6 Things To Consider While Building a Great Mobile App

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Mobile app development is a long term process. Apart from choosing the right technological framework, you should also consider the following things

Things to consider while building a mobile app

1. Quality user interface design

[wow-icons lib=ft name=icon-qrcode size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Of course, when it comes to mobile app development, probably one of the most important elements is building a quality-rich user interface as it is responsible for the interaction between the users and the business. Maybe that is why it is never enough for them to just have the sufficient backend functionalities.

Key aspects of UI design:

  • Good utilization of a unified color strategy
  • Quick loading and responsive
  • Activity indicators
  • Basic tips

It is essential for app developers to understand how UI directly affects UX (User experience) as it is one of the factors that will decide how successful your application is. Poor UI can result in poor accessibility and further uninstallation of the app as it wouldn’t encourage your users to spend more time with your application.

So, the mobile app developer needs to be extremely careful with cross-development technologies that offer agile designing tools as they provide you essential options such as multi-layout manager and drag-and-drop functionalities.

2. Keep updating with the new versions

[wow-icons lib=di name=dashicons-update color=”#1e73be” size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Software upgrade versioning is the process of assigning either unique version names or unique version numbers to unique states of computer software.

Within a given version number category (major, minor), these numbers are generally assigned in increasing order and correspond to new developments in the software.

At a fine-grained level, revision control is often used for keeping track of incrementally different versions of information, whether or not this information is computer software.

Aims of versioning

Before getting to the when and how to let’s start with why. My main aims are:

  • Everyone should know what features are available in the version of the app they have
  • Everyone should know what version of the app they have if they are reporting bugs or requesting support

When I say everyone, I mean anyone who uses your app, including internal testers, beta testers, and end-users.

3. App rollout strategy

[wow-icons lib=ft name=icon-arrows-cw color=”#dd3333″ size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Instead of releasing it in one go you should roll out new features strategically. Popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have beta users from the app store. These users can join the beta program offered by the app company.

So whenever a new version rollout after getting approval from QA engineers, it is first available for beta users. If there will be any issue the beta users will report it immediately.

With their continuous feedback and debugging the app is finally rolled out for all users. With this method, the users get the best experience from the app and it improves the overall rating.

4. Gaining User retention

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-users color=”#32b9db” size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Once your app is live in the play store and also have userbase. So now your strategy should be user retention. The most popular method for user retention is to send push notification to users. But don’t send too many.

Rather select a timing when users are most likely to click. Also, you can customize it based on users interest. Currently, WhatsApp notification is also used by companies to gain traction.

5. Cyber Security

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-unlock-alt color=”#81d742″ size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Mobile applications, especially the enterprise ones which need consistent, daily operations and content management should stay heavily secured. The confidential company information and metadata which usually is stored in these applications is highly essential to leave vulnerable to eavesdroppers.

One of the all-time high cyber-security risks until today is extortion hacking. Other than the data and money, it costs a company its goodwill as well. So take enough time to learn how to develop applications whose code is virtually flawless and collect a toolkit for encryption and data-loss thwarting.

6. Business Plan

[wow-icons lib=ft name=icon-doc-text-inv color=”#1e73be” size=”nm” align=”alignleft”] Just like the other things, business planning and expertise are also equally important to win the race. Many people actually overlook this aspect, but business skills tend to play an essential part in this domain.

Before launching a mobile app you should know how to optimize an app’s visibility in the list of the available apps of the same genre.

Concluding remarks

Although there are tons of other things which we should consider. But as per our experience as a mobile app development company, we find these tips more important.

Hope you like these suggestions, for more technological kinds of stuff, keep following our blog. You may also subscribe via email address for instant updates.

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