Is Marijuana Legal In Gibraltar?

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Is marijuana legal in Gibraltar? Before 1957, Cannabis trafficking around Gibraltar was confined to minimal amounts that tourists tried to smuggle in for personal use. But, with the arrival of the hippie trail, larger quantities began to be commercially smuggled with an intent to sell as well.

This resulted in the Campo de Gibraltar becoming one of the main entry points to Europe for the Moroccan hashish.   

The Spanish authorities in 2018 confiscated 15.5 tons of cocaine that was on its way to Gibraltar. Also, 191 tons of cannabis was seized in the Spanish Campo de Gibraltar area. Therefore, Cannabis in Gibraltar is illegal due to its closeness to North Africa, Campo de Gibraltar and to mainland Europe. All these areas mentioned are havens for cannabis trafficking frequently.

Today as cannabis is slowly being legalized in many countries, at least for medicinal use, there is need for an efficient cannabis delivery software.

A good cannabis delivery software solution gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to ensure compliance, suitable inventory management, and on-time delivery to the right customer without the risk of breaking any laws.

Is marijuana legal in Gibraltar - Cannabis Sales

Cannabis For Medicinal Purposes (Is Marijuana Legal In Gibraltar?)

Furthermore, in 2017, Gibraltar legalized Sativex oral spray to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar in July 2018 suggested that the government was engaged in consultation for “the farming of cannabis plants. These are devised without narcotic qualities for a variety of legitimate uses”.

He also added that the subject of its export, of these specific, non-narcotic cannabis plants issue is being given due consideration. Hence, the issue has not been rejected.

In July 2019, the Chief Minister mentioned that they have made their own modifications in Gibraltar. This modification is to adapt medical laws regarding this pertinent issue. The cannabis industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries out there, especially the retail aspect of it.

Also, laws were passed last year for medicinal cannabis oil to be available on prescription to patients of the GHA “Gibraltar Health Authority”. Many investors of repute have been attracted to invest in Gibraltar in this domain.

The project includes the research, development, and production of medicinal cannabis products that is carefully supervised and regulated state-of-the-art environmentally advanced facilities.”

Partial Legalization Of Medical Cannabis

(Is marijuana legal in Gibraltar?)

Gibraltar published an amendment to the drug misuse regulations in October 2019. This was to deliver for the supply and possession of certain cannabis-based products for medicinal use in strictly defined circumstances.

Is Marijuana Legal in Gibraltar - Legal Implications

All registered medical practitioners operating in the Gibraltar Health Authority (“GHA”) will be allowed to provide certain Cannabis products to patients that is of medicinal value. However, before being allowed, each practitioner will first be asked to complete appropriate training to understand the medicinal use cases of cannabis.

This is with regard to the use of these products. The GHA will ensure the implementation of these kinds of training from time to time.

Conditions Where Cannabis Use Is Legalized

Practitioners were asked to manage the supply of certain cannabis-based products to patients diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

  1.  Moderate to severe muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis which is not responding to standard medications.
  2.  Severe, refractory epilepsy that is not responding to standard medications
  3.  Life-altering pain that is not responding to standard medications. And there needs increased levels of pain control medications.
  4.  Unmanageable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy despite the use of standard treatments under supervision.

Each product needs to be approved by the GHA as safe in consultation with medical practitioners before the supply. Moreover, a patient should not consume such products via smoking.

Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2021 (Is Marijuana Legal In Gibraltar For Medicinal Purpose)

Provisions will be made for the regulation of the production, import, export, marketing, and supply of cannabis. This will be for medicinal purposes. Also, the Minister of public health John Cortes mentioned that Medicinal Cannabis is an novel product whose time has come.

This could lead to quality employment and export opportunities to different jurisdictions. Hence, it is imperative that one should remain open to such opportunities to accelerate economic growth of a region.

The minister further stated that an agency would be established to monitor all stake holders. This agency will also help in trade with third parties, including government-to-government sales.

The expected sales to European or other government agencies will help develop the position of Gibraltar within the sector. It will also promote the country’s good reputation and international links.

Is Marijuana legal In Gibraltar For Recreational Use?

The recreational use of this drug is banned as prescribed in Part 21 of the Crimes Act 2011.  It is considered a Class B drug under Schedule 5, Part II of the Act.

The result of which means that, possession and supply of cannabis is currently illegal under Gibraltar law.

Advantages For Cannabis Producers & Retailers

  1. Having an administration and community that is supportive as it understands the value of cannabis from a medical perspective. Also, the positive contribution it can make to healthcare.
  2. Based on nine guiding principles, the Gibraltar government, along with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, established the regulatory environment. This will enable exchanges and other DLT businesses to run, providing security and reliability to users and operators.
  3. Gibraltar is a common-law jurisdiction that modifies where local circumstances dictate. This ensures dependability, reliability for those coming to do business in Gibraltar.
  4. Gibraltar is a business-friendly nation that is also friendly to accommodate individuals and their families. It has provides solutions for those looking to set up a business in Gibraltar.
  5. Gibraltar does not levy VAT, nor does it levy Capital Gains Tax including taxes on passive income.

Is marijuana legal in Gibraltar - authorized cannabis based medicines

Future Of The Cannabis Industry 

The cannabis industry has a bright future ahead as it has witnessed significant growth in the last five years. As the usage of cannabis products increase and so also the sale of CBD products, people will become more comfortable with cannabis and will recognize its benefits.

CBD companies have an opportunity in Gibraltar to build a track record. Then they can apply for the medical cannabis license after the same has been introduced.

One of two primary business delivery models that are available in the market has its own monetization approach. These are the two approaches that are commonly followed by majority of today’s online delivery providers for cannabis products. The first is the cannabis delivery app for dispensaries with one or more locations.

This distribution strategy is designed exclusively for dispensaries and cannabis businesses that are growing, harvesting, and processing their own cannabis products and have an adequate supply of those products to begin selling them independently.

The third option is the cannabis delivery marketplace, which targets delivery providers wishing to launch a cannabis marketplace with a delivery service but who do not grow or cultivate their own cannabis.

 Conclusion: Is Marijuana Legal In Gibraltar

Cannabis delivery software combines few features, tools, and capabilities with general-purpose distribution management solutions. The primary distinction is that this specific class of software is designed exclusively for the cannabis sector, as it is heavily controlled by local, state, and federal authorities.

For marketplaces, cannabis enterprises, and dispensaries of all kinds and scales, the major function of this kind of delivery software is to promote quick and seamless adoption as well as better efficiency.

There are software solutions out there that can support small cannabis delivery service or business establishments just as effectively as any large, reputable business operating across many states that offer a wide range of cannabis products.

Is Marijuana Legal In Gibraltar
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Is Marijuana legal in Gibraltar

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