7 Best Prescription Delivery Websites In Finland

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Demanding situations have forced the medical industry to inculcate technology to enhance services and advance at a rapid pace.

Medical practitioners, suppliers, and innovators are taking this challenge head-on globally. With the advancement of prescription delivery websites in Finland, even precautions such as stepping outdoors did not inconvenience the hoi-polloi.

Finland, better known as ‘Suomi’ in the Finnish language has not been left behind in this feat especially with regards to the pharmacy sector or also known as Apteekki.

The advent of the on-demand business model has profoundly transformed human way of life as well as most customer oriented sectors. This model of operation has now spread into the healthcare sector disrupting the domain hugely. The disruption has affected how hospitals and clinics operate, pharmacy delivery, medical supply distribution, and other medical services.

Now you can get your prescription delivered home using prescription delivery websites in Finland.

Prescription delivery websites in Finland can provide consumers with ample value. The ability to schedule consultations with healthcare providers or clinics and ensure privacy of services, these applications provide a much broader range of services than what local pharmacy provide. Many existing pharmacies have gone on to develop smartphone applications so as to enhance customer service.

Prescription Delivery websites in Finland

Introduction To Prescription Delivery Websites In Finland

Smaller than Norway, Finland has a population of around 5.5 million people. This advanced country uses electronic prescriptions to fulfil delivery of pharmaceutical items to the local populace. Equipped with an exceptional education system, it provides world-class medication and consultancy to its citizens. The happiest country ranks 7th around the globe in terms of innovation.

Thus, it is no surprise that it lists among countries that have relatively decent access to healthcare. Figures suggest the revenue of the online pharmacy segment is set to reach $37.28 million at an annual growth rate of 9.88%. By 2027, the market volume would be touching a humungous $59.70 million.

1.    Yliopiston Apteekki

COBALT advised Yliopiston Apteekki OY - Prescription delivery websites in Finland

This extensive platform of Yliopiston Apteekki offers cosmetics, vitamins, skincare, and prescription drugs among many other products. Around 17 pharmacies and an online platform are available with 16,000 products which people can buy. The online store operates in Finland and Russia, while it is a well-known fact that it was launched way back in 1755. Since then, it has helped healthcare gain priority from its inception two and a half-centuries ago in Finland.

Every penny made from the sale of a cream, ointment, or tablet on Yliopiston Apteekki is used by the business to finance Finnish education and research. The company’s online pharmacy is visited by more than 10 million people. In 2021, their sales worth $268.2 million were responsible for 79% of the total Finnish pharmacy business.

2.     Bonus Apteekki

Verkkoapteekki - Prescription delivery websites in Finland

The “We don’t have cheap prices” platform is a family-run business by Helena Jalonen. It has a huge selection of well-known pharma brands that are delivered on the order date or within 2 days. A variety of products under this platform are available at discounted prices at all times.

Alongside, the business has its own product category of vegan products and made-in-Finland offerings. The medicines on Bonus Apteekki are available nationwide.

3.      Apteekki Ideapark

Apteekki Ideapark Lempäälä- Prescription delivery websites in Finland

Lempäälä-based Apteekkii Ideapark has been an active platform since 2006. Its services include quick delivery of prescription drugs and assessment for the latest e-prescriptions. Ideapark has around 4,000 products available for consumers seeking relief from allergies, flu, and pain or skin and animal care. The online pharmacy takes orders 24/7 and delivers them to your doorstep.

4.       Euroclinix

euroClinix - Prescription delivery websites in Finland

Euroclinix makes taking care of oneself possible by providing a holistic healthcare solution. The 2005 private online provider has in-house doctors who offer treatments for around 40 types of ailments and medical conditions. Through the platform, one can book a consultation session and get the prescription approved by an authorized physician.

Afterward, the medicines get delivered within 24 hours. As of now, the business has successfully treated 2.1 million patients.

5.      Parafarmacia Papalia

Pharmacy Delivery Websites in Finland
Pharmacy Delivery Websites – Average Revenue Per User

The online pharmacy, Parafarmacia founded by Antonio Papalia offers its products offline as well as online. When the platform was launched in 2009, while earlier they only sold over-the-counter products to consumers. Now, it offers an array of medicines for all types of illness and diseases related to eye care, muscle pain, or acne.

The Spain-based e-pharmacy delivers the best brands at a cheaper rate to around 37 countries in the world.

6.       Apteekki Tuotteet

Joensuu Uusi Apteekki | Verkkokauppa | Elämän mittaista ...

The 2006 Apteekki Tuotet business is one of the newest in the e-pharmacy industry in Finland. Back then, the online pharmacy sector was not as widespread and established as it is now. This prescription delivery websites in Finland was among the first to sell medicines online. The Turku-based online pharmacy has around 10,000 products to offer on its platform.

In 2021, the turnover of the company was $6.1 million while the profit it earned was $1.3 million.


7.        Myyrmannin Apteekki

Apteekki Vantaa, Myyrmäki | Avoinna joka päivä

Myyrmannin gathers all medical services under a single umbrella. The online business was established in 1998. One can get medically treated as the business offers expert services and consultancy. As their pharmacists are well-trained by the medical fraternity, they are qualified to help customers understand the usage and consumption of medicines.

One can also get drugs exchanged using Myyrmannin Apteekki. Along with prescription medicines, one can buy cosmetics, supplements, and care products.

Medicines are life-saving. Taking them on time is just as important. Physical pharmacies are not always convenient and can compromise keeping anonymity. At times, it might not even be possible for healthcare consumers to leave the house or drive miles to get their pills and tonics. Thus, e-pharmacies can save time and improve access to healthcare.

Depending on the number of services, prescription delivery websites in Finland can be a savior for people in need of medication.

Business & Revenue Model – Prescription Delivery Websites In Finland 

Prescription delivery websites in Finland
Medme Software Solution For Pharmacy Delivery

Increase in demand for pharmacy delivery apps are evident. In the US more than $450 billion was spent on medications in 2020. Now that people have resorted to online means on prescription delivery, even a modest slice of the pie generated by this industry serving clients will be substantial.

Medicine delivery app benefits everyone, from pharmacies that can now handle more customer and patients benefit the convenience of having medicines delivered home, especially when they are suffering. One of the biggest advantages is the simplicity of purchasing and now ensuring there is transparency is the billing process.

Most prescription delivery websites in Finland use a business model to generate profits. These business models can either be the marketplace or operational business model. With the right knowledge of legal procedures and a business plan, all entrepreneurs are fit to create their prescription delivery website in Finland.

An online business saves its rental and warehousing costs for entrepreneurs. It can be a dependable source of income with in-app ads, subscriptions, and consistent sales.

After taking care of foundational plans, your platform’s usability and ease become important. Lesser the clicks and procedures, the better the chances of consumers sticking to your website instead of bouncing off. Engage your consumers with your platform by choosing the right developers, designers, and company as a whole. If the results are as good as Med.me by Appscrip, then your business is set to flourish without any flaws.

Prescription delivery websites in Finland

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