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As a result of the country’s thriving startup ecosystem, there are a number of tech startups in Poland in recent years. In addition, Poland is one of the EU member states that has been least economically affected by the pandemic. While the majority of these startups can be found in the country’s three largest cities (Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw), you may still find thriving businesses in other parts of the country.

The optimistic outlook is reflected in the numbers, with investment in Poland rising by 70% in 2021. As a result, Polish startups received a total of 477,000,000 EUR that year. This includes both domestic spending and a substantial influx of foreign capital.

tech startups in poland

Poland’s startup scene has flourished thanks to a number of factors, including a progressive mindset, an abundance of skilled workers, and government support in the form of tax incentives.

The Best Tech Startups in Poland

Wanda Maps

Poland’s Wanda Maps was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Krakow. The organization contributes to the fields of adventure planning, productivity, and geo-marketing. Create itineraries based on suggestions from brands and people who share your interests, as well as your own discoveries.

Investor interest has been growing in the company ever since its inception. Each of these backers was the lone contributor to a 2019 financing round. Throughout these many funding periods, the company has successfully raised a total of $76,100 to push forward its plans and initiatives.


SonarHome is a Polish startup launched in 2018 and headquartered in Warsaw. The company was the first among tech startups in Poland to provide a secure online marketplace for the sale of residential real estate. As a result, the process of selling a home in Poland has become considerably more streamlined and convenient for the average citizen.

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The company has been thriving since its inception about four years ago and has seen a great deal of success in drawing in funding from outside sources. Eight investors have contributed to the company’s growth and expansion efforts since 2018. Funding of $7.5M has been generated for SonarHome thanks to these investors.


AgronetPro is one of the tech startups in Poland that has been around since 2016 and is headquartered in the Polish capital of Warsaw. This business provides farmers with tools that monitor weather, pests, and other factors in real time. This facilitates quicker decision-making by farmers, which ultimately boosts crop yields.

There have been two successful rounds of startup fundraising for the company since its inception, in September and December of 2021 respectively. The company was able to raise a total of $500,000 over these funding periods.


The Polish startup Unamo was established in 2012 and had its headquarters in Warsaw. The firm develops and offers to its customer’s search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing solutions. As a result, marketers are better able to gain insight from their data and employ it in their campaigns.

Since its inception almost a decade ago, the company has met with considerable success in attracting external funding. The sum of $534,700 was invested in the company by a syndicate of three investors who saw potential in the company and wanted to see it succeed.


IndieBI is a Polish startup that was established in 2021 and is currently based in Lodz. To help PC and console game developers better understand how their games are performing in the market, the company provides a centralized hub for data collection and analysis. IndieBI was only established in the past year, but it has already completed its first investment round and is on its way to becoming a successful firm. The November 2021 funding round brought approximately $3,000,000 for the business.

Business Model of Tech Startups in Poland

Tech startups in Poland can choose from multiple viable business models. The freemium business model, for instance, could be helpful if your company plans to market an online service by giving customers the choice between a free and a paid version. The growth of the freemium model in the context of online service sales is encouraging for startups. The user experience can be segmented into different tiers and delivered through mobile apps or PWAs.

If your business intends to charge customers on a recurring basis, the subscription model is perfect for you. After deciding on the firm’s financing method, the products, or services it will offer, and its intended market, you can pick the most appropriate business plan.

After settling on a business strategy for your new venture, scaling should be simple. To launch your startup, you need a business strategy.

Before beginning a company, it is common practice to research funding opportunities, develop a thorough business plan, and evaluate the viability of the market for the new product or service. In the early stages, when your company doesn’t yet have a significant budget, expansion could seem difficult. The option could be to join an incubator, where you can potentially acquire free or very low-cost office space and high-tech tools.

Customers of tech startups in Poland need easy access to high-quality apps in order to take benefit of the services offered by tech startups. Apps can be built from scratch or based on pre-existing setups that can be modified to meet a startup’s needs.

tech startups in poland

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