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Poland’s booming app economy might be partly attributed to the convenience of food delivery apps in Poland. Rather than just offering convenience as a standalone service, they strive to meet the customers’ needs in every interaction they have with people. The on-demand food industry has shaken up established economies because it handles all aspects of the fine dining experience, from taking orders to preparing and delivering food.

It has been found that people can save time and effort by using four different types of convenience methods. Some examples of these are:

Decision Convenience: The term decision convenience is used to describe the simplicity with which a decision can be made. Zomato and Swiggy are two examples of apps where users may check reviews of nearby restaurants published by other users before deciding where to place an order.

Access Convenience: By access convenience, we mean the process of making something more easily and quickly accessible. Hot meals, for instance, can be delivered to your doorstep in as little as 15 minutes with the help of a service like Spoon Rocket. Whenever you want, and wherever you are, you can obtain a healthy meal.

Transaction Convenience: The speed and ease with which a transaction can be executed is a definition of convenience. To pay for anything, you can use your credit card, PayPal, or a mobile payment method like Apple Pay.

Post-Benefit Convenience: Streamlining the process of making a repeat purchase after receiving a benefit is a useful convenience. One way to shorten the time it takes to place an order is to create a bookmark including your billing and shipping information, as well as the products you frequently purchase.

Food delivery apps in Poland simplify and speed up eating or using a service.

The Best Food Delivery Apps in Poland

Uber Eats

The ridesharing giant Uber has expanded into the food delivery market with the introduction of Uber Eats in Poland. The app has an excellent tracking system, allowing users to keep track of their food deliveries and create just the appropriate amount of excitement.

Your food delivery guy, in contrast to Deliveroo, will keep the tip you give him after the delivery is made. Therefore, this method of tipping conforms more closely to the standard practice in other nations.

The user interface is minimalistic and straightforward, making the app simple to pick up and use. This app is fantastic if you want to explore the dining options in your area, as it can quickly determine your tastes in cuisine and make recommendations to nearby restaurants that serve them.


Glovo, an on-demand delivery business established in Barcelona, is expanding its capacity by launching a second tech center, it’s first in Poland. In April, Glovo raised $169 million for its Series D round of funding, from investors including Drake, owner of worldwide pizza restaurant Papa John’s, giving it the resources and the incentive to take up smaller players in the food delivery industry.

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Pizza Portal is expected to become one of the largest food delivery apps in Poland after being acquired by the company. The company currently only operates in eight locations across the country.


Wolt’s app streamlines the ordering process for customers, resulting in greater business for merchants and higher income potential for delivery services. It accomplishes this through the development of a wide range of technology, including local logistics, a retail app, and financial services, and the operation of its own food delivery apps in Poland under the Wolt Market brand.

In the year 2020, they added the ability to order groceries and food directly from the Wolt app, as well as other modifications to make Wolt orders as safe as possible, such as making deliveries completely contactless. In addition to the €100 million invested by Delivery Hero’s original investors and Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, the company also received €7.5 million from Delivery Hero co-founder Lukasz Gadowski.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to purchase meals online in Poland, go no further than, which features menus and contact information for every restaurant in your location. Customers can get their favorite food delivered to their door by selecting an area restaurant and ordering online. It allows for safe online (PayU, credit card, PayPal, Android Pay, and Sofort) and cash-on-delivery transactions.

Currently, it provides delivery support for approximately 6,000 eateries. They update their sales promotions and special offers for various eateries daily.


WellServed is a website where you can order food online. The restaurant owner can take advantage of a number of benefits, including improved analytics and forecasts, a more malleable menu, real-time feedback collection and analysis, more table turnover, and a technical edge.

Customers can place orders at the restaurant or in advance by examining images of the food, reading descriptions of the meals in multiple languages, and adjusting the dishes as needed. It began operations in 2014, and its founding investors included VentureOut and Teonite Venture Builder.

Business Model of Food Delivery Apps in Poland and How They Make Money

There are three main parts to any meal in a restaurant: placing an order, cooking the food, and serving the customer. Despite this, the on-demand food delivery apps in Poland have taken a full-cycle approach to each of these aspects, which has prompted it to disrupt current markets. With iDeliver platform, you can customize and build food delivery apps to cater to a wider range of customers.

Customers’ preferences for specific preparation and delivery times are considered during the ordering process. Any food delivery service’s website, mobile app, or phone number can be used to place an order. The orders could be for their in-house kitchen, or for another kitchen with whom they have a partnership.

Every on-demand company must have a reliable delivery system in place. Business models for delivering food to customers can vary widely, depending on a wide range of factors. Food delivery apps in Poland can help streamline several of the mentioned steps for any business. Online ordering, delivery and shipping management, and real-time order tracking can be automated with iDeliver.

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