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Business methods are getting more and more innovative and keeping in step with the latest technological growth. Even the smallest ideas are being leveraged into quick gains befitting both customers and the general populace.

The latest in this stream is video chat apps. The video messages create a more personal connection. Businesses are expanding their reach to international customers through the use of video apps.

We take a look at 4 areas where video chat apps are being used to spread the message in a highly effective way.

Aeon – Video Chat Apps Helping Customers

Japan’s largest retail group Aeon has introduced a real-time video interpreting service at 550 of its domestic stores to serve the country’s rising number of foreign shoppers.

Foreign customers are eager to purchase items including cosmetics and medical products. Aeon could have lost a chunk of foreign customers because store clerk may not know the tourists language.

This is really a smart move as international shoppers often cite language barrier as a challenge.

video chat apps

Shop clerks carry smartphones or tablet devices who can call interpreters through video chat software to assist non-Japanese customers.

The service lets a store clerk and a customer communicate in 10 languages including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.

The face-to-face chat is convenient because interpreters are able to see the products.

Be My Eyes – Video Chat Apps For Visually-Challenged People

video chat appsThis free app does exactly what it suggests. It connects blind and visually-impaired people with sighted volunteers who lend their eyes to help with short, simple tasks.

Volunteers can sign up to receive notifications to videos calls from visually-impaired people.

Once connected, volunteers can speak to their callers and see what’s in front of the impaired person.

They can help with anything: Checking the milk’s expiration date, reading a street sign or making sure they’re washing their expensive sweater in the right way.

This app could could spark a social change as some blind people feel too uncomfortable to ask for help in person.

This app also educates the sighted on the value of their sight, something that many take for granted.

Volunteers interested in signing up, visit Be My Eyes

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Kaltura – Video Chat App for Microsoft Teams

Kaltura, a leading video technology provider’s mission is to power any video experience. It recently announced the release of its new video chat solution for Microsoft Teams, to enable ways for easy video creation and sharing as part of group chats.

video chat appsThe application empowers customers to actively use video for communication and collaboration in Teams. Customers have an option to record, capture screens, upload and share videos.

Users can add powerful video tools to their existing workflows. They can present and watch live company webcasts on any device, anywhere, within the Teams environment.

Video galleries showcase content to create a sense of teamwork and ownership.

Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform with the broadest use cases and appeal.

First Selectman Meetings –

Video Chat App For Building Engaging Communities

First Selectman, Kurt Miller encourages residents to check out his Facebook mini-chat series. A few hours before the meetings, he takes to the Internet to discuss what’s on the agenda.

video chat apps
Valley Independent Sentinel Facebook page

Miller decided to up his social media game not only to boost attendance, but to make sure residents are kept in the loop.

Video chats lead residents to actively engage in what’s going on in town, including important events, such as the annual town budget vote.

Kurt’s video chats prior to selectmen meetings is another way to keep an open dialogue between the town’s legislative body and the public.

“I feel the more people who know about what’s going on in our town, the more our town will continue to move in a positive direction with hopes that the public can become engaged enough to want to get involved.”

Video Chats are the way to go! Be it expanding the reach of businesses, spreading a message effectively, helping less privileged people or ensuring better co-ordination among teams. | Get the best Video Chat Dating app Software in the market here

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