Top 5 EdTech Startups in the Netherlands

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The goal of education is to transform closed minds into ones that are more open to new ideas. Education has always been on the cutting edge of technological advancement since the beginning of time. Thus, were born the first edtech startups in the Netherlands. There are numerous business models for edtech companies; it is essential to select the most appropriate one.

Teachers are increasingly turning to technology to help them find new ways to deliver information to their students that are both efficient and effective. Edtech startups are widely regarded as having a significant impact due to the very nature of their industry.

Edtech companies contribute to the development of nations, economic growth, and a reduction in the outflow of talented individuals by working to make education more accessible to the general public and by improving the mechanisms that are already in place to deliver knowledge.

edtech startups in the netherlands

Knowledge and understanding of the education sector are critical to the success of an ed-tech startup from the beginning.

Here are some Edtech startups in the Netherlands that made it big due to their innovations in revolutionizing the classroom learning approach.

Best Edtech startups in the Netherlands


Organizations can use Studytube‘s learning management system to keep track of their employees’ progress. The available solutions include things like an online academy, a learning management framework, a training library, and authoring tools, among other things.

The platform gives businesses the ability to create their own training content as well as manage training. Companies such as Adecco, Eiffel, Royal Smilde, VolkerWessels, Fletcher Hotels, Medux, Vermaat, Sanoma, and Pay For People, among others, are among the clientele.

This Edtech startup in the Netherlands was established in Amsterdam in 2010, and it has received funding totaling 43 million euros from Energy Impact Partners, Verdane, and henQ.


WizeNote is a company based in Amsterdam that has been in business since 2013 and provides cloud-based platforms for educational institutions. One of the products is called YourSearchEngine, and it’s a search engine with a platform that can adapt to the age and reading level of the user. The reading level of the texts is determined automatically by the engine, and then the texts are adjusted to the appropriate level in a semi-automatic manner.

WizeNote is a content editor, and with its help, a text written for adults can be transformed into versions of the text that are appropriate for children. WizeScan is a platform that analyzes the readability of the content on any given website.

CapitalT, Project Literacy, Partners in Equity, and one other investor collectively contributed 8 million dollars toward its funding.


StuDocu is a website that allows users to upload and share a variety of documents, including free study guides, snippets, exams, lecture notes, and assignments, among other types of documents. It has an app that is similar to Zoom-K12 framework, where you can post study materials. The documents can be searched by the students according to their academic interests. Ratings are also given out by other students in the class. Web-based, as well as mobile-device-friendly access, is available. Utilizes a freemium business model for operation.

The company’s first office was established in Amsterdam in 2013, and it has since raised a total of 51 million euros in funding from Partech Partners, Peak Capital, Point Nine, and one other investor.


ReasoningLab is a piece of software that helps users develop their capacity for critical thinking by enabling them to visualize and develop their own thoughts. It uses a combination of graphical display tools and argument mapping to help users organize their thoughts.

Critical Thinking with Rationale, the company’s flagship product, facilitates critical thinking and writing as well as the preparation of arguments for debates. In addition to that, it provides a workspace known as bCisive, which allows for the visual presentation of thinking as well as decision making and communication through the creation of hypotheses and decision maps.

Founded in 2008 with initial funding of 4 million euros provided by Starfish Ventures in Amsterdam.


Students can use StudyPortals to search for and compare universities, as well as other educational institutions. Offers a variety of portals through which prospective students can locate universities offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Language Learning, and other types of programs. Offers a platform for educational institutions to market the courses they offer and raise their visibility.

It is possible to track the results of the campaigns, and the company claims that its platform covers more than one hundred thousand courses, the majority of which are for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Offers a variety of services, including the development of brands, marketing, and others.

The company was founded in Eindhoven in 2009 and received a $5 million investment from Keen Venture Partners and VOCCP.

Business Model of Edtech startups in the Netherlands

How do Edtech startups in the Netherlands make money? There are different types of business models.

Freemium Model

A significant number of EdTech companies appear to favor the freemium pricing model as their primary revenue strategy. The answer to your question about why you should refer to the first part of the name of this model is that the word “free” is included in it. This business model gives customers the opportunity to start using your product for free and gives them the choice to upgrade to a premium subscription at a later time.

This could work in one of two ways: either by limiting the features available (freemium model), or by limiting the amount of time available (free trial).

Top-down Model

The top-down or institutional model of advertising for edtech startups in the Netherlands to schools is a more traditional approach. Initially, the market size is calculated, and the intended market volume is determined based on the expected penetration rate.

The next step is to devise a strategy for realizing the anticipated revenue from the targeted market. This works like this: a school district makes a single purchase for all of its schools. The top-down paradigm has the advantage of requiring significant contracts from the districts.

These contracts take a long time to finalize and face a lot of competition from other providers, which is a drawback. EdTech companies are also expected to go the extra mile when it comes to contract terms and customer service.

Edtech Marketplace Model

When you don’t have any original content, you can develop a marketplace similar to Amazon, and teachers can sign up to sell their own material there. This business model gives instructors the opportunity to advertise their classes to a large number of prospective students, while also providing the platform with a means to generate revenue.

You can build apps using frameworks like Zoom-K12, an innovative cloud solution for online education, especially for K–12 Schools and Colleges. Teachers can easily create interactive study material on this online school software to hold extensive classes with the help of their material builder that is totally supported through embedded URLs, images, videos, YouTube links, etc.

edtech startups in the netherlands

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