How a Non-Tech Enterpreneur can kickstart his/her Mobile App Business!

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You came up with a great mobile app idea but are not able to figure out how to get it on the floor. Usually, you will need to hire developers, designers for anywhere between $50-$100 / hour and spend maybe over $50,000 to make your idea a reality! Yes! you heard me right – $50,000 !! However, the development and implementation is only half the battle. The next step is to market your mobile app well lest it gets lost amongst the sea of apps available for users to download. You will then need to again spend  $ ‘000’s dollars on this! Wouldnt it be awesome if you could spend most of your time and energy to market your awesome Mobile App? Sounds, exciting ?? I am sure it does  :)!

There are a few companies out there who are making such tremendous cost cuttings possible for startups and entrepreneurs! is one such startup that recognizes the fact that any non-tech entrepreneur must spend most of his/her time worrying about sales and marketing, something they are great at and worry little about the technology part! Appscrip through its gamut of Mobile App Products makes this a reality for the Non-Tech Entrepreneur! You can now dream of kickstarting your own:
1) On-Demand Service businesses like Uber and maybe come up with something like a Demand Delivery App, Uber For Babysitters, Uber For Mechanics using our extremely real-time and customizable Uber Clone.

2) Instant Messaging App using our top-end Whatsapp Clone.

3) Marketplace App, Restaurant App or even a Hair Salon App using our Restaurant App

4) Mobile Dating App, Matrimonial App or Mobile Real Estate App using our Tinder Clone

5) Photo or Video Social Media App using our Instagram Clone or Vine Clone.

6) Your own retail loyalty programs like Stamp Me or Perks using our app Purks

7) You own a secret messaging app like Snapchat, and maybe an app for disappearing deals, or flash deals using our Snapchat Clone.

8) A mobile app for your News Blog or maybe a news app for an important worldwide event like the Fifa World Cup which might get you thousands of dollars of Ad Revenue using our News Reader App.

Every developer dreams of experiencing the same kind of success as apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat. A huge part of the success of those companies, besides their development, was their marketing strategy and we at Appscrip want you to spend all your time thinking about how you can get your idea more visibility and let us @ Appscrip worry about the Technology!



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