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Differentiate from the generic social media gym trainers and enter the world of Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace

Health & fitness in the age of social media has become saturated with professionals who follow the same copycat marketing model. They post intense workout videos and photos within well-lit places, send out motivational quotes and advice, and after reaching 1000 followers sell merch, clothes, and whatnot.

Live streaming fitness marketplace

In order to stand out in this overcrowded mess, you need to offer something no health and fitness influencers aren’t offering. A personalized live-streaming fitness marketplace app

What Is Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace Software?

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

A live streaming fitness marketplace software is an app that helps self-employed fitness trainers to virtually organize their gyms, do client bookings, schedule, and monetize their operations. 

Live streaming fitness marketplace software consists of: 

  • Highly organized fitness content.
  • Workout plans.
  • Professional Guidance.
  • An exclusive online fitness community. 

Is Being A Personal Gym Trainer In The Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace A Good Career? 

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Passionate self-employed trainers and fitness freaks are in the right era of tech, as they can rely on live streaming fitness marketplace apps as an additional source of income. 

With a live streaming fitness app trainers can: 

Reach out to thousands of users and followers on a common platform through live streaming.

Independent of time zones and locations. 

Cater to different types of fitness regimes at the same time. 

Offer pre-recorded exercise sessions. 

Conduct personalized one-on-one live sessions for premium users.

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How Does Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace App Work?

Live streaming fitness works on the model of any other on-demand apps, enabling convenient services to customers over a mobile application. 

World of workouts at your fingertips is the norm among the professional trainers in the fitness industry

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Step 1: Customers can request a personal trainer who is an expert in a particular training discipline. 

Step 2: After sending a request, customers get a list of trainers from which they can choose their favorite professional trainer, depending on the workouts, for either a one-on-one session or a group session.

Step 3: Look for daily schedules with specific instructions as per time preference and schedule a live streaming session.

Step 4: Book an appointment with the chosen fitness professional.

Step 5: Get a fair estimate to be paid for the live streaming fitness session. 

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Step 6: Securely make payment through registered credit cards or other payment channels. 

Note: Customers can opt for a monthly subscription or a one-time training session. 

Step 7: Customers can rate and provide reviews for each live streaming fitness session. 

How To Earn From Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace App? 

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Fans, followers, and fitness enthusiasts always respond and are ready to pay for quality content. You as a fitness trainer have many opportunities to double your profits by requesting a reasonable amount from your customers. 

Monthly Subscription 

Fitness professionals can set a monthly subscription of $8-15. You can adjust the pricing depending on the content and the number of subscribers.

One-on-one Personal Training

Premium members can choose their favourite trainer and opt for a personalized one-to-one live training session instead of group live streaming.

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Pay-per-view Fitness Videos

Customers who cannot be a part of live streaming can access the recorded videos as per the pay-per-view model. They can pay a set amount on the video to get access. 

Price Locked Videos 

Customers can get full-time access to exclusive fitness videos by professionals by paying a set price on the price locked videos.

Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace Software Essentials

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Live video conferencing

  • One-to-one live video sessions.
  • Group video sessions for classes (2-8).
  • Time limit video sessions.
  • Invitation based sessions joining.

Communication & chat software

  • Full communication desk for support.
  • Non-session based support chats.
  • Provide professional support to clients.
  • Broadcast messages to the entire base.

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Easy appointment booking management

  • Create an availability calendar.
  • Define time slots for booking.
  • Slots availability auto-updated.
  • Booking reminders to clients & professionals.

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

How A Fitness Trainer Transformed Her Business Through Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace 

Sarah Beth is the owner of Sarah Beth Yoga. She’s been teaching online since 2010.

Sarah launched SarahBethYoga online studio, an exclusive yoga membership site, and an app.

Sarah was able to create over 400 videos of routines, exercises, and training plans. Customers can access by joining her monthly membership plans. 

Customers get unlimited access to videos and through her SaraBethYoga app customers can live stream videos ad-free. 

Future Of Live Streaming Fitness Marketplace 

Live Streaming Fitness is now making a big impact on the health and wellness industry. 

The rise of COVID-19 has boosted the venture encouraging top fitness professionals to turn towards Live Streaming services. They are opting for this method to maximize and adapt to the current situation. 

This pandemic proves to be a great testbed for fitness trainers to find an alternate source of income through live streaming fitness marketplace apps. 

You can also be a beacon to unite fitness professionals by building an on-demand fitness marketplace app.

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

Live Streaming fitness Marketplace

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