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The rising number of people who engage in online dating apps in Sweden and view it as something that should be socially acceptable is contributing to the mainstreaming of online dating by society. The majority of people who use dating apps in the United States (84 percent) say that they are looking for a romantic partner.

Only 43 percent of people who use dating apps say that they are using them to make friendly contacts, and only 24 percent of people who use dating apps say they are using them specifically to have sexual relationships. According to Statista, the total number of users of dating apps as well as the total revenue generated by these applications are on the rise year after year and are forecast to continue their upward trend over the next few years.

online dating apps in sweden

There are around 139 million people across the world who use online dating apps currently, but by 2023, that number is predicted to climb to 161 million. It is anticipated that their total income would increase to 1,447 thousand dollars in the year 2023.

Here are some of the best online dating apps in Sweden.

The Best Online Dating Apps in Sweden


MindAlike is a social networking platform that was established in 2012 among the online dating apps in Sweden. It has been compared to an “elite club,” which is not surprising given its membership requirements. Even to get in, you have to fill out an application. However, not just anyone may submit an application. To be accepted, you must earn at least 500,000 kronor per year and have assets worth at least 3 million kronor. The site’s staff will then verify your credentials and income.

The MindAlike group is said to be comprised of “highly educated graduates who sit in key positions in society and the corporate sector,” as stated on the website. The cost of basic membership is 890SEK each month, which is to be expected given the nature of the offering.


Those of you who enjoy magazine quizzes and surveys will enjoy OkCupid. It matches you with potential dates using a mathematical algorithm by analyzing your replies to a series of questions to determine who would be a good fit for you. To discover a suitable match, be clear about what you want and be honest with yourself about your needs and expectations. But try not to be overly choosy or you could discover that your selections are severely restricted.

It’s possible that it’s not completely accurate from a scientific standpoint, but as one reviewer put it, “there’s nothing like the pleasure of receiving a response from a 97 percent match.”


In 2014, this worldwide smartphone app was all the rage among people in their twenties in Sweden, as well as vacationers eager to have some fun while they are away from home. Tinder is generally utilized as a dating platform for one-night stands and casual encounters, despite the fact that it has been linked to the development of certain long-term partnerships.

Do not anticipate in-depth profiles that outline Swedish preferences, both positive and negative like other online dating apps in Sweden. This is a straightforward dating app for people who like to move quickly and get things done. Swipe to the right if you like someone, or left if you don’t want to talk to them. Because they can’t start a discussion with you unless both of you have swiped right, you won’t have to worry about receiving unwanted messages from complete strangers.


For those who prefer to read a person’s resume over a list of their interests and hobbies, Elitsinglar may be the right place for you. According to what is stated on the website, the objective of Elitsinglar is to “build a platform with an emphasis on quality where members may meet a like-minded partner for long-term partnerships.”

It’s not open to everyone, as you might expect. To begin, you need to be over the age of 30 and have a good education on top of that. Before they are published on the site, each profile is reviewed to ensure that it is suitable for viewing. This is why it’s one of the best online dating apps in Sweden.

Happy Pancake

Despite the fact that it has an English name, it is in reality Happy Pancakes is one of the most widely known dating sites in Sweden for Swedish people, and it has more than 230,000 active users. It is also free to use.

You are able to look for people on the site who share your interests using the site’s search tool, in addition to searching for people based on characteristics such as their height and age. In contrast to some of the larger international dating services, you will need to know Swedish in order to fully utilize this particular platform.

Business Model of Online Dating Apps in Sweden – How do Dating Apps make money?


Considering that 70% of their users are not interested in paying for any premium services within their online dating apps in Sweden, it’s a fair question to ask how dating apps have been able to create and grow their profits in recent years.

Designing the app’s environment, safeguarding the data of its users, increasing the number of users, and generating a consistent income stream are just some of the issues that dating apps encounter. Offer walls, Rewarded Videos and In-App Purchases are just a few of the monetization tactics dating apps have employed in order to optimize their income potential. The following is a breakdown of some of the monetization methods used by dating apps:

Subscription Model

A common monetization technique for online dating apps in Sweden, subscriptions allow users to purchase more features (such as more likes) for a monthly or annual fee. Tinder’s Tinder Plus Edition is an excellent example of a Subscription model in action. Online Dating App solutions like Datum enable companies to implement the subscription model effortlessly.

Tinder is available to everyone for free, but users may boost their chances of connecting with more individuals by purchasing a premium subscription. There is a restriction to the number of likes you can receive in the free version of Tinder compared to the unlimited number of likes you can receive in the paid version.

Tinder’s membership plan includes a number of additional features that aren’t available in the free version:

  • Rewind: You can undo any swipe you’ve made. For those who have mistakenly swiped away someone they care about, the rewind feature allows them to re-swipe again.
  • Passport: Passport allows users to change their region and swipe through individuals from other cities.
  • Likes are unlimited: Users can use as many likes as they want.
  • Additional super-likes: When a user swipes up, they have five instead of one. It sends a notification to the “super liked” individuals to let them know about the new like.

Incentivized Ad-based Model

Rather than relying on monthly subscription fees that the vast majority of online dating apps in Sweden users are unwilling to pay, companies like MeetMe have turned to in-app advertising as a way to generate money. Instead of paying for the premium version of MeetMe, users can view a Rewarded Video to gain access to premium features like boosting their profile.

Offer Walls

For free features, there’s an Offer wall placement that really presents a free coin portion within the app. As part of the Spotafriend app’s virtual economy, users may do various activities (e.g., view a 30-second movie) in return for virtual currency. It was possible to use such points to boost one’s profile in a certain area or increase the number of likes one had available at a given moment.

Are you thinking of starting online dating apps in Sweden?

Making a dating app and generating revenue is easy these days, with prebuilt solutions available that can be customized according to the specific features required. Are you thinking of starting a dating website? Our dating software, Datum is based on popular dating applications like Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, and others, but we’ve added a couple of our own features as well. Datum is a customized online dating script that you can use to get your dating app and company off the ground.

online dating apps in sweden

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