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Increasing numbers of people are ditching vehicle ownership in favor of ride sharing apps in Germany due to their convenience. Their idea of buying a car was primarily motivated by the fact that having one would vastly improve the quality of their road trips.

The widespread use of automobiles has triggered a slew of problems with far-reaching effects on ecosystems and human well-being. Because of this, the transportation sector was expected to eventually embrace ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and BlaBla cars.

ride sharing apps in germany

One general advantage brought about by these apps is the ease with which taxis may be called at any time of day and from any location. As communication and transportation options improve, the possibility of developing a service comparable to Uber becomes more appealing. However, in today’s competitive startup environment, it’s important to ask how viable the ride-sharing app business model really is.

The explosion in the use of ride sharing apps in Germany can be directly attributed to the rising demand for low-cost and high-efficiency modes of transportation.

It’s no secret that the rising cost of automobile ownership, stricter regulations, and the pressing need to reduce traffic and carbon dioxide emissions have all played a role in the meteoric expansion of ridesharing in recent years. Predictions put the value of the ride-sharing industry at $185 million worldwide by 2026.

The Best Ride Sharing Apps in Germany

Free Now Taxi

You can count on the Free Now Taxi service being there when you need it, and you also have the option of rating your drivers. The app has a clean interface and a variety of convenient features, such as the ability to book in advance, save frequent drivers and rides, access luxury vehicles, carry pets, and accommodate large groups.

The app’s arrival time estimate is typically three times longer than the actual wait time, the payment process is cumbersome (you need to approve it through the app in real time), and the app occasionally crashes during peak travel hours.

Uber DE

Uber has seriously shaken up the taxi industry. However, from the perspective of the consumer, nothing beats the convenience of having an Uber driver pick them up instead of relying on a regular taxi service.

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To begin, Uber is available not only in Germany but also in probably around 95% of the countries you will visit. Second, because of how drivers for Uber are rated, they always go the additional mile to ensure a smooth ride without any unneeded detours, and they’re always pleasant to interact with. Uber is also much cheaper than regular Taxis.


When it comes to ride sharing apps in Germany, CleverShuttle is among the finest. Choose the number of seats you’ll need, and a driver will come to get you and drop you off wherever you’d like to go.

You should be aware that you may have to share the ride with other passengers; however, this is typically a great way to meet some fellow travelers and you save a significant amount of money when compared to standard taxi rides.

Bike Taxi

BikeTaxi is perfect for those who can’t get enough of riding bikes. With more than 50 fully-equipped bike taxis, they are by far the largest provider of bike taxi services in Germany. Established in 2012 in Berlin, the company’s services now extend to nearly every location in Germany.

The bikes also come equipped with a discreet electronic assist motor that helps riders climb steep inclines with minimal effort.


Private city tours, such as those offered by ProLimo in German towns such as Berlin and Potsdam, are the company’s primary area of focus. These adventures can be arranged for individuals or groups of tourists. This not one of your traditional ride sharing apps in Germany.

Their services are unparalleled, and that quality extends to the demeanor and attitude of the tour planners and drivers. They are one of the most significant competitions faced by the various taxi firms operating in Germany.

Monetization and Business Model of Ride Sharing Apps in Germany

The popularity of ride sharing apps in Germany has led to a rise in the adoption of aggregator ride sharing business models. The business does not develop its own ridesharing product but rather relies on partnerships with other companies to meet customer demand. Peer-to-peer technology-based ride-sharing companies also follow standard protocols for corporate governance.

App development frameworks like Karry, a script for an app that enables taxi sharing, can be used in these kinds of scenarios.

Companies like Uber and Lyft utilize algorithms to pair riders with drivers who can provide a ride. Since fares are established at the discretion of the market, there is no predetermined time frame in which adjustments will take place. With the use of services like ride tracking and driver rating, ridesharing businesses may provide more transparency to their customers, car owners, and the business itself.

Further, the economic model of ride sharing can help automobile owners make the leap into service jobs. Features like rider and driver ratings might help increase trust. Service providers are not required to go through any sort of licensing process or pay any kind of registration or tariff costs.

Entrepreneurs can start their own ride-hailing businesses with the help of frameworks like Karry, a development platform for ride-sharing apps. It’s an all-in-one service that gives your taxi booking service an edge over rivals like Uber by giving customers an experience on par with Uber’s in terms of how easy it is to use.

ride sharing apps in germany

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