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Stephen Curry Ethnicity

Stephen Curry was born on 14th March 1988 in Akron Ohio, but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stephen Curry’s ethnicity has been a bone of contention due to his light skin. Stephen Curry dad is of African-American descent and his Stephen Curry mom is African American Creole with Haitian ethnic background from both her parents-side.

Stephen Curry is the oldest son of a former NBA player Dell Curry. He learned the basics of the game by watching and practicing with his dad.

But it was his mother Sonya (a 1st division volleyball player) who ingrained in him the basic traits of hard work and discipline, as his father was out perennially on the road with his team playing games.

Stephen Curry Ethnicity

Stephen Curry Family

  • Stephen Curry has two siblings, Sydel- his younger-sister who went on to become a volleyball player at Elon University.
  • While his younger brother Seth Curry, also took up a career in professional basketball after debuting with Duke University.
  • Stephen Curry married Ayesha Alexander (born 23rd Mar’89 in Toronto) his college sweetheart on 30th July, 2011. She is an entrepreneur and former actress known for her role in Ballers series on HBO and as a host on Ayesha’s Home Kitchen on Food Network.
  • Stephen and Ayesha have two daughters and a son. Riley, was born on 19th July 2012 and Ryan, born on 10th July’15. After three years on 4th July 2018 they welcomed their son Canon W Jack.

Stephen Curry Accolades

Stephen Curry was enlisted by Golden state in 2009 and that propelled him into an ace pro basketball star with his impressive shooting skills.

He was bestowed with the Most Valuable Player honors and helped the Warriors win the NBA championship in 2015, Curry led them to a league-record of 73 wins the next season.

Curry became the first player in May’16 to be named MVP by a unanimous vote in NBA history.

He is the only player among 11 others to win the MVP award two years in a row. Curry then helped the Warriors win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and bag the NBA title in 2017 and ’18.

Stephen Curry Ethnicity

  • Stephen Curry has a net worth of $90 million as of 2019. Curry signed a four-year contract extension with Golden State Warriors in 2012.
  • Curry’s $12.1 million yearly salary garnered him the 85th-highest paid NBA player for 2016-17 season.
  • But he bounced back in June 2017 and made up for his poor bargaining in the earlier season to create for himself NBA’s highest-paid contract ever: a $201 million salary over five years through the 2020-21 season.
  • Forbes estimated Curry had made $76.9 million for the 2017-18 season, which is grossly higher than the previous years’ $47.3 million estimate.
  • Curry’s Golden State salary nearly tripled from $12.1 million to $34.7 million, and then he added another enormous endorsement deal in the latter year.

Curry has signed other endorsement deals with Under Armour, JPMorgan Chase, Brita, Vivo and PressPlay.

Stephen curry stats

Stephen Curry’s Salary and Contract

In 2012, Steph Curry signed a four-year contract extension with the Golden State Warriors. Curry’s $12.1 yearly salary made him the 85th-highest paid NBA player during the 2016-17 season. This was despite his two-time MVP status. However, in June 2017, Curry made up for his previous bargain rate and then some by signing the NBA’s highest-paid contract ever: a $201 million salary over five years. This will take him through the 2020-21 season.

Curry has signed endorsement deals with Under Armour, JPMorgan Chase, Brita, Vivo and PressPlay.

Volunteer Work

From his days as a student at Davidson, Curry involved himself with the United Nations Foundation “Nothing But Nets” campaign. In this campaign insecticide-treated mosquito nets are being distributed across Africa to combat malaria.

Stephen the quintessential NBA star is also involved in raising funds for schools through the Stephen Curry Foundation and ensures to  host a pair of charity golf events annually.

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry – Unanimous Media

Curry baptized his newly formed production company, as Unanimous Media, during April 2018. He announced the signing of a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment. With the arrangement in place, it gave Sony first-look rights at Unanimous’ film and TV projects. The media house will reportedly focus on faith, family and sports-related content. Stephen Curry’s ethnicity and faith led to him to this decision.

“I have been blessed bountifully to have this stage set for me. I want to ensure to use it positively. Partnering with Sony and to share inspiring content on a global level is a blessing in disguise.” said Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry Injured

Curry started the game against Phoenix Suns on 30th Oct’19 at home scoring seven points in the first three minutes. Phoenix then raced to an incredible 30-1 run emphasizing State’s defensive struggles. Soon Curry exited the game with a left wrist injury.

Curry got sandwiched between two Sun defenders Kelly Oubre Jr. and Aron Baynes as he went for a shot. This brought him down head first landing hard and awkwardly on his hands, with Baynes crashing onto Curry’s left hand. Curry grimaced in pain and with 8:31 left in the third quarter walked off injured.

The Suns wound up winning 121-110, this was Golden State’s third double-digit loss. Shortly thereafter word came that Curry had suffered a broken left hand. Warriors announced the recovery timetable on Friday 1st Nov’19.

Stephen Curry underwent surgery on 1st Nov’19 on his broken left wrist and the Golden State Warriors have confirmed that he would miss at least three months of action but is expected to make a full recovery.

The most recent report on Curry suggested a return date of March 1 and that might hold good. If he does indeed return at the start of March, he’ll have the final 22 games to make a fantasy impact.

Stephen Curry Finishes 9th at Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe

Stephen Curry visited Edgewood Tahoe golf course in South Lake Tahoe to participate in the 32nd American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. This was his ninth appearance in the annual event. The three-day tournament teed off on Friday and featured three rounds over the weekend. Curry finished ninth at the event that had 80 other athletes and celebrities.

In first round, Curry shot a one-under after picking up a birdie on three of his six holes, finishing with 21 and in eighth place. Curry shot two-over on Saturday during the second round to tally 39 for sixth place and four-over in the third round to record a final score of 56 for a ninth place. Curry scored three birdies in each round, and an additional eagle on his final hole to end the tournament on a high note. Over three rounds, Curry added 1 eagle, 9 birdies, 33 pars, six bogeys and five double bogeys.

Sports Professionals Can Turn Entrepreneurs

We have seen here that Stephen Curry has utilized his abilities to engage in profitable activities outside sports to gain fame and money in the process. There are plenty of options for Sports professionals to take up opportunities that come their way to pave a way for their future. We list it out:

Sports Commentators

Most of us are sports fans and love to watch our favourite teams play. While watching the game we aspire to know more about the match situation, what to watch out for and possible result. Sportsmen who have played the game could help viewers with their acumen here and are much wanted for their knowledge and expertise.

Sports Photography

Who doesn’t love a great picture of theirs whilst playing a game? Especially parents want memorable pictures and lasting records of their kid scoring the winning goal or hitting a homerun. Usually they only get a blurry action shot on their smartphone or camera. As a sports photographer, you can work to capture photos of each player and sell them to proud parents.

Sports Writers

As a sports-professional early on you have in depth knowledge which you can share through a sports copywriting firm. You can freelance for a local news agencies or ghost-write for major / minor-leagues. You always have to opportunity to begin and blog and monetize.

Personal Trainers

Athletes and sports professionals need to stay in peak condition all through the year. With your experience you could advice regarding how to follow a nutritious diet and follow a strict workout regimen. Players need health coaches to curate menus and create individualized workout plans. Becoming a personal trainer is a wonderful option.

PR Professionals

Professionals or amateur players frequently make headlines with their athletic abilities, but are not known outside of their sport. They could also be entrepreneurs and/or philanthropists, but it takes a great public relations agent to get their personal brands the exposure it needs off the field. Why not launch an independent sports PR firm?

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods store is another domain that is grabbing eyeballs as more people take up to sports. After having specialized in a particular sport, you can become the authority on gear, local team merchandise and other topics related to that sport on the equipment teams should be using.

Steph Curry is the new Roger Federer

It’s not that Steph Curry is among the greatest ever the game of basketball has produced. He also plays in an aesthetic and touching manner. He is an admirable athlete and an NBA champion several times over. It’s more of a mood when it comes to him. We know that Federer had bouts of injury that hampered the sports aficionados who loved to watch him play. Similarly with Curry, there is this urgent to have him around. He ought to drop everything to see play basketball because you are not quite sure you will ever see someone play like that again.

Stephen Curry Ethnicity

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