5 Norway Edtech Startups To Educate Future Generations

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Educational technology is the collective use of hardware, software, and educational concepts and practice to enable learning.

When referred as edtech, it refers to the industry that fashion educational technology.

Ed techs have reformed the education system and have made learning accessible for all. Apart from traditional schooling, children as young as four years can imbibe new skills. Alongside, adults are able to upskill and polish their résumés after work hours.

Many players (Norway Edtech Startups) in the edtech industry are offering advanced curriculums, audio-based learning and unique subjects. Coding, music, marketing, data science, psychology and designing are some course examples.

Edtech startups in Europe

Online learning took new meaning for most after the coronavirus struck in the year 2019. This on the whole has proved to be beneficial for the education technology sector. According to sources, online learning platforms in Norway are set to generate a revenue of $36.69 million by 2022.

Entrepreneurs venturing into the Norway startup scenario play a distinctive role in this development. Their holistic minds run top-notch platforms built using research, tact and advanced technologies.

Norway Edtech Startups

By 2027, EdTech firms will exhibit a CAGR of 15.4% that would triple the market in volume to over 200 billion. This growth can be attributed to the recognition of the benefits in EdTech, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

1.    Scrimba

Scrimba is a coding school based in Oslo. This remote company was established in 2016 by Per Harald Borgen and Sindre Aarsaether. Its aim is to provide learners with the opportunity to grow in any corner of the world. Students can skim through courses that focus on frontend development, HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Norway Edtech Startups - scrimba.com

To further this vision, the company has come up with a video format for code screencasts called “scrims”. Scrims enables Scrimba to lower costs, create a filter that attracts the best teachers and facilitate an interactive learning experience.

The platform has 3 subscription plans with an active base of 120 thousand students. After its 2020 seed round, the company’s total funding equaled $2.5 billion.

2.    Learnlink

EdTech Hub

Learnlink claims to provide students aged 8 to 13 with the knowledge they could have missed out from grade school books. This 2016 coding platform created by students helps ignite the need to learn within those who yearn to learn.

The platform has interesting courses that encourage children learn code while playing. The courses level up from Minecraft to Roblox.

Hundreds of Learnlink teachers help kids with private lessons on coding. Learnlink has been the guiding force for 4,000 children who have taken up coding. This Norway edtech startups small team of 12 is slowly growing while shaping generations. Learnlink has total revenue of $7.45 million from 3 funding round.

Edtech startups World wide

3.    Vignita

Vignita - Norway Edtech Startups

Vignita is a portmanteau of Latin words that combine, ‘Vitae’ (Life) and ‘Cognita’ (Learning). It was founded in 2017 by Øystein Barhaughøgda. Most people from any walk of life such as laymen, experts, firms, or professionals can benefit from Vignita, as it encourages learning and has something that anybody can profit from.

This Norway edtech startups primary focus is on employee training and retention. For this purpose, it connects companies to experts and help them boost their teams via corporate training, up‑skilling and re‑skilling.

More than 20 experts make and market the unique products of Vignita. As of now, the B2B business has partnered with over thousand companies and caters to over 100,000 students. Four investors are involved in the funding of this flourishing business. After a pre-seed round in late 2021, Vignita has raised a total of $900 thousand in funding.

Getting inspired by advanced Norway edtech startups? Building your very own platform is not too farfetched!

4.    Differ by EdTech Foundry

EdTechFoundry (@edtechfoundry) / Twitter

Differ by Edtech Foundry is different from other Norway edtech startups. It is an Oslo-based business that was founded in the year 2015. This research-driven platform was created by Geir Sand Nilsen and Kristian Collin Berge for university students. Its core function helps peer-to-peer and teacher-student relationships by providing them with a chatbot system.

The system is useful for students to align with their mentors. Differ can also be utilized by students to chat with other students, get help and create a supportive ecosystem. The app centers itself around problems of lonesomeness and feelings of estrangement felt by numerous university students in a new environment.

Europe Edtech VC

Differ’s makers, Edtech foundry has been funded by 2 investors from 2 funding rounds. Its total funding amount totals to $200 thousand.

5.    Ludenso

For teachers

Visual learners can enhance their learning capabilities with the AR platform Ludenso. In 2018, Eirik Wahlstrøm founded the ‘The Future of Textbooks’ business in Oslo. It collaborates with publishers, universities and tech experts and gives new meaning to pop-up books. The software company offers its innovative and engaging service in a mobile application.

Its exclusivity lies in its ability to connect physical books with technology.

Students reading through study material can use Ludenso to scan their paperbacks and AR (augmented reality) will create an interactive learning experience for them. Pupils with learning impairments, kids and students in the medical or engineering domain can highly benefit from Ludenso’s advanced technology.

Additionally, it works as a powerful translation tool. Thus far, Ludenso has helped 10,000 young minds understand complex problems. The business has received funding from 2 investors in a private seed round.

How Norway Edtech Startups Utilize Business Models to Flourish?

For future generations, individuals, parents and everyone in between, Norway edtech startups are perceived as the stepping stone towards a bright future. In the year 2021, online learning platforms had half a million users. By 2027, the user count is projected to double and reach 1 million.

Online School Software Online School Software - Norway Edtech Startups

Norway edtech startups make their platforms tactically. A good strategic plan ensures a smooth business that generates plenty of revenue to sustain the business. Freemium, marketplace and institutional are popular business models used by Norway edtech startups.

The chances for edtech businesses to earn from sign-ups, adverts and subscriptions grow ten-fold using the mentioned business model.

The scenic country of Norway spends a large percentage (about 6.7%) of its GDP on education. From many choices, Norway leverages itself to be a starting point for growing edtech startups. If you are an entrepreneur in search of a location to build your edtech platform online, then look no more.

To build a bug-free platform in the most perfect location, choose experts like Appscrip.

Norway Edtech Startups

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