Latest Careem trends you must know about in 2018

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Introduction to Careem

Latest careem trends 2018Careem being MENA region’s, Turkey’s and Pakistan’s only tech unicorn, is the leading ride-hailing application. Engaged in changing the way people think about transportation, by providing the best conveyance services to them.

Latest careem trends 2018Careem calls their cab drivers as ‘Careem Captains’.

Careem started its operations in Dubai as a website-based service for corporate car bookings and evolved as a transportation network company with car hire for everyday use.

Latest careem trends 2018The idea was not just to build a big business, but rather to build a business that would have a big impact – Mudassir Sheikha, Co-founder of Careem

Careem has expanded its scope to 14 countries and more than 100 cities in over 6 years of their launch, i.e.2012 and sees Saudi as a market on its way to expansion, with its Vision Saudi 2030, It plans to add 1.3 million women into the Saudi workforce by 2030.

With so much going around in MENA, updating trends is a must. Let’s see what latest trends Careem has to offer its subscribers.

Latest Careem Trends 2018

Careem brings in innovations in the online ride-hailing industry to retain its position. Following are some of such successful Careem trends that you should know about.

Latest careem trends 2018#1 Scooter rides: Careem is active in 14 cities of Egypt. To deal with the traffic problems of people, Careem introduced Scooter rides.

The meter opens with 6 EGP, and the cheapest ride is 8 EGP, which is approximately 50% lower than regular car rides.

This trend of Careem turned out to be very successful, as scooter rides are much cheaper and very much quicker compared to car rides.

Latest careem trends 2018#2 Bus booking service: Careem is testing a bus-booking service across all 14 countries it operates in. Careem Bus is a division aimed at attracting low-income earners. Will initially go live in at least four Egyptian cities and is expected to be rolled out in September 2018.

Read more about this trend here 

Latest careem trends 2018#3 Jamhuriyat car: Careem has introduced a Jamhuriyat Car in Pakistan, offering voters free rides to and from polling stations. These cars will be driven by ‘Captains’ who have volunteered their vehicles and time to transport voters to and from their polling stations on 25 July 2018.

Latest careem trends 2018#4 Accessibility feature: Careem introduced accessibility feature in its app for their visually impaired customers. They spent time with several visually impaired users to understand the hindrances they come across while using Careem and what features could help them make most out of the app.

As a result, users can now have the app read text out loud to them and make simple commands using speech recognition.

Here is what Dr. Abdulla Elyas, Co-founder & CEO of Careem have to say about this trend

Latest careem trends 2018Our visually impaired customers can use our services without the need to ask for help from someone else, letting them maintain their independence.

Careem and Uber

Careem’s biggest competitor in the ride-hailing market is Uber, which can be counted as one of the motivational factors for Careem to introduce new trends.

What more does careen has to offer its customers? Find out in the below video.

Careem has surely made its mark with the quality of services they provide to their valuable customers.

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