This Technological Trend Can Help Your App Keep The Warmth!

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Following all the latest trends may not always be wise, but following technological trends without which your applications cannot sustain themselves in the industry is a must.

What is this technology trend that is creating a stir amongst app owners and app development companies to make it a must-have feature in the apps?

The Tech trend we are talking about is REALTIME!

The on-demand economy has completely changed the shopping experience for a whole lot of us. A person can order products, services, a piece of data etc without having to go anywhere except to a different tab or an app.

The kind of craze on-demand shopping has caused amongst us all is enormous.

It is highly significant for people to know about the real-time whereabouts of the products or services they ordered.

In tandem with our increased dependency on on-demand services, the economy is growing bigger, faster, more efficient, and more connected. We have more and more options to choose from, more resources shared, and the new gig economy transforming jobs for the next generation.

Largely, the technology trend driving this growth is Real-Time.

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How Does Realtime Benefits Apps?

Currently, the app users want their experience of using applications to be more interactive and quick. Mobile app companies have started to include it in the software solutions they provide.

Here is how it reaps benefits:

 Realtime  RealTime Notifications & Alerts
Social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter use real-time solutions to send updates across global users via notifications. The trick here is to make sure only relevant and important data is shared using notifications.

Push notifications increase the app launches by 88%.

Realtime Live Streaming
With real-time solutions, it is easy to live-stream concerts, events, and much more on social media. Using news feeds or pop-ups, it is easy to loop in users from across the globe.

Realtime Transparency
When you implement real-time solutions in chat or gaming or cloud apps. These apps offer a transparent view of the activity taking place on both the side. It makes the app more engaging and exciting for the user to use.

Realtime Flourished On-Demand Economy
The on-demand economy has been significantly benefitted because of the real-time inclusion in the apps. The consumers are well aware of where the product is that they ordered and what time it is going to reach them.

Realtime Fastening the Experience
Users appreciate faster turnaround rate. They need faster feedback updates, quick deliveries, and effortless tracking. This works both ways, it also helps the apps to keep track of the feedback users are giving.

Acknowledgeable Change Led By Realtime

Realtime has replaced all the old methods of communication. They have made the apps easier and faster to use which explains the direct proportion of their increased use.

Real time has not only made instant messaging better but has also benefitted other industries significantly. Package delivery, food delivery, on-demand taxi apps, on-demand groceries, freight and logistics industry, etc.

The real-time update makes it easier to form trustworthy relations with customers quicker and for a longer duration.

Summing Up Realtime

The inclusion of real-time has changed our life by bringing to us the more interactive side of applications. This has made app development companies mandatory to include this trend.

In today’s time integrating your application with real-time features has become synonymous with speed and convenience. This is not just limited to one or two industries, it’s true in the case of all the industries.

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