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Payments with RoadYo: Uber Clone / Lyft Clone / Careem Clone by Appscrip

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The RoadYo app – Uber Clone by Appscrip, processes payment for any trip a user takes. When a user registers the very first time on RoadYo, he is requested to add his card details to allow the user to access his card on the fly while booking a ride.  Before requesting a ride, user can use the app to select the payment of the user’s choice. When a trip ends, user’s selected payment method will be charged. RoadYo – Uber Clone / Lyft Clone / Easy Taxi Clone / Didi Chuxing Clone / Hailio Clone supports both card and cash payments and is flexible enough to have any other payment option added to the solution.

How to add cards to your RoadYo app?

  1. Tap the menu icon and select PAYMENTS.
  2. Tap ADD CARD.
  3. Add a card by, scanning a card, manually entering card info.

How to change your payment method to your RoadYo app?

You can change the payment method from Cash to Card or vice versa before booking the ride.

  1. Select the RoadYo vehicle type.
  2. Select the Pickup Location.
  3. Know the ETA and estimated fare when the Drop Off location is selected.
  4. The payment method is by default selected to “CASH”, user can change it to CARD
  5. When you select Card, a card from the list of added cards needs to be selected.

Roadyo- For On demand taxi booking/ On demand transportation –  Our Uber Clone / MyTaxi Clone / Careem Clone / Lyft Clone / Ola Clone / Didi Chuxing Clone / Side Car Clone / Flywheel Clone / Taxi Magic Clone / Easy Taxi Clone /Hailio Taxi Clone  comes with a cash and card option by default in the base application, the card payments are process by Stripe in the application. You can choose your payment gateway that you wish to integrate and we’ll have that up and running for you in no time.

If you think you can be the next Uber/Careem/Lyft/Ola/Didi Chuxing/Side Car/Flywheel/Taxi Magic/EasyTaxi/Hailio Taxi reach out to us at

or write to .

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