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On-demand mobility app Migo raises $9M funding

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Migo on-demand ride sharing app on-demand ride sharing app, a leader in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), has received $9M in Series A funding from institutional and strategic investors such as CRADLE, Enterprise Holdings & Hyundai Company, etc for being the Netflix of transportation.

Migo on-demand ride sharing app launched in September 2017 is the first free app available in North America for discovering mobility options – helping consumers find the best way from Point A to Point B.

Instead of needing multiple apps, riders can choose from a carousel of services that includes ride-sharing apps such as – Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, Yellow Cab, Lime & Flywheel, as well as public transport.

Jeff Warren, founder & CEO of Migo, told Cities Today that

The opportunity to raise funding for Migo came from finding a market that included both interested consumers & interested providers.

About Migo on-demand ride sharing app On-demand Ride Sharing App


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - Funding icon The total funding raised by Migo amounts to $11.1M over 3 rounds, the latest funding came from a Series A round on Sep 10, 2018.

Migo on-demand ride sharing app - funding


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - investor iconMigo is funded by 9 investors. CRADLE and Clayton Capital Partners are the most recent investors.

Migo on-demand ride sharing app - investors


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - technology icon Migo actively uses 3 technologies for its website – Google Apps for BusinessAmazon, & Amazon Route 53.


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - traffic icon The amount of traffic on Migo is 8,327 monthly web visitors.


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - team members icon Migo has 3 current team members

Migo on-demand ride sharing app - Jeff Warren   Jeff Warren(Founder, CEO)

Migo on-demand ride sharing app - Vince Cheng  Vince Cheng(Product) 

Migo on-demand ride sharing app - Kathy Van Buskirk  Kathy Van Buskirk(Marketing/PR)


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - cities iconIt has spread to 75 cities across North America, including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto.


Migo on-demand ride sharing app - users iconThe user base currently stands at more than 80,000 users.


Discover your ride with Migo on-demand ride sharing app

Migo serves up your full spectrum of on-demand ride sharing & hailing choices on one screen.

Discovering your ideal ride without jumping from one to another has never been easier.

The Migo app displays real-time data for price estimates and wait/walk time and makes it possible to search, hail and book a ride, all from within the Migo app. So no more switching between apps to see who’s closest or which one is surging.

Migo on-demand ride sharing app

Migo even shows you options from the apps you wouldn’t typically open. Like taxi and car, bike and scooter shares.

In-app payment is available for many partners today and will be expanded in the future.

For customers, Migo opens up the world of transportation options with an incredibly simple way to discover, find and use the best ride for them wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Image & Statistics Credit: Migo, Crunchbase


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