible to acquire medicinal cannabis through a secure and confidential app. These apps handle everything, from payment to delivery, once a doctor’s prescription has been submitted.

For marijuana dispensary owners, BongMe simplifies the logistics of marijuana delivery – Dispensary owners and delivery drivers can choose between a shop app and a driver app to use on their mobile devices, while customers can use a Progressive Web App (PWA).

cannabis illegal in finland

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