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An online medicine app helps customers to order medicines online and get them delivered to their location. The goal is to build an intuitive app so that users can set the location, order for medicines, make an online payment and get the medicines delivered. The user can order for medicines by uploading the doctor’s prescription or an image of the medicine or manually add medicines.

Customer Application

  1. Supports Login/Signup with Phone Number
  2. Supports Social Login/Login with Facebook & Google.
  3. Retrieve password via phone number.
  4. Unique Verification code sent to the user’s email or phone number for quick and seamless experience for Signup and Password Retrieval process.
  5. For iOS, the application comes with inbuilt support for login with Touch ID/Face ID.

Graphical Flow of the Online Medicine App

Explore Products

Wide variety of products and offers from different stores integrated into the Online Medicine Software.

Online Medicine App

Advanced Filtering Options

Detailed filtering options for site-wide search or store-specific searches. Search for items, medicines, healthcare products. Powered by Elasticsearch.

Search products

Prescription Medicines

If the medicine is listed as ‘prescription required’, a prompt to ‘Upload Prescription’ is displayed. Select the Upload option at the top right hand corner and upload prescription.

Prescription Medicines

Scheduling & Payment

Our medical store software is integrated with a variety of scheduling options including ‘Now’. Users can also select their preferred payment option.

Payment screen


In-app Medical wallet is also integrated for seamless payments.

Wallet screen

Real-Time Status & Support

View the status of any booking in real-time. In-app notifications are provided for each status. Easy support ticket-raising is also integrated in our app.

Tracking screen

Live-Map Tracking

Live map tracking of individual medicine order is available.

Real-time tracking


Rate your medicine delivery service for each medical store order.

Rating online medicine app


Provide referral codes to friends and families to avail special referral offers.

Referrals online medicine app


Super Admin Panel

Central admin can manage the entire medical store software from store management to individual user.

Store Inventory Management

Store-specific inventory & SKU management enabled for admin & store owners so as to manage medicine inventory.

Track Orders

Track all medicine shopping & delivery orders across the website & app.

Fleet Management

Manage various medicine delivery operators and associated drivers.

Fare Set Up

Option to go for mileage-based pricing or fixed pricing based on zones or distance for delivery fares on the online medicine software.

Promotions & Referrals

Setup and manage promotion codes and referral campaigns on both the medicine website & app.

Bird’s Eye View

Track all medicine delivery drivers in real-time on a map across cities in real time.


Complete financial accounting system to keep track of medical store earnings and driver earnings.


Manage cash & card earnings for drivers with direct payments to driver’s bank accounts.


Push messages to Medical store owners, drivers and customers directly from the admin.

Manage Dispatchers

Manage dispatchers for different cities or zones.

Store Management

Individual store setup & its management.

Order Analytics

Detailed analytics reports for individual items, stores or overall medicine delivery business performance.

Reports & Reviews

Rate & Review the delivery service as well as medical store to maintain high quality operations.

Payment Gateway

Integrated with Stripe, Braintree, Hyperpay & more. 

Pharmacy Listing

Pharmacy components: Pharmacy Logo Image, Pharmacy Name, Sub Category, Area, Pharmacy Offer, Pharmacy Rating, Pharmacy’s distance from location, Minimum Order Value.

Global Search: Powered by Elasticsearch, allows search for medicines at all pharmacies at a location. Search filtered on parameters: Brand, Manufacturer, Category, Sub Category, Price Range. User can sort on: Price High to Low, Price Low to High.

Payment Options

A user can choose from different options to make payment for an order:

  1. Card Payments: Users can pay using credit cards. is capable of supporting payments in almost all countries and cities with payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, MOL Pay, Payfort, Conekta, Midtrans, Flutterwave etc.
  2. Cash Payments: User can also pay by cash when the order is delivered.
  3. Wallet Payment: A user can recharge the Wallet using credit cards and make payments.

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Order and Dispatch Management

Pharmacy application is an excellent tool for managing orders, dispatching them to the drivers, edit or update orders, and managing failed dispatches. These are configured with the following parameters:

  1. Type of Driver: Each pharmacy can be associated with two types of drivers:
  2. Pharmacy Drivers: Salaried drivers associated with a single pharmacy.
  3. Freelance Drivers: Drivers not associated with a specific pharmacy, but to service zones, and can fulfill orders from any pharmacy in a zone.
  4. Auto Accept: If this parameter is enabled, any order placed for the pharmacy gets automatically accepted. If disabled manager has the option to accept/reject the order, and if not accepted in time, the order expires.
  5. Auto Dispatch: If this parameter is enabled, any order that is accepted by the pharmacy gets automatically dispatched. If disabled, the manager is given an option to manually assign the order.

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Technical Differentiators

  1. Intuitive UI as in Netmeds, Apollo Pharmacy etc.
  2. Medicine and pharmacy search powered by Elastic search engine.
  3. API’s written in pure Node.JS following the best industry guidelines prescribed by Rising Stack.
  4. The only app built on the microservice architecture leveraged by the server-worker model for super scale and performance.
  5. In-depth analytics for much-needed business intelligence.
  6. Slack-bot integration for easy access to business analytics.
  7. In-depth real-time app monitoring of the Node.JS application to manage your server infrastructure, for easy access for your technical support team.
  8. Docker support for vertical and horizontal scaling.
  9. Only iOS apps in the market written in Swift 4 using the MVVM architecture.
  10. Only iOS app in the market leveraging Rx-SWIFT for top-notch asynchronous performance.
  11. Android apps written using the clean architecture prescribed by google (MVP using Dagger 2).
  12. Only Android apps in the market leveraging Rx-Java.
  13. Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s.
  14. The only solution in the market that leverages python providing the users with trending medicines, popular searches, and recommendations based on the data generated.


Online Medicine App


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