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Online shopping is pretty much popular in the UK just as in other major countries.  Consumers in the UK spent $233 billion online in 2018, up 18.2% in 2017 on eCommerce sites in the UK.

Consumer eCommerce now accounts for over a quarter of the total retail market in the UK. People continue to look online for the best deals and prices and this is driving the proportion of money being spent online.
 The internet is now the natural place for shoppers to look for fashion, health and beauty, home and garden, consumer electronics and travel services. 
Analysts have found out that e-commerce now accounts for 26% of all retail sales in the UK. This number is expected to steadily rise in the coming years, and is bound to reach nearly 33% of all retail sales by 2024.
Online shopping has become a daily chore for millions in UK . This goes to explain that UK shoppers are well familiar with the process of receiving (and returning) merchandise that has been purchased online. With such a high incidence of online shopping, UK consumers have great expectations when it comes to delivery schedule, user experience and minimum fuss return policy. To succeed in this flourishing market, e-commerce companies must make a note of these expectations to keep themselves up with the competition.

One key trend is to physically look at or try a product in-store and then go home to buy it at a better price online or buy it via their smartphone or tablet. Click and collect is also becoming much more popular.
Key digital numbers in the UK 2019
Since the UK market is technologically advanced, with high penetration and solvency, competition for online spend is very fierce. Given that American companies have developed an advantage thanks to their home market size and early development in the UK, British e-commerce is under the domination of US platforms operating through multiple segments, especially Amazon and eBay, who are by far the largest e-commerce players in the UK.

List of top British e-commerce platforms with estimated traffic

As of March 2019 – eCommerce Sites in the UK

10. Debenhams

eCommerce Sites in the UK

British multinational retailer operating under a department store format in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Franchise stores in other countries.

Sell a range of clothing, household items and furniture in more than 170 stores and through its website.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 14.2 Million visits

9. Currys PC World

Currys PC World website

Currys is a British electrical retailer operating in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

Specialises in selling home electronics and household appliances, with 295 megastores and 73 high street shops.

Also provides an e-commerce platform to sell household and telecommunications appliances online.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 17.4 Million visits

8. John Lewis & Partners

eCommerce Sites in the UK

Chain of British department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom and with international delivery across 37 countries.

Leading online seller of the home and electrical appliances, fashion, beauty, baby, sports accessories, etc.

Over 20 departments covering fashion, homewares, technology, beauty and much more.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 20.3 Million visits

7. Marks & Spencer is among the best eCommerce Sites in the UK

Marks & Spencer website

Offers high-quality fashion, award-winning food and stylish homeware. Founded more than a century ago and with 1463 stores across 57 countries,

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 23.7 Million visits

6. Tesco

Tesco website

World’s third-largest retailer

One of the largest companies in the UK

Operates hypermarkets and convenience stores.

Sells groceries, home and hygiene products as well as clothing, and financial and telecommunications services.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 25.5 Million visits

5. Asda

eCommerce Sites in the UK

A leading retailer in the UK.

Owned by the American retail giant Walmart.

Sells groceries and various consumer, clothing and home products

Also, a financial service and mobile phone provider, which are also on offer online through Asda’s e-commerce platform.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 25.6 Million visits

4. Argos

Argos website

Catalog retailer. Operating more than 800 shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Sells electronics, home and garden products, clothing, toys and sports equipment, and more.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 51.2 Million visits

3. Asos

eCommerce Sites in the UK

Specialized online men and women fashion and cosmetics retailer.

Expanded throughout the years to multiple countries of Europe and Asia.

Leading eCommerce Sites in the UK market.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 54.3 Million visits

2. eBay UK

eCommerce Sites in the UK

Pioneer of e-commerce

American online marketplace that allows people and businesses to sell directly through its online auction platform.

Expanded to more than 20 countries including the UK, organizing the sale of products ranging from cars and vehicles to electronics and fashion, home and garden to sports and toys, and even business and industrial products.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 355.5 Million visits

1. Amazon UK

eCommerce Sites in the UK

Started as an online bookstore

Diversified to products including media, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.

Uncontested global leader of e-commerce and developed further into brick-and-mortar retail with the acquisition of Whole Foods Market, as well as publishing, electronics, cloud computing, video streaming, and production.

Website: – Estimated monthly traffic: 446.5 Million visits

Top ecommerce sites in the UK compared by estimated traffic

The estimated monthly traffic demonstrate the domination of Amazon and eBay, who stand far above the other players. The pack of followers is well established in the range of traffic volumes from 10 to 60 million visits per month.

Traffic comparison for 10 leading e-commerce platforms in the UK 2019

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Ecommerce customers in the United Kingdom

A study from the Ecommerce Foundation in 2019 shows that PayPal is, by far, the most popular payment. Over 40% buyers have used PayPal at least once in 2018.

the United Kingdom, revenue in the e-commerce market is projected to reach £80,678 million in 2021 according to Statista. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 3.5%, resulting in a projected market volume of £92,464 million by 2025. The UK e-commerce market’s largest segment is Fashion with a projected market volume of £27,060 million in 2021.

Credit cards (23.7%) are also popular, followed by prepaid cards (17.2%)

Most popular online payment methods in the UK.

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