Mobile Apps for Truckers – What apps do truckers use on the road & Why?

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The Truck Driver’s Lifestyle & Trucking Apps

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A truck driver’s lifestyle can be fun and exciting, but it is not easy. It is a career choice like any other that typically involves going out on the road for several weeks at a time. With the exception of military and oilfield workers, there are not many jobs that require being away from family and friends on a daily basis.

The inability to participate in daily life along with the solitude can take a toll on anyone but it’s this job that truck drivers go through every day, that helps run the global economy. They tailor their lifestyles to handle varying dietary patterns, loneliness, back pains, weight issues and sleep deprivation to successfully deliver loads, on time to businesses all over.

Over the years mobile apps for truckers have been seeing a rising trend. Seasoned truck drivers use mobile apps for maintaining log books, GPS driving, finding new bookings to even community-based trucking apps that connect truck drivers to each other to provide updates on certain routes, fuel price updates, providing road assistance or even just generally chatting with other truck drivers to keep each other company on long hauls,

“The mobile app business alone in trucking is expected to be worth some $35.4 billion per year by 2025” – From A Report By Frost & Sullivan, Global Consulting Firm


Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers



Apps for the Trucking Business

unnamed (1)uShip – It is an app that allows fleet carriers to bid on shipments to transport, from businesses that need loads to be transported. It provides real-time alerts when businesses need loads to be shipped and provides a messaging interface between shippers and truckers for real-time communication. Available for Android and iOS.



unnamed (2)CamScanner – A popular document scanning tool. It converts the text taken from the document into sharp images/PDF format. The app allows users to share the photos scanned, provide comments and even store them, on the cloud. This is extremely useful for sending physical receipt and billing information, across the trucking business. Available for Android and iOS.



unnamed (4)KeepTrucking Electronic Logbook – A DOT approved electronic logbook which is also FMCSA compliant.The app can connect to the KeepTrucking ELD device to provide a fully compliant solution to the ELD mandate. Truckers can edit their daily logs, get real-time notifications during service violations, take pictures of documents and send via email. One of the highest rated trucker tools available. Available on iOS.


 On The Road Trucking Apps

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Drivewyze – A highly recommended legal weigh station bypasser app. Drivewyze lets truckers bypass weigh stations and mobile inspection sites right from their personal smartphone, tablet or even existing ELD. Perfect for individual truckers, owner-operators and fleets. Truckers are able to save time and money by avoiding weigh station stress and hassle. The app is available with a 30-day free trial as well. Available for Android and iOS.


GasBuddy – GasBuddy is a fuel-saving and pitstop locator app for truckers, it connects truckers with fuel stops with the lowest priced gas.Availability of amenities like restaurants, 24-hour parking, restrooms, showers etc at each pitstop/fuel station is all displayed to the truck driver. Drivers can also earn fuel credits by referring friends and have a chance to earn $100 worth of free gas daily, with the app’s daily draw. Available for Android and iOS.



Waze – A community-based trucking app featuring over 90 million drivers. The app provides
information such as  Getting police & speed camera alerts, hearing road directions by celebrity voices or even the truckers own voice, finding cheap gas stations nearby, referral points, connecting with fellow truckers, low data usage and works from anywhere in the world. Available for Android and iOS.


unnamedThe Weather Channel – An important app for truckers as it provides real-time weather updates, hurricane warning, and future weather information. The Weather channel helps truckers plan their trips based on weather, nearly 15 days in advance. Available for Android and iOS.



Social Apps for Truckers


Skype – Skype is a useful app to help truckers stay in touch with family and friends, while on the
road. It features video calling, group video calling, chatting & group chats with file sharing.Truckers can also set ‘highlights’ of their day for their friends and family to view. Available for Android and iOS.



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AudioBooks – The AudioBooks app lets truckers browse, download, and read millions of books from all genres. Over 2,500 of the 100,000 plus titles are free. Truckers can listen to various audio books or even podcasts via the AudioBooks app.Useful while stuck in traffic, on the road or at a pitstop. Available for Android and iOS.



61VlH90HqQLLose It! – This calorie counter app is highly recommended for truckers, as they deal with varying diets and meal timings while on the road. The app lets truckers log in their daily meals, get meal recommendations to stay in shape and even has a photo/barcode scanner to keep a calorie track of all the meals they purchase. Once the trucker set his details and target weight, the app will calculate daily calorie and activity requirements needed. It also features an in-app chat where truck drivers can share meal and exercise recommendations while on the road. Available for Android and iOS.

Why should you invest in your own custom-made Uber for trucks/Uber for trucking app?


Different Carriers. Different Trucks. Different Needs.

While the above apps are all good and useful for your trucking business, it is smarter to put in an initial investment and have a trucking app developed for your trucking business. This would help manage your shippers, truck drivers, and your overall on-demand trucking business a lot more efficiently.

Truck and fleet owners all have different business requirements. Some need an automatic load bookings while others prefer to have a manual dispatch option. Having an experienced trucking app development company tailor-make your app solely for your business requirements can help you cut costs in the long run.

Company Branding is also important having an app made with your own unique logo and design will help your company stand out and makes marketing your brand, a whole lot easier.

Luckily for you, we develop our own on-demand mobile trucking solution! Our app is designed keeping top trucking apps like Uber Freight, GoShare, BuddyTruck, Lyft etc in mind.

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