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In an age where old perceptions are crumbling, casual, hookup sex is becoming passe. Our lives are stressful. We don’t have the time or inclination to look for something meaningful. It’s already a lot of work to focus on oneself. So where do we find the time to pander to the whims and fancies of the others?

With more and more people worldwide questioning monogamy, it’s only natural for one to seek a quick roll in the bed and seek gratification and bodily relief from a one-time encounter.

A hookup is usually a sexual encounter that is unplanned, casual and without any promise of a future. It involves no other form of intimacy.

No Strings Attached (NSA) sex is another term for having sex with nothing tying the people together.

hookup app sex

The “hooking up” culture has become popular among college students and young adults. Many apps cater to people who don’t want to be invested in a relationship other than a brief sexual encounter with no promise of a future.

Young people are enjoying their financial freedom and want to remain single for as long as they want. Casual sex conveniently fills in the gap between the onset of sexual desire and a long-term relationship.

Casual sex is no longer frowned upon in our society the way it was, perhaps a decade ago. Just like hunger is a need, so is sex. Sex is also a major contributor to the well being of a person.

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Why Is There A Need of Sex Hookup Apps?

Dating apps can be a fantastic resource for finding a long-term relationship or even your “soul mate”. But that’s not always what a person may be looking for.

Sometimes you just want to find someone close by who you can have a little fun with. A chance encounter that is devoid of emotional involvement. We all need that at some point don’t we?

Luckily, some sex hookup apps are designed specifically with hookups in mind.

Whether you’re visiting a new city for just a few nights and want to meet someone to keep you company while you’re there, hookup-specific apps work great.

If one-night stands, sex with random strangers and hookups are what float your boat then we recommend a few rules before you get some action between the sheets.

Rules Of Casual Sex

Couple having sex

Keep It Light

No heavy emotional talk about your life’s problems. General questions like “What do you do?“, “Where did you grow up?“, favourite movies, books are all fine.

Keep it Simple

Casual sex is not the place to try experimentation or things with which you don’t already have a comfort level. Try fairly common sex acts that you both are comfortable with.

Have a Frank Talk if You Want to Keep Having Sex

“Are you cool with keeping this casual? No big deal if you aren’t, I just want to be on the same page because that’s what I’m looking for.”

Don’t Linger!

Prolonged proximity leads to intimacy. If you hang out with someone long enough, you become friends, and then you’re friends who are regularly sleeping together and spending the subsequent day together, and then bam!

Don’t Make It Weird

Don’t get possessive & stalk their Instagram and social media. Don’t put outposts that you two are hooking up. Never try to go out of the way to do stuff like picking up groceries, walking their dog.

Such activities replicate a dating pattern. You are there to enjoy the physical fruits of pleasure. That’s about it. Just be cool and have fun.

Crème de la Crème Of The Sex Hookup Apps

Are you ready to hook up? Yes? Let’s assist you by pointing out the best sex hookup apps.  Have fun downloading and finding a no-strings-attached fling.

  Pure – Time-Bound Sex Hookup App

PURE app for finding casual sex
Pure calls itself the hookup app for awesome people and is the most “no-strings-attached” option out there.
There is a one hour window to access your matches.
This eliminates annoying noncommittal conversations that drag on and on.
Who would want to chat when all you want to do is to jump straight into bed.
If you two decide to meet up, you can drop a pin and select a meeting place.

In an age where old perceptions are crumbling, casual, hookup sex is becoming passe. Our lives are stressful. We don’t have the time or inclination to look for something meaningful. It’s already a lot of work to focus on oneself. So where do we find the time to pander to the whims and fancies of the others?

PURE is the place to find a booty call who won’t try to text you earlier than midnight.
The app rules urge you to “pretend like you’re strangers afterwards,” making no-strings-attached sex the only name of the game here.

Casualx – Tinder Minus the ‘Marriage-Minded’ Daters

CasualX brands itself as a Tinder and Craigslist alternative for one-night stands, with users looking for hook-ups, friends with benefits, swinging, extramarital affairs, and anything else sexual without the emotional attachment.

casualx NSA sex hookup apps

For those who feel like they encounter too many relationship-minded people on Tinder, Casualx is billing itself as the answer.

Given Casualx’s openly suggestive selling point, there are additional safety features built in, such as a pattern lock that only you know the sequence to unlock.

Users can get a casual hook-up fairly easy without any strings attached. The app is also organized, easy to use, and provides security features.


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 Hud – There Is No Swipe Feature! For Those Who Hate Tinder!


Hud is one of the few hookup apps that don’t use the swipe feature. Instead you can look at all the singles at a single glance. If you’re interested in finding singles for casual sex, friends with benefits, threesome, or talk & flirt, then Hud has got you covered. Hud also welcomes people of all sexualities.

The messaging feature is completely FREE.

You also don’t have to have to wait for mutual likes to start talking. With 6 million users worldwide, Hud is the first app to integrate with SAFE App, which offers more affordable STD monitoring and serves as a comfortable place to access and import your verified STD results.

It offers a one-month free trial so that you can see whether the potential matches are people you’re attracted to.

 Feeld ~ Private Space To Meet People With Minds That Breathe Freedom

For those frustrated with Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid and Her!

This is a very upcoming and bold app for casual sex hookups and a must-try. Since January 2019, Feeld’s active users have grown by 160%, consolidating it as the largest dating app of its kind.

After downloading you have to be ready to take a leap of faith with this app.

Users aren’t required to use their real names, though all members are Facebook-verified.

You can choose to be hidden from friends, ensuring some level of privacy. Get matched with people around you and start a chat, where you can send messages that disappear after being viewed. Isn’t this simply wow?

sex hookup apps

And now there’s a new feature that lets you anonymously invite your crush to the app. Real game-changer.

Update: Field lets you set your location to cities where they have a lot of users (if you’ll be visiting there in the future). For the current ongoing pandemic, they added a new location: “Quarantine” just for folks who want to swipe and be naughty online.
Feeld dating app Isolation location settings

Sex is something that appeals to baser instincts of a human. Its both a need and a desire that people try to get by both fair, unfair and criminal means. When there are apps that fulfil this carnal instinct why not give them a try.

sex hookup apps

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