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The increasing popularity of apps that help you order and have your prescriptions delivered online in Poland is one example of the many attractive new markets for well-established enterprises. No doubt the industry’s optimistic attitude toward the future of prescription delivery apps in Poland has contributed to this rapid surge.

The online pharmacy and prescription delivery industry is expected to reach $206 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 16.8 percent between 2022 and 2027. In the extremely competitive pharmaceutical sector, companies that use novel approaches to technology, marketing, and corporate expansion stand a better chance of holding onto their market share.

Many people take advantage of prescription delivery apps in Poland, which make it easier to get their medication delivered right to their door. It is anticipated that the demand for these mobile apps would continue to rise as the pandemic progresses.

prescription delivery apps in poland

Using a prescription app has many advantages for both customers and pharmacists. If you order your medication through a mobile app, you can save time, receive access to a wider range of prescriptions, feel certain that your personal data will be protected, and so on.

The Best Prescription Delivery Apps in Poland


Glovo, a Barcelona-based on-demand pharmacy, and food delivery service, is increasing its capacity with the opening of a second tech center, its first in Poland. The Series D fundraising round that Glovo closed in April brought in $169 million from investors like Drake, giving the company the means and motivation to take on smaller rivals in the prescription distribution market.


HomeDoctor is a tried-and-true technique of getting in touch with a medical professional in a way that’s both comfortable and convenient, through house calls and video chats. There are over three hundred and fifty doctors working for HomeDoctor, covering over twenty different specialties so that you can get a speedy diagnosis without having to leave your house. It also provides prescription delivery apps in Poland.

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 It was founded in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, and has raised 3.7M Euros in funding from several investors.


If you’re looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to receive your prescription medicines, go no further than Europe’s largest mail-order pharmacy. If your order total is over 19 euros, DocMorris will mail your medication for free using standard postage. Additionally, there is zero shipping or handling fee associated with using your prescription coupons. The online store of DocMorris Pharmacy offers year-round savings on health and wellness products.

Aliva Pharmacy

Allergy treatment and dental hygiene products are just two of the many OTC and prescription options available at Aliva, a popular online pharmacy. You may quickly and easily identify various medications, such as painkillers, ointments, or dietary supplements, by clicking through their various product categories.

The Aliva online pharmacy makes receiving free shipments easy. Free home delivery of prescriptions is available for orders of €20 or more, or if the customer’s shopping cart contains at least four goods. It has prescription delivery apps in Poland and Germany.

Doz PL is one of the best prescription delivery apps in Poland. Drug interaction verification and a comprehensive medicinal plant database are also available. Patients with complex medical conditions can also request an online consultation with a pharmacist. this service complements the electronic doctor’s visit. promises its customers the largest selection of products available—over 20,000. When a customer places an order on, the medicines are sent straight to the chosen pharmacy, where the customer can speak with a pharmacist face to face.

Monetization and Business Model of Prescription Delivery Apps in Poland

In-House Prescription Delivery Apps

This format is ideal for drugstores that stock a large selection of medications. The creation of a custom app for prescription delivery apps in Poland is a viable option for these companies looking to expand their online presence. The most significant benefit of this advertising strategy is an increase in brand awareness.

Solutions like Med.Me make it possible for many pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to sell their prescription medications. However, a big supply of pharmaceuticals is essential to the success of this business strategy.

Pharmacy Marketplace Model

A different approach to doing business is through intermediary services, which act as a go-between for customers and the pharmacies that fill their prescriptions. These kinds of apps help customers place prescription orders, which are then sent to nearby pharmacies to be delivered.

Due to the nature of the business, app developers don’t have to keep a medicine stock in the office. The delivery of prescription medicines items to customers begins with the receipt of orders, which are processed and then forwarded to drivers.

Make Money with Prescription Delivery Apps in Poland

Earning money off on-demand prescription delivery apps in Poland is a reality. Here are a few tips:

Having sellers pay a fee to have their products shown on your platform is one approach to making money. A set rate per unit sold or a share of gross earnings can be negotiated.

Subscriptions are an additional revenue stream that should be considered. Customers who sign up for the service might receive discounts and free delivery on their orders.

Online pharmacies typically monetize their apps by displaying advertisements to their users. Pharmaceuticals, non-traditional pharmacies, and medical gear are all good options for advertising. Using pre-existing frameworks like Med.Me, a script for online prescription delivery and online pharmacy software, makes adding such features a breeze. 

prescription delivery apps in poland

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