K12 Online School: The Present And Future Of Learning

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K12 schools in most countries are now closed to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, resulting in the online-schooling of millions of students globally.

The worldwide closure of K12 schools has imposed an unprecedented challenge on the government, educational institutions, and teachers.

While the governments are encouraging schools to embrace online education to the extent possible, educational institutions on the other hand are working hard to create an online infrastructure for the effective remote learning of their students.

They have started collaborating with video conferencing apps to collectively respond and provide quality education for all.

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Digital innovation in the education sector which was earlier considered a supplementary tool is the only logical solution currently available.

Why Start A K12 Online School?

K12 online school will help our presently disrupted education system to gain back its momentum. It will create a total online eco-system for better school management and real-time communication.

In most parts of the world, K12 schools have switched over to online classes. However, there are schools that are still grappling with the digital transition due to a lack of robust online school platforms.

You can capitalize on this hunger and generate a business opportunity out of it. You can start a k12 online school to offer education and learning.

K12 Online school is one of the most flexible business-you can work from wherever you want, whenever you want and with whomever you want.

How To Start A K12 Online School

With the plethora of online learning software solutions out there, it’s easy to build your own K12 online school.

1. Find The Right App Development Company

To start a K12 online school all you need is a robust app solution, therefore you’ll have to carefully examine the software solution you want to use as well as the development company before hiring it.

There are hundreds & thousands of them on the internet but not all of them are safe and reliable.

Checklist for selecting the right app company -:

  • · Find out about their experience in handling the online school app development model
  • · Ask them whether they follow the agile app development process 
  • · Find out what technologies they are using and whether they use standard coding or not
  • · Check out their reviews

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2. Decide The Features You Want To Include In Your App

It is imperative to add specialized features that will facilitate the learning process as well as the communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Zoom-K12 is the latest and most advanced online school software solution i.e. fully-loaded with notable features.

  • Live Video Sessions: Live video streaming creates an environment that gives the feel of a real-world classroom. This feature allows students to easily attend live classes with a single click.

K12 Online school

  • Digital Study Material: This feature allows students to view all the extensive study materials such as audio or video lessons, interactive exercises or exams, or documents with embedded URLs, images, videos, and Youtube URLs. 

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  • Track Attendance: Tracking students’ attendance during online school is one of the key challenges but with ZoomK12 keeping track of attendance will become a piece of cake for teachers.

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  • Real-Time Chat: Zoom-K12 helps connect students, parents, and teachers with a real-time messaging solution for a better online learning experience. This feature lets teachers chat with parents regarding any matter as easily as on Whatsapp.

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  • View Routines: You can view routines for any day on this K12 online school system software so as to know well in advance regarding holidays, classes, events, etc.

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  • Manage Online Class: Teachers have all the authority just as a moderator has all the power in zoom. They can bar students from attending, mute/ un-mute any student, spotlight a particular student’s video, allow students to share screen and present material.

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3. Plan & Prepare the Course Structure

Once you have your app up and running, it’s time to put content there. Your content should be creative, interactive, and easy.

Apart from e-books, PDFs, documents, presentations, animations, videos & audio tutorials, your courses should have enough gamification techniques such as tests, quizzes, badges, certifications, etc.

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The Bottom Line

Online learning has certainly ignited the education sector. It is going to stay here for the long-term.

If you ever wanted to explore this venture, now is the most propitious time.

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