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The education sector has become fast-paced these days. You no longer have to be present in a classroom to learn or teach.

With advancements in technology, remote learning has become a new trend. As a result, there are many on-demand tutor apps that are being launched in the market. 

With the current coronavirus pandemic, schools are shut and learning hasn’t been affected one bit all thanks to these on-demand tutor apps. 

The student and teacher need not be present together in one place. This saves a lot of time, money, and commute

Now, let’s look at the interesting statistics about the education and on demand tutor services industry. 

Interesting On-Demand Tutor Industry Statistics 

The following are the interesting statistics that every on demand tutor should be knowing. We’ve written it below for you. 

  • The on demand tutor industry is dominated by Europe, North America, and the APAC region 
  • The on demand tutor industry is projected to grow by $112.14 billion between 2019-23 
  • The K-12 category is expected to grow in the on demand tutor market by $60 billion by 2023 
  • That’s not it, the on demand tutor market is estimated to have 15% CAGR for the period between 2019  and 2023 

So, when there’s so much potential and growth in the market, why should your on demand tutor service be left behind? Jump on the bandwagon and start building your own on demand tutor app. 

Benefits of On Demand Tutor App 

While the statistics should be enough to convince you to have your own on demand tutor app, let’s take a look at the benefits of having one. 

All right, let’s begin! 

  • Uninterrupted Learning 

The on demand tutor app is a boon when it comes to distance learning. The students and the teacher don’t have to cancel classes due to any external problems like pandemic, lockdown, and other issues. 

  • Mitigates the Need for Infrastructure 

Since learning happens online, there is no need to have a classroom, benches, blackboard, and a building. 

Having an on demand tutor app reduces the overheads on infrastructure.

  • Easy Doubt and Problem Solving 

Students need not wait for the school to begin to clear their queries or ask doubts. The on demand tutor app will be useful to clear their doubts. They can use the resources like videos, earlier exercise problems solved. 

On Demand Tutor


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Important Features in On Demand Tutor App

  • Create Admin, Tutor and Student panels 

You need to create 3 app panels for your app. One for the students, other for the tutors and admin. The student panel will enable the students to fill their profile details and mention their learning requests. The tutors will be allocated based on their requirements. 

They can have a one to one chat with the tutors, and schedule the time for their lessons. 

The tutor panel will make it easy for the tutors to register, accept requests and start teaching. The admin panel will provide the admin access to the tutors’ classes, payments, student requests and the like. 

  • Find My Tutor and Find My Student Option 

The app should enable the students to find tutors based on their requirements such as the subject, timings, fees. All the details like the tutors’ names, experience, subjects thought and the preferred timings should be visible to the students. 

And make your algorithms perfect to match the requirements of the students with that of the teachers. 

  • Mention The Type of Class 

The students should be given the option to have their preferred mode of classes. It could either be in-person classes or online. The app should specify these details so that the tutor can accept the requests based on their convenience. 

The app experience should be made easy so that class bookings would be easier for both the students and the tutors. 

  • Provision of  Class Categories 

The app should contain all the classes from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). Your app should be the one-stop solution for parents looking to hire tutors for their wards. 

Be it Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or other languages, your app should have it all. In case you’re looking for some reference, you can check the other on demand tutor apps. This will give you a fair idea. 

Having categories will make the search easier for the students and their parents. 

  • In App Messaging 

To make learning and communication easier for the students, there should be a one to one chat feature available. The app should be enough for the students and the tutors to communicate. 

The students can share their doubts, upload their assignments and notes or share files with the tutors. 

Real-Time messaging allows the students to be interactive in their learning. You’ll have to integrate technologies to make communication easier through messages. 

  • Push Notifications 

Push Notifications are important to engage the app users. Enabling push notifications on your on demand tutor app will notify all the users on your app. 

The students will receive notifications such as upcoming classes, change in schedule, payment reminders, availability of tutors, etc. 

The tutor will receive notifications regarding student requests, upcoming classes, questions asked by students and the like. 

To activate the push notifications on your app, one needs to install Google Cloud Messaging or Firebase Cloud Messaging. Ask your app development company to do this. 

  • Easy Payment 

Any app which offers services should ensure that their payment systems are easy to use. Including all kinds of payments such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking and, e-wallets will make payments easier for the students. 

Make integrations with payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay. This will ensure hassle free payment. 

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Popular Tutor Apps in the US

1. Cheggs

Cheggs is a 24/7 online tutor platform in the US. It offers one time lesson or repeated classes based on the student’s requirements. The platform has lessons for all subjects. Maths, Science, languages, you name it. It offers tutoring for both high school and college.

The pricing plan starts from $6.95 per lesson. The monthly pricing for all lessons is $14.95 and for video consultations, it is $30.

2. Princeton Review

Princeton Review is another online tutor platform. It offers tutoring services for high school and college. It has around 80 subjects and the help is available 24/7. It offers lessons on Maths, Science, Social Studies, and languages.

They even offer lessons for international baccalaureate, business, and technology. They charge hourly rates which are billed monthly.


The education industry has changed in the last decade and will continue to do so. If you want to keep pace with the changing landscape of the on demand tutor services industry, then you should be ready to accommodate the necessary changes. 

If you wish to build an on demand tutor services app, then reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you out. 

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