Paleo Meal Delivery: For The Rediscovered Diet

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An eating plan modeled on pre-historic human diets, soon became the most preferred diet of modern humans!

paleo meal delivery

A paleo meal is a dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era, i.e. 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.

Paleo meals include lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, products, nuts, and seeds — foods that were obtained by hunting and gathering in the past. 

Why Did This Diet Get So Popular?

Paleo diets reason that the human body is genetically mismatched to the modern diet that emerged with farming practices — an idea known as the discordance hypothesis. Farming changed what people ate and established dairy, grains, and legumes as additional staples in the human diet. 

The relatively late and rapid change in diet outpaced the body’s ability to adapt. This mismatch is believed to be a contributing factor to the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease today.

Paleo meals are not a “new way” of eating, it is rather a rediscovered one. It is also known as paleolithic diet, stone-age diet, hunter-gatherer diet, and caveman diet.

paleo meal deliveryBenefits Of Paleo Meals

  • Paleo diets help in weight loss
  • It improves focus and sleep
  • It also helps reduce blemishes and improves skin by eliminating sugar, dairy, and gluten
  • It helps in proper digestion, boosts energy and immunity
  • The right balance of protein, healthy fats and good carbohydrates in paleo meals help maintain well-balanced blood sugar

In 2019 a systematic review and meta-analysis looked at findings from 1,088 articles and supported the effectiveness of paleo diets.

Paleo Meal Delivery: A New Age Business Idea

Paleo diet became the most Googled diet term in 2015.

Currently, 3 million Americans follow the stripped-down, back-to-basics way of eating. 

A study by Kitchen Stories in 2019 revealed that 78% of people in the US prefer to order a diet meal than prepare at home.

paleo meal deliveryPaleo meal delivery services have witnessed a surge ever since people realized that adopting and maintaining a paleo-lifestyle is more difficult than other food tweaks. 

Paleo meal delivery

Subscription-based paleo meal delivery services have proven to be very beneficial. 

  1. It makes clean eating simple
  2. It overcomes the challenges of meal planning and prepping
  3. Prepares delicious recipes with 100% organic produce and clean paleo ingredients
  4. Provides convenience by delivering right at the doorstep

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Best Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Snap Kitchen | Best Overall

Snap Kitchen serves most of the U.S., offering fully prepared breakfast, lunches, and dinners that have been curated by registered dietitians and chefs. This paleo meal delivery service opts for organic ingredients and is transparent in how they source their animal proteins. It also provides health tips on the ordering page. 

Paleo On The Go | Best For Meat Lovers 

Paleo On The Go is a solution to today’s “always on the go” lifestyle for people seeking delicious, ready-made meals prepared with real food ingredients. This paleo meal delivery service prides itself on using top-notch animal proteins. All of their meals are Whole30 Approved® to match peoples’ dietary needs.

paleo meal delivery

Fresh N Lean | Most Budget Friendly

Fresh n Lean makes eating paleo easy, accessible, and affordable. Meals are prepared and delivered fresh. Every meal of this paleo meal delivery service is gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. 

paleo meal diet

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Pete’s Paleo | Best Variety

What makes Pete’s Paleo special is that it’s one of the few paleo-only meal delivery services.  It puts high importance on using seasonal ingredients, and ensures that the menu is treated differently each time—different spices and cooking methods.

It offers already prepared meals featuring seasonal, organic produce and sustainably raised animal products. 

Consumers will not only enjoy a range of flavors, but nutritional variety as well. 

paleo meal delivery

Why Pick This Business?

3 reasons have played a big role in making this business a flourishing one.

  • Convenience is the major driving factor for the success of paleo meal delivery business. 
  • People with busy and hectic lifestyles always want to eat right, but never have the time or inclination to prepare.
  • Product innovation, increasing demand from emerging economies, and the growing popularity of ready-to-eat meals have fueled the global paleo food market.

A unique plan and its perfect execution will make your delivery service stand out, and help you achieve entrepreneurial goals.

Paleo meal delivery

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