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The modern era has come up with its own set of limitations and blessings that has us in its grips.

Although on one hand, this technology-focused world has isolated us not only from our dear ones but also from ourselves, it has also heaped us with convenience which helps us manage our time efficiently.

At the outset, it may not seem like prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar could make much of a headway with scores of brick ‘n’ mortar pharmacy outlets. But then, we got to understand who needs medications? It is the sick.

Hence, for them to go out and buy medications will not be feasible when they are unwell and don’t have help.

Moreover, your doctor won’t change your prescriptions whether the pharmacy delivers medicines home or not. Even if you have to drive down to the corner drugstore, it’s a difficult ask especially when you are not doing well. Therefore having medications delivered home when you are sick is not only a convenience, but a necessity.

Prescription delivery websites world over

Introduction: Prescription Delivery Websites In Gibraltar

You might be surprised to learn that a research conducted in Gibraltar revealed that patients can benefit in a number of ways by opting for pharmacy delivery services. This is especially true when it’s included as part of a comprehensive medication management program.

Contactless delivery is a new trend in the pharmacy industry that has gained momentum as a result of technological advancements. The pharmacy industry needs to keep up with other industry sectors and adopt delivery services as it is the need of the hour.

With prescription delivery services, one can order medicines using a smartphone and get them delivered to their doorstep.

What are Prescription delivery apps?

After meeting up with your GP due any ailment or sickness, the GP could prescribe some medications to get you back on your feet. Now this prescription could be passed on to a pharmacy (electronically) to get your medicines delivered home.

You can upload a picture of your prescription through a smartphone and get those medicines delivered to your doorstep.

Advantages Of Prescription Delivery Websites

When you add up the benefits of adherence, accuracy and efficacy of the system and less pharmaceutical waste, home delivery of medications is the optimal way to control long term healthcare costs.

  • Saves Time

When you are sick and don’t have help, prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar saves the day for you. Traveling to a pharmacy and then finding out that the prescribed medicines are out of stock is a disappointment.

  • Provides Information

Prescription delivery websites provide you with necessary information right from the convenience of your home. You can check the availability of the medicines or look for equivalents which could be cheaper.

  •  No Travel Cost

Spending money to commute to a store can be irritating and time consuming. Hence, prescription delivery apps save you money that you have to spend on travel.

  •  Privacy While Ordering Medicines

Prescription delivery websites give their customers the necessary privacy while ordering their medicines. It maintains the confidentiality of its customers.

  • Lower Prices Due To Discounts / Loyalty Points / Referral Codes

Customers can avail more discounts, coupons, and offers by ordering through prescription delivery websites. This is not the case in terms of a physical visit to the store.

  •  Easy Navigation & Tracking

You can easily track the delivery status through these apps which makes it a hassle-free experience.

  •   Flexible Payments

Customers can make payments through various means that is available on the app/website or even opt for cash-on-delivery.

Prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar - Europe
Online Prescription Delivery In Europe In 2021

 5 Prescription Delivery Websites In Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) takes care of the public sector healthcare in Gibraltar. They are responsible for the national insurance scheme, which is also the Group Practice Medical Scheme (GPMS).

A British national or anyone registered with the GPMS, will receive prescriptions that are subsidized under the national scheme. But if citizens consult with a private sector GP, prescriptions can then be covered by their private health insurance. In some cases you would have to purchase your own medications.

All medications that you need in Gibraltar can be sourced via prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar. You can also get them OTC medications easily but in some cases people do head over to Spain to purchase medicines.

The GHA recently implemented the new repeat prescription service at their Primary Care Centre so that patients are not hassled for repeat prescription of their regular medications. This can be done without having to book an appointment with a GP.

All you got to do is, take your prescription to the Repeat Prescription Desk at the Main Counter and get the medication. In fact Gibraltarian authorities have announced that medical marijuana would soon be legalized.

But it would be available only at the St Bernard’s hospital pharmacy and its usage confined to severe health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, muscle spasms, chemotherapy side effects and life-threatening pains.

Below we have listed for you the top 5 prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar.

 1.  Family Pharmacy

Family Pharmacy Gibraltar - Prescription Delivery Websites in Gibraltar

Annual Revenue- $3.3 Million

Family Pharmacy is among the popular prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar. The pharmacy stocks an extensive range of medicines, vitamins, minerals, and herbal products, to be take care during illness. Dedicated pharmacist will provide you with all necessary information regarding your prescription or OTC medication.

The pharmacist also clears any queries or doubts regarding the medication. The family pharmacy was launched in Gibraltar during 2015 and has taken up to online dispensation of the medicines as of 2020. The pharmacy is also centrally located, hence there would not be much delay if clients opt for home delivery. They are also into health & wellness that provides pharmacy services.

It has headquarters in Vidor, Texas, United States. Lori Kolarsky is the co-owner of Family Pharmacy.

Monetization & Business Model

Pharmacists make money by tying up with other service providers or through ads.

2.      Calpe Pharmacy

Calpe Pharmacy – Gibraltar – Prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar

Revenue: <$5 Million.

Calpe pharmacy is yet another popular prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar. This pharmacy has supported Gibraltar throughout the lockdown. It is a family-run business founded in the year 1908.

Calpe pharmacy has 3 branches on Gibraltar’s Main Street. It delivers both Private and GHA prescriptions. George Linares is the manager of Calpe Pharmacy. It has headquarters in Gibraltar only.

Monetization & Business Model

The business model used by Calpe pharmacy is through offers, discounts, and other methods of promotion, this provides good margin and profits. Pharmacists make money through gross margins of about 20-50% selling generic medicines compared with 16-22% selling brand-name medicines.

3.   Trafalgar Pharmacy Europort

Trafalgar Pharmacy | Prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar

Another popular prescription delivery website in Gibraltar. It offers a wide variety of quality products. It has branches in Main Street and Eurotowers/WestOne. Ginny Cooper is the owner of the pharmacy founded in January 2017. This pharmacy’s prime objective is to provide superior service and quality.

Monetization & Business Model

Generic eCommerce marketplace is a technology-driven electronic platform where many products like electronics, fashion, furniture, home furnishings, and cosmetics are sold.

4.     Morrisons Pharmacy

Morrisons - Prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar

Estimates Annual Revenue- 402.6K

It is also one of the leading prescription delivery websites in Gibraltar.  Apart from medicines, we provide consultation services also. The services are confidential. It was founded by James Morrison in 1899. It was run by the Morrison Family for over 100 years. It has headquarters in the United States.

Monetization & Business Model

Pharmacists in Gibraltar make money through margins. This margin is set as per the medicine make. Most medicines have a margin of 20-40% while generic medicines have margins of 16-22% selling branded medicines.

5.     Wesley Pharmacy

Introduction: The Wesley Pharmacy is a section 90 pharmacy ...

Revenue: <$5 Million

Wesley pharmacy was founded in 1977, it has multiple communities and hospital pharmacies that supply general pharmacy medicines and professional services as well. David Brand is the owner of the Wesley pharmacy group.

It has headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States. Wesley pharmacy’s objective is to improve the health of people and their families. It is again the popular prescription delivery website in Gibraltar.

The services of this pharmacy are funded through health fund payments to the clinics.

Monetization & Business Model

It has associated itself with numerous large Private Care Hospitals, Day Hospitals, and State and Territory Health Departments.

Benefits Of Launching A Similar Business

  • Global prescription delivery industry is expected to experience a rise of 8% CAGR from 2022 to 2030.
  • As per the future market estimate, pharmacy stores hold a considerable share, of over 65% in 2021 within the global market.
  • Also, this kind of business helps business owners to streamline orders as they can integrate all orders and delivery partners into one place.
  • With an app or a website, analytics will help uncover a plethora of information like number of orders, deliveries made, cancelled orders, rare medications, sales report and more.

Moreover, business owners can identify opportunities like those mentioned above to grow their businesses. Innovation and out of box thinking are the key factors in making your business a success.

Conclusion: Prescription Delivery Websites In Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a plethora of pharmacies all over the place, including one in Morrison’s supermarket, therefore the general public would not find it too difficult in to source the medication they need.

Buying medications is not the only difficulty patient’s face, but consuming them correctly and timely, which is also called adherence. This can be challenging when you have to ingest multiple prescriptions, with each one having its own set of instructions.

Pharmacy delivery services make use of advanced technologies to ensure prescriptions from pharmacies are supplied correctly. Another benefit of using technology or robotic dispensing tools to fulfil mediations is greater efficiencies throughout the medication management process.

Entrepreneurs, can foray into the online pharmacy delivery market using the Pharmacy Delivery Software developed by Appscrip.

Prescription Delivery websites in Gibraltar

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