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Telemedicine App Development

Software solutions / Applications for the healthcare industry have been in the market for quiet many years. But in recent years a spate of apps have come up, but do not have answers to all the requirements of remote handling of healthcare. With the Covid-19 crisis deepening the call is for smart assisted diagnosis and the push for such relevant technology.

There are Apps that are by far different from the crowd and provide solutions to handling of the entire gamut of the healthcare industry effectively.

We take a look at one such App: VaidG

Our on demand healthcare software solution VaidG has been designed for patient care in all possible situations. Individuals can opt for Doctor visiting home or clinical appointments or then go for telemedicine depending on the situation.

Now healthcare startups can personalise their very own doctors on-demand app as a standalone app or add this ‘Uber for Doctors’ solution into their existing healthcare system. This needs to be done to improve telemedicine app development.

Firstly the App provides for all possible options of patient care, that is:

  • Doctor at home
  • Visit A Doctor
  • Tele-Appointments

Treatment options screen

The booking of a healthcare professional can be done for yourself or for a dependent from your own account.

Appointment Screen

Facility to add or edit dependents is provided.

Selecting a Healthcare Professional

Telemedicine app development refers to the creation of software applications that allow patients and healthcare providers to connect virtually, via video, audio, or text-based communication, in order to receive and provide medical care remotely.

These apps often include features such as appointment scheduling, virtual consultations, prescription ordering, and remote monitoring of patients’ health.

After the individual selects his mode of treatment, the user is taken to another screen wherein he can select a medical professional/doctor.

Detailed Profile

The individual can select a Doctor based on a plethora of factors which are provided in the profile of each medical professional such as:

Education, Location, Specialization, Experience, Ratings, Reviews, Charges, Languages known and Availability.

The individual also has the option to select a Doctor based on his symptoms.

Specialist Screen

The App provides umpteen choices of symptoms or the same can be noted down in the provided box and images can be loaded too.

The App provides option to add as many specialties as necessary as there is no limit to it.

The appointment with a Doctor is fixed at an available time slot as shown in the App.

Time slot screen

And when the Doctor is on the way, the same can be tracked on the App.

Live Track You Doc

On the App is provided the entire schedule of the Doc.

Admin can track all Online Healthcare Professionals live on a map and follow them as they move around the city and view performance report through Acceptance Rate.

This metric can ensure all your partners keep a high customer satisfaction rate.


Video Call


If and when the consultation opted by the individual is remote and via Telemedicine, all conversations between doctor and patient that is recorded is encrypted end to end.

And this can be only viewed by only either by the Doctor or Patient or on a need to know basis. There are options for chatting or video call as well right from within the App.

Chat with media attachment


Doctor can also hold chat sessions and the patient can load relevant information as media or any other attachment as well. Such information also is encrypted to viewed only by Doctor or Client only.

This is in keeping with the doctor – patient confidentiality and in compliance to HIPAA regulations.

Payment Options 

The health care services are setup as a marketplace where professionals can set their own consultation fees.

Cancellation fee can be setup for each specialty. Several payment options are available for the individual such as wallet, cash or even via Insurance.

Payment Screen

The App provides for Insurance API’s integration.

The backend is compatible and firms taking up this App can have talks with the Insurance firms and link the Insurance API’s to provide easy payment option for clients.

Wallet / Account statements can be procured from the app, such as: Customer Wallet Statement, Healthcare Professional Wallet Statement, App Wallet Statement and Payment Gateway Statement.

The accounting system takes care of:

a) Cancellation fee.

b) Minimum fee.

c) Visit fee.

d) Additional fees (material fees, miscellaneous fees)

e) Extra fee for services.

Invoices are sent to customers via email.

Marketing Module

Promo codes and referral campaigns can be taken up to boost the traffic on the App. Configuration setting for promo code is valid only for the selected payment method so as to create an option only for people booking with say their credit card.

Analytics are available for which appointment the promo code was applied to. Security check in place to make sure the promo code cannot be abused.

Send Push Notifications

System admin can send notifications to both Healthcare Professionals and customers directly from the admin panel.

The App tracks the entire journey of a healthcare professional right from the: Appointment Requested, Appointment Confirmed, On The Way, Arrived, Appointment Started and Appointment Completed.

Technical Features

  • Use of keychain on iOS and Android to store credentials.
  • All API’s are secured with a wildcard SSL certificate.
  • Use of JWT and JWE for securing all API’s.
  • API gateway driven architecture with GRPC leveraged for micro-service communication.
  • Load Balancer supported for horizontal scaling.
  • All patient information is exchanged only with the medical practitioner and is end to end encrypted.
  • All patient doctor chat is end to end encrypted.
  • All customer data on the server is encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption.
  • Tele call between patient and healthcare professional is via secure WebRTC which is running on a secure WebRTC gateway which in-turn is running on a on-premise server infrastructure.
  • App secured from any DB injection.
  • Rate limit API and controller access to minimize the harm from automated attack tooling.
  • App protected from clickjacking protection, XSS, MIME-Sniffing, HSTS, HPKP or set the CORS settings.
  • Scripts are not deployed with default credentials, particularly for admin users
  • Uses a server-side, secure, built-in session manager that generates a new random session ID with high entropy after login. Session IDs should not be in the URL. Ids should also be securely stored and invalidated after logout, idle, and absolute timeouts.
  • JWT tokens are invalidated on the server after logout.

Future Of Telemedicine App Development

The future of telemedicine looks bright, as advances in technology and changes in healthcare delivery models are making it increasingly popular and accessible. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, as it provides a way for patients to receive medical care without leaving their homes, reducing the risk of exposure to the virus.

Even as the pandemic subsides, experts predict that telemedicine will continue to play an important role in healthcare, particularly in rural areas or for patients with mobility or transportation issues.

Telemedicine also has the potential to improve health outcomes by increasing access to care, reducing wait times, and allowing for more frequent monitoring of chronic conditions.

However, there are also concerns about the potential for telemedicine to exacerbate existing health disparities, particularly for low-income or underserved populations who may not have access to the necessary technology or internet connection. Overall, telemedicine app development is an exciting area with a lot of potential for improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Few Notable Differentiators

  1. Only app built in the market using the micro-service architecture.
  2. Search for specialist is possible through symptoms.
  3. API’s written in Node.js follow the best industry guidelines prescribed by Rising Stack.
  4. Only iOS App in market written in Swift 5 using the MVVM architecture.
  5. Only Android App in market written using the MVP Dagger clean architecture prescribed by Google.
  6. Provider search powered by Elastic search engine which only large apps use.
  7. End to end encryption is using 128 bit AES encryption.
  8. We have our own proprietary tech stack for real-time tracking healthcare professionals.
  9. Our app supports multiple currencies and can be deployed in several countries at the same time without requiring another server.
  10. In-depth real-time app monitoring of the Node.JS application to manage server infrastructure, integrated into slack for easy access of your technical support team.


Telemedicine Software


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